Normal to have indentation in latex mattress?

I am an owner of a 12" Bamboo Bliss mattress that I bought slightly over a year ago now. At first, I really liked the mattress but about half a year ago I started experiencing back pain, after going to the doctor and trying a couple of other things out I figured it might be the mattress is too soft so I spent the 400 for a new much stiffer mattress topper from BB. Fast forward to today, I still have this back pain . I decided to check the evenness in the bed by pushing into it with my hand in various places and came to find a very deep depression right where my butt usually is. I’m not sure if this is the source of my back pain but it is a definite defect in the bed, my hand sinks in several inches deeper there than elsewhere. Is it normal to have such significant deformation in a latex mattress after only a year?

Hi zelachang,

It’s normal for any material to have a small amount of softening under the heavier parts of the body (and softer materials of any type are also less durable than firmer materials of the same type … especially with higher weights) but it’s not normal for latex to soften to any significant degree so it’s really a matter of how much. Part of the issue may be that the layer underneath your topper is too soft for you and adding a firmer topper over a layer that is too soft isn’t an effective way to “fix” a mattress that is too soft because the firmer topper will still compress into the layer below it under the heavier parts of the body.

It’s not particularly accurate to use “hand testing” to check the softness of a layer (or a mattress) but I would check each layer individually for any impressions (laying them on a floor and using a string or straight edge or broom handle across the surface to check for impressions). You can also use a heavy object (15 lb bowling ball or 5 gallon bucket of water etc) and measure the depth of the impression in various areas of the mattress (again with a string or straight edge across the impression) to test the firmness of the layer in different parts of the sleeping surface to see if it sinks in relatively evenly across the surface which would be more accurate than using hand pressure which is more difficult to measure.

If you do find that there are some clear issues with one of the layers in your mattress (other than the layer being too soft which is a comfort issue) then I would talk with Brooklyn Bedding to ask them what your options are.