New Novosbed Mattress & its Layers

I recently contacted Novosbed about a question and in the process discovered the company has changed the components of its mattress.

—Old Novosbed-Medium—
2” 5lb, 9 ILD memory airflow top;
2” 5lb, 9 ILD memory;
7” 1.8lb, 32 ILD Support
—New Novosbed-Medium—
1" - 1.95 lb / 9 IFD - 5th generation premium airflow foam ;
1" - 4 lb / 11 IFD - 5th-generation high-density visco-elastic memory foam;
2" - 4 lb / 11 IFD - 5th-generation high-density visco-elastic memory foam;
7" - 1.75 lb / 32 IFD - Premium support foam

Found elsewhere on TMU, this seems to be problematic for durability: Mattress durability guidelines ... how long will a mattress last - The Mattress Underground

The chat representative with whom I spoke assured me the mattress has been engineered for durability. I’m a little concerned about this though as Novosbed was still a backup option for me in finding a mattress suitable for a side sleeper (5’6”, 190lbs) with lower back pain.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Hi Dormir7,

There may be a few reasons why they have changed the materials.
1- It’s possible that this is in an effort to save money with lower cost materials (online bed in box market is very competitive)
2- They’re trying to soften up the mattress
3- Save cost on shipping with new lower density materials
4- A faster break in period with 4 lb memory foam than 5 lb

This being said, the new materials used fall at the lower end (and below) the guidelines of what is recommended in the Mattress Durability Guidelines

I think you have all the information in hand to make an informed decision,

All the best



Thank you so much! Whatever the reason(s) Novosbed had in mind, their decision has not swayed in their favor this consumer.

[color=black]Hi Dormir7,

There are many beds in a box to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find one to fit your needs!

All the best

I just wanted to add that I spoke with Novosbed and confirmed these same density numbers for the medium. And here are the numbers for the firm mattress, which they recommended for me since I weigh 220 pounds:

3” 2.5 lb memory foam
1” 4 lb memory foam
7” 1.75 lb poly foam

It looks like Novosbed is certainly a no-go for me. The unfortunate thing is that their website has not been updated and still reflects the previous, higher density figures for their mattresses. Just wanted to pass on the info. I am narrowing down my list and starting to feel that I’m going to have to take a chance on one of these companies whose return policy includes paying for shipping. This search is getting exhausting.

Hi 560andrising,

Thank’s for the update on the Novosbed Medium and Firm memory foam mattress. Hopefully they will update their website soon and post the correct densities of the memory foam and polyurethane foam they actually use in their mattresses.

Good luck in your search and please update us with a review of what you decided to buy.

All the best

Thank you, MFC! I’d finally gotten to the point where I was okay with a 5.3-lb-only comfort layer instead of a comfort layer that included an inch or two of 6 lb or higher foam. From Novosbed to Foamorder, my dreams keep getting shot down, haha!

Foamorder reports that they are switching manufacturers and even though their site is not yet updated, they are already producing mattresses with 4.5 lb foam. So, no more 5.3 there either.

Christeli is taking days to get back to me about their density and seems to have notes from their engineer that conflict with the order of their layering. These notes also do not list densities, so they are checking on it. I was also told by one rep that the Charleston is less firm than the Daniel, while another rep told me the exact opposite. With their lack of a refund policy, I am starting to get sketched out by them as well.

I’ve emailed Lake Mattress & Furniture to see if they will still make a “My Luxury Mattress”, which had 4" of 5 lb foam. Not even sure if it was ever a medium-firm style but I’m running out of power to choose.

Rocky Mountain Mattress reports that their poly foam base is 1.8 lb. They also do not know the density of their 1.5" Ultracel Supersoft Foam, which is the top layer of their Brighton mattress. Even with the 1.8 ln poly foam density, at 225 pounds, I’d rather not go this route since the customer pays for return shipping. It’s a decent option and fairly inexpensive at around $1400 to $1600 (queen vs king), but it’s still tough to fork that over when you have to pay for return shipping and are unsure of how a reportedly medium firmness will feel. We’re going for medium-firm (Rhapsody Luxe would be ideal).

