Option for Organic/GOTS Wool Mattress Protector

What do folks recommend for GOTS-certified organic cotton mattress protector for a latex mattress? It looks like the CozyPure protector is out of stock.


Hi Olaf,

Berkeley Ergonomics has a Certified Organic Cotton Mattress Protector but it does not have any wool.

I hope this helps!

All the Best!


Coyuchi and Obasan both have GOTS-certified organic cotton protectors that work for a latex mattress.

@Olaf we are a Canadian retailer for anyone who is looking for this type of product locally :slight_smile: ours is 100% GOTS certified, lots of stretch but thick enough to protect the mattress from body oils, sweat and dead skin cells. I would suggest getting something with stretch so that the mattress can feel the way it’s intended to feel. Good luck!!

Laura - founder of Sunshine Mattress Co.

I love this one. Ships from UK. It is washable but you need to hang it to dry, not put it in dryer.
There is currently a sale. I got mine in 5 days.