Ordered my first online mattress

It is hard to pull the trigger on an online mattress when we are so used to buying one of the Big-S’es from a local shop, but I did it yesterday. After lurking here for a while and soaking up a mattress education, there was no way I could make another Stearns&Foster mistake like I did 9 years ago.

Initially, Dremata almost lured me in with their nice website, great product descriptions, and good prices. I’m a compulsive product researcher, so when I went looking for feedback on Dremata I found Mattress Underground. You would think there should be tons of mattress forums serving the needs of countless curious consumers. Nope. This forum gave me the only valuable information on Dremata I could find.

It is ironic that I thought my mattress search was just about over, and it was actually just beginning. Fortunate for someone like me!

I researched and called manufacturers that served online from “The Underground”. Arizona Premium Mattress came out on top for my needs and price point. Ken was great. They do have a large order backlog, so I’ll have to wait 4 weeks for my mattress. I’m fine with that.

Thanks Phoenix for this great resource. I report back on my mattress when it arrives.

Hi 2bits,

I’m so glad you did some research on Dremata (or Green Mattress Factory, Live for Tomorrow, Simply Organic Sleep, or their many other websites they have had over the years) before your purchase. For others reading this they have a history and post #6 here would be well worth reading before considering them.

When I first talked to Derald at Dremata (one of the brothers) … they were just shutting down that website and were surprised I had found it (they thought it had already been shut down). They were really “nice” at first but became quite hostile when I started asking some tougher questions about their history. Within a few days they had shut it down but as I suspected it was “resurrected” in one of their new (and very questionable) “cycles of business”.

I know several of their past manufacturers who won’t do business with them any longer (and in some cases have lost a great deal of money) and they have now moved from Ohio back to Maine.

They are no longer connected to Quilting Inc which used to be owned by the same family but was purchased by the same people who purchased Mattress Mart of Ohio.

Congratulations on your new mattress as well :slight_smile:

As you know …I think very highly of Ken and he is great to work with and has great quality and value.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and review once you’re at the other end of your waiting period (which may be the most difficult part of the journey :)) and have had a chance to sleep on your new mattress.