Tempflow is quite intriguing but is quite expensive and a potential refund has original shipping and tax deducted, and customer pays for return shipping. Definitely not one to be unsure of.

That leaves the OMF Serenity. This one has 1.5” of 8 lb memory foam and 2.5” of 5 lb memory foam with a 6” 2.25 lb poly foam support base. Absolutely ideal, assuming it is the right firmness and feel. Alas, they do not do refunds or exchanges. I’ve read on this site about the possibility of them charging 25% of the least expensive of the returned item and the exchanged item but this would mean you have to like one of their other options. We’re not looking for innerspring or latex and they have no other 100% memory foam/poly foam options.

So… I’m feeling stuck. I do a lot of thorough research when I buy most items but this is one instance in which I’ve gone above and beyond. I’d been on the phone, written emails, and read just about every thread I could related to the various mattresses in question. I don’t know what else I can do at this point, outside of losing 50 pounds, making 4 lb density foam a durable option. Not really sure what we’re gonna do, but I am done researching for now. We may have to just stick with our too-soft mattress until I can get over the immense amount of time I feel I’ve wasted, lol.

Honestly, the easiest thing to do would be the one thing I am trying so hard to avoid: buy the damn Rhapsody Luxe for way too much money.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m 225 pounds and the wife is 190 pounds. We need higher density foam and it seems it is somewhat being phased out of mattresses from companies with less-costly sleep trial periods. All of that being said, this website has been a wealth of information and I truly do appreciate all of the knowledge contained within. It shouldn’t be this hard to buy a mattress, tough, lol!

Wondering if giving the 4.5 lb foam that Foamorder has switched to wouldn’t be the best option of them all. Not the density I was but they do make them in medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm. This at least bodes well for the possibility of getting the feel were looking for. It’s too bad about the witch from 5.3 lb to 4.5 lb foam, though. Customer pays return shipping but the various firmness ratings were a plus, they confirmed all foams are Certipur, and the 2.8 lb poly foam base was exceptional. They were also very responsive to all of my questions and I love that their warranty includes softening of the mattress instead of just the standard 1.5" indentations.

At some point, we’ll have to take a risk or buy a Tempur-Pedic.

Hi 560andrising,

This sounds like good quality memory foam and polyurethane foam. Plus you get the added bonus to exchange some of the layers if they don’t feel right. Good luck with your choices, and please share a review of whatever you decide to go with.

All the best

I’m so skeptical of anything short of 5-lb foam after having read on this site for so long and knowing my weight, lol! My wife and I went into a big box store yesterday and tried the Rhapsody Luxe and Cloud Supreme again to make sure we were confident of the feel we’re looking for. The Rhapsody was just a bit too hard for our tastes, though we both admitted it was about right. The issue was that the Cloud Supreme just felt perfect. My wife has also now made me aware of the fact that I sleep on my side and stomach, at least as she sees when catching me asleep. I work nights and she works days so we rarely sleep together and thus she has many opportunities to see my while I’m asleep. This changed things and sort of made me wonder if the Rhapsody Luxe would be a good long-term solution, seeing as it is more of a back/stomach sleeper surface. I then thought back to our testing from earlier in the day and am not considering going with a softer product, along the lines of the Cloud Supreme.

My worry is my 225-pound weight and the 4-lb density of the Cloud Supreme. I’m also aware that many people report substandard durability over time with the Cloud Supreme, which makes sense when considering the 4-lb density of the the top layer. Then again, most reviews are either glowing or damning, with very few feeling objective.

So, I’m wondering if we should go with a Rhapsody-Luxe-style mattress and see if we grow into it. Or, do we look at a Cloud-Supreme-type and just consider it an investment in getting to know what works for us and what does not. A few companies we were highly considering have revealed to me that their foam density has lowered (Foamorder, Christeli, and Novosbed), making our search for high-density beds even tougher than it had been. We have the option of buying either a Rhapsody Luxe or Cloud Supreme floor model (8 months on the floor) at a 50% discount. This puts the price of those two in range with everything else out there that compares, with the plus being that we have physically laid on the Tempur-Pedic beds and would have to trial all others.

