No Discount on SleepEz 8" Special

FYI to Mattress Underground members–Recently ordered the 8" special from SleepEz (2" Soft Talalay, 3" Medium Dunlop, 3" Firm Dunlop; cotton quilted cover–Queen size: $1245), but was told that the Mattress Underground discount is not available on the special since it’s already discounted. Wanted to pass that along in case it affects decisions/choices under consideration.

Hi peedee,

You are correct and I hadn’t updated the site to reflect this.

The members here have the choice of providing a discount or a bonus on a mattress purchase and in the case of SleepEz with their regular line there is a 5% discount.

With the specials that they offer though … the margins are smaller. For example the 8" special is less than the very similar 9000 model and while part of this is the different ticking/quilting and part is the different layers and choices that are available in the 9000 as well … it is also because the special really is a special and has a lower margin for them (and it also uses the more costly 100% natural Talalay in the top 2"). With a single layer exchange for example which they subsidize for shipping and which has no material cost involved for the new layer (and the old one can’t be re-used) they can actually lose money on the mattress if a discount is provided.

So we decided to replace the “Mattress Underground” discount on the Special with a “pillow bonus” (one for the smaller sizes and two for the larger sizes) so that the members would have the same “value” without affecting the margins as much and I hadn’t updated the site (which is now updated). Thanks for bringing this to my attention so I could update the member listing which now reflects the change :slight_smile: