One year later....

After one year of sleeping on my Talalay Latex bed from SleepEZ, I still ask myself the question, Why did I wait so long? I’m still in heaven.

This is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. It’s hard to get out of it on the weekends, I have to talk myself into getting out of it, otherwise I’ll never get anything done.

Soft, Med, Firm is the combination I purchased. I rotate the bed every other month. I still havent flipped it yet due to the fact that most people I’ve talked to say you don’t have to flip Latex.

If you’re shopping for a new bed, take it from me, go Latex, you won’t be sorry. I’m not.

Hi NoMoreSprings,

Thanks for taking the time to come back to the forum and share your comments and feedback after a year … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s great to see that everything worked out so well for you!


NoMoreSprings- I’m curious what your weight, height, and sleeping position are (since you mentioned that the S/M/F works well for you)? Did you go with all one type of latex, or go with their general Talalay/Dunlop/Dunlop recommendation?


Hi Bazinga,

I’m not NoMoreSprings of course but I do know they chose all three layers of Talalay (which would be SleepEZ’s most common recommendation) and there is more about their height/weight and sleeping positions in their comments and updates in their topic here


Hello Bazinga,

I am a side sleeper (mainly).
I am 6’ 0" tall and weigh about 155 lbs.
I chose Talalay throughout the layers.

When I first layed on the bed after setting it up, I thought the top layer was too soft. However, that quick opinion didn’t last long. Soft turned out to be just right for the top layer.

I would recommend going into a mattress chain store and laying on some of their Latex beds to get an idea of what they feel like. I chose an online store to purchase from rather than a chain store and I have never regretted it.

I wish you the best in your mattress purchase.