outlets in VT

are there any good mattress outlets in VT?

Hi gowinter26,

Could you let me know your city or zip and I’d be happy to take a look.


  1.  Anywhere in VT would be fine.

I can recommend VT Mattress Depot on Williston Rd near the Burlington airport. They are independent, knowledgeable, helpful and not pushy.

Hi gowinter26,

Post #4 here includes the better options in and around the Burlington/Williston VT area (within 100 miles) and includes all the better options close to you that I’m aware of.

Further away …

Post #4 here centered on Merrimack, NH

Post #4 here centered on Albany, NY

Post #2 here centered on Amherst, MA

Post #2 here centered on Portland, ME

Post #2 here centered on Boston (which has some very good options and many manufacturers).

Hope this helps.


Thanks…This will be a great help.