The Foamorder seems like a solid choice, but I’m worried about the 4.5-lb foam and what will happen over time. At $1150 to $1370 (depending on Basic vs Deluxe bed), the Foamorder beds would be around the same as the Cloud Supreme with the 50% discount. Nothing comparable to the Rhapsody Luxe would come close to the Rhapsody Luxe with 50% discount, simply because almost no mattresses currently have the 6-lb+ density top layer that they once did. The only one I’ve found that truly compares density-wise is the OMF Serenity, and that one has no exchanges/refunds and costs $1900, about the same as the Rhapsody Luxe with 50% discount. Because we cannot sleep on the OMF, there’s no way to know if we’ll regret it or not.

Anyway, just venting and sharing what the current situation is. At this moment, I am mostly torn between buying a more plush Could-style bed or a firmer and weight-suitable Contour-style. If the Cloud-style would last, I’d probably lean that way. If it’s gonna break down prematurely, I’d consider giving the Contour-style a shot and hoping it doesn’t end up being too hard of a surface long-term. Durability shouldn’t be an issue with that one. If we decided on Cloud-style, I’m not sure which way I’d go. f we decided on Contour-style, I’d grab the discounted Rhapsody Luxe in a heartbeat.

I wish I could clone myself, buy both the Cloud Supreme and Rhapsody Luxe, and see how things shake out over the next 3-10 years. But, alas, I just have to make a decision and live or die with it, haha! MCF, if you, or anyone has any advice or insight, I’m all ears!

Hi 560andrising,

I’m no expert on the Tempur-pedic mattresses, so I cannot give you proper advice on which one to choose. However I did find this interesting article that compares both mattresses and may help you make the right choice.

Hope this helps

All the best

[quote=“560andrising” post=80397]I then thought back to our testing from earlier in the day and am not considering going with a softer product, along the lines of the Cloud Supreme.

Just to clarify, this should have read:

“I then thought back to our testing from earlier in the day and am now considering going with a softer product, along the lines of the Cloud Supreme.”

Crazy how one letter can change the meaning of or add confusion to an entire sentence, haha!

Hey MFC! I’m going to read the article right now. Thank you!

I read the article and it is discussing the Contour Supreme and the Rhapsody Luxe. The Contour Supreme is the firmest Tempur-Pedic mattress. I’m looking at the Cloud Supreme and the Rhapsody Luxe. They don’t seem to have anything that sits between those two the I a aware of. They do have a new Adapt model that they rate as having a medium firmness, while the Cloud Supreme is medium-soft and Rhapsody Luxe is medium-firm. We’re not paying new prices for Temur-Pedic, which keeps the Adapt models out of the running.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the adaptiveness of the supposed Rhapsody Luxe and how that compares and contrasts with the immediate comfort of the Cloud Supreme. I don’t want us to go for comfort and realize two years down the line that the Cloud Supreme felt great but wasn’t the right move. This could be due to our weight and the medium density top layer, and the possibility of premature breakdown or sinking in too much and losing support in exchange for comfort. Of course, I’m also concerned about getting the Rhapsody Luxe and dealing with a prolonged adjustment period or just realized down the line that it’ll always feel a bit firm, making it hard to fall asleep, even if the mattress will adapt to our shapes and offer superior support compared to the Cloud Supreme. These are all just thoughts, but that’s where I’m at.

Edit Add: Thinking of he info on this site, it might be wise to get the Rhapsody Luxe on discount, try it out for what would be a trial period, and then consider adding a topper if it remains too firm. At least, then, we would have a durable mattress with quality layers and no weak links that we can try and “season to taste,” if you will.

As always, feel free to add thoughts, any and everyone!

Based on my experience I would have to agree with your edited addition that you’d be better off going on the firmer side of your choices, since it’s much more feasible to soften up a firm mattress which offers you sufficient support with a topper than to try to firm up a softer mattress. I’ve often been attracted to the initial comfort of more plush mattresses, only to then end up with bad lower back pain due to their lack of adequate support. There’s really no way I’ve found to firm up such a mattress, so I’ve had to replace the softer mattresses with a firmer choice.

Like you stated you can experiment with toppers on a firm mattress if you find it necessary until you find the one that suits you best. Usually such a topper would be two to three inches in thickness and would not fit into the existing mattress cover even if it is removable. You would typically place the topper (either bare or in a topper cover) on top of your mattress under a mattress protector and your fitted sheet. I use a full zippered mattress encasement, but depending upon its makeup they can further affect the overall feel of the mattress/topper combination.

Hey Sweet Dreams! Your feedback is much appreciated! I just came back from a lengthy trial of the Rhapsody Luxe and slept like a baby, lol. I woke up drooling and the whole nice. The sales rep literally told me that I’d been asleep for an hour-and-a-half and had to go, hahaha! I have a relationship with the manager at that store and immediately contacted him to express my apologies for confusing his sales guy. He laughed and said no worries and that I did precisely what everyone should do.

While on the Rhapsody, I found the back and stomach positions to be fantastic. Laying on my side took a while to get comfortable and I honestly never write did feel completely comfy, but it was good enough to conclude that I could buy that mattress and make adjustments if needed.

I then went to a different branch of the same store and tried the Cloud Supreme Breeze, which I believe is a fit firmer than the standard Cloud Supreme, but served as a decent model to do a quick A-B comparison. It felt great, of course. The comfort of that model is unsurpassed thus far, but I am more concerned with the long-term outcome of the mattress we choose. It’s a tough decision. I feel like the Cloud would give instant gratification, while the Rhapsody might lead to some rough nights as we adjust. I am also concerned about my wife, who preferred the Cloud and while heavy for a woman, is under 200 pounds. If I were under 200 pounds, I would want the Cloud Supreme myself.

I feel better about having some solid options, though. I was starting to frustrated with the online mattress search. Companies are changing their specs quite a bit and without notice. It’s a bit frightening, but it is what it is.

Side note: I have to admit that Tempur-Pedic’s Luxe Adapt felt really great. I would even venture to say that it felt better than the Rhapsody Luxe, but it would’ve been better if 'd tried it while in the store where the Rhapsody Luxe was. I tried it before leaving the second store just for kicks and kept going back to it. I really liked it, but am aware that the specs are not as good as previous models and of course, the cost would be MSRP, which is not gonna happen, haha.

While I’ve found much discussion here about the details of foam layers in Novosbed mattresses, and plenty of very high marks for Novosbed from reviewers everywhere, there isn’t enough recent customer feedback from those who have been sleeping on one for longer than a year. I for one am unimpressed by the durability of their mattresses.

I purchased a medium firmness Novosbed king size mattress a little over a year ago, primarily on the basis of information that they use 5lb density mattress and their great customer service. I’d already been stung by a Bed in a Box mattress which was glorious for a year and half and broke down into a sagging mess within 2 years, causing me much back pain and discomfort. I wasn’t going down that road again and wanted something with greater assurance of durability.

So I picked Novosbed. When the mattress arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how firm it was. I slept wonderfully on it for about 6 months, and after that it was just ok, neither awful nor great. In the last 3-4 months, it went from just ok to intolerable and developed a sag. Sleeping on it causes me lower back and hip pains. I go to bed more refreshed and ache-free than I do waking up. For reference, I’m 5’4”, 140 lbs.

I reached out to Novosbed to see if the sagging in my mattress was covered by warranty. I sent them a photo which showed the top and bottom edges of the mattress sloping down to a depression in the middle. The mattress profile was set against the backdrop of a straight ledge that showcased the slope of the mattress against that straight ledge.

Novosbed responded promptly. I certainly can’t fault their responsiveness. They asked for a series of photos to be taken to allow them to confirm whether there was a problem with the mattress. The photos required included a photo of the base/slats of the bed the mattress sits on, and two photos of the mattress on the floor, with strings run along the edges and diagonally, to demonstrate the sloping/sagging.

Did I mention a king sized mattress weighs about 100lbs? Also, my bedroom is large, but it’s not can-accommodate-two-king-sized-beds large. I’d have to lift the mattress off my bed, drag it to another room where there’s space for me to lay out the king mattress on the floor in order to photograph the strings stretched across the top of the mattresses. I failed to see why I have to take these photos anywhere other than on the very bed that the mattress sits on. They’d already required a photo of the slats on the bed frame, so why do I have to establish that the mattress even sags while flat on my floor?

At this point, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through all this trouble just to get another of the same mattress that will have to be replaced again in a year. I was dumbfounded as to how I found myself in this place after I’d made sure to buy a high density memory foam, and at this point I don’t have high confidence in Novosbed’s durability to go through this replacement drill. I am not surprised to learn that they have downgraded the quality of their foams.

I have opted to purchase the firmest Tempur-pedic there is, the Tempur-Contour Supreme. Forget the 10 year warranty, if I can only squeeze 5 years of restful sleep out of the Tempur-Contour I’ll consider it a win.

Hi deco,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I move the post to “general mattress questions”.

First off, thank you for sending in this post. It is a vivid description of what happens during many warranty claims, and I can feel your frustration. Also, I am really sorry the mattress lasted just over a year!!! And the second time where…seems like it’s working and then all of sudden it just completely sags.

Trust me I have moved around king size mattresses, in normal size bedrooms, and I feel like a bull in a china shop. So I know what you mean with 100lb king size. (try a firm latex, it’s close to 180-200lbs). I totally understand why you would opt for the firm Tempurpedic. And I am sure it will work better for you. With all these new online companies, some of them know a lot about SEO and digital marketing, but not a lot about making a mattress, it seems like this story will be told again.

I did take a look at the Novosbed warranty link and they do state in this paragraph about putting the mattress on the floor. Not that you wan to hear that.

[quote]1. Supporting Documentation

a. Photos

Measuring Indentations: Novosbed will require that the purchaser provide photos demonstrating the indentation by laying the product directly on a flat floor, and measuring the vertical distance from a flat and level string pulled tightly across the product and lightly contacting the product on opposite sides, to the lowest point of the indentation using a clearly demarcated measuring device.[/quote]

Good luck with the Tempurpedic, warranty is a tough process in a lot of industries, but in the mattress industry it seems to be extra frustrating.

Thanks for updating the forum,



Did you end up making a decision on a mattress? I know you were looking for an all-memory foam mattress and wondered how things ended up. I keep coming back to all-foam in my mind as a cheap all-foam mattress supported my back for a long time. Currently I’m on a Brooklyn Bedding Medium Aurora (hybrid) mattress, which hasn’t entirely alleviated my back problems. Although I’m better aligned, I now have Sciatica-like symptoms. Essentially the medium is too soft, and the firm is too firm; the difference in ILD between the two is too dramatic.

Thanks for any updates,


At this point I have tried a number of mattresses including Sleep on Latex (SOL), SleepEZ and Brooklyn Bedding (the hybrid Aurora mattress).

What I have learned is that I believe my lower back needs a comfort layer of memory foam that fills in the gaps and provides good secondary support. The closest I have gotten to this with the above mattresses was a SOL medium mattress with a soft topper. However, only with the cover on the topper did I get the greatest buoyancy I need for my lower back. The BB medium Aurora’s TitanFlex and the composition of the layers is such that I feel nearly aligned and nearly there but I now have Sciatica-like symptoms because the mattress is too soft. The firm Aurora was way too firm. The difference between the 2 ILDs was too significant.

When I think back to the mattress that worked for a number of years it was this cheap medium Comfort Dreams memory foam mattress. ( Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more)

However, the comfort layers became too soft with time and I got misaligned. Can you tell me a quality memory foam mattress that will provide pressure point relief as a side sleeper but enough secondary support for one who has a slipped disk?