Perfect mattress protector ..where are you?!

Hello everyone!

This is my second round of “searching for wisdom and informed suggestions” here, and I’m confident some of you -once again- will help me find the best solution, so thank you in advance!

I did read tru most (if not all) the other posts related to this, but they were from long time ago - so I’m hoping that maybe technology lately gave us new materials or fabric treatments? …wishful thinking…

I am looking for THE BEST …or at least the best bang for the bucks / compromise between water resistance / waterproof and breathability and temperature control. Also be washable without losing its qualities.
…so, a unicorn of a mattress protector basically… I know :frowning:

Everything I see on Amazon would pretty much put a plastic film between the mattress and me. I am afraid it would make me very hot at night (big no no) and also block breathability.

But on the other hand it would also act as a barrier so my body moisture (eventually overtime) won’t degrade the upper latex layer of my beloved mattress. (…is this even true?)
Perhaps I am dead wrong about this whole thing and there’s a better solution I don’t know about?

If you know about a new product for this purpose, please let me know.
I’m looking for great quality and great performance.


Hello NookStudio,

You are wise to want to keep moisture off the latex in your mattress, and wise also to want something breathable - both for your comfort and for the longevity of your mattress, since latex needs to breathe.

There are a couple types of products that would fit what you describe. Several companies make a waterproof protector made of organic cotton with a thin, breathable non-crinkly layer between two layers of organic cotton. Sleep and Beyond and Naturepedic make those. Another option is to use an organic or natural wool moisture pad on top of your mattress. Holy Lamb, Savvy Rest and Obasan each make one like that. It is not waterproof, per se, but is moisture resistant to provide some protection. Wool is great for temperature regulation.

We carry all of those on our website if you want to compare in one place. Best of luck!

Hello NookStudio,

We carry a high quality one made by St-Geneve. Made of breathable fabric, the outer layers are made of organic 100% cotton knitted jersey with a Neotherm® centre. Neotherm® is a proprietary polyurethane that is both waterproof and yet highly breathable. European fabrics are superior because of advanced technology, regulations for non-toxic processes and good working conditions.

You can read up on it here

Please follow up with us and let us know which one you bought and how you like it!

All the best!

@NookStudio Did you find anything in your search?

From what I’m reading, there are mixed reviews on St. Dormeir. I saw the St-Geneve in store and it did have a slight noise to it – but to be fair, it was on a sample thing and not on a full bed underneath a fitted sheet so not a full real-world comparison. The person in store said they have one and don’t hear a thing.

@TheCleanBedroom I’m curious about the Holy Lamb wool barrier. That seems like a good balance. Does this count as a “protector” or would you recommend an additional mattress protector over this? On my bed, I have a linen fitted sheet that is the top-most layer so that should keep the moisture barrier in place.

Edit: I’m always wondering how it is on motion transfer. It seems like it doesn’t stretch? If two people are on the bed does it pull when the other person moves?

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Hello, owl_burrito,
The Holy Lamb wool barrier does count as a mattress protector, as it provides a layer of protection between you and the mattress. It is not waterproof, but is water-resistant, meaning that it protects your mattress from perspiration or other light moisture. While the tightly woven, felted pad is not waterproof, it does resist water to protect your mattress.
It would lay on top of your mattress, and the fitted sheet would hold it on.
We’ve not had any complaints about it moving around and we have worked with Holy Lamb for about ten years.
Here’s an article about selecting mattress protectors, if that is helpful.
Best of luck, and we’re here for questions.


Thanks Brian. Seems like a good start at least and I can add another layer for peace of mind of more liquid protection.

I see people on here talk a lot about the CozyPure Pebble Pique, which looks on the thicker end as a three-layer, 300g sheet.

@TheCleanBedroom, you also have an organic cotton protector here. That seems a little thinner. Can you share any information on the gram rating of that or any others you might recommend that would work well as an additional layer to protect against spills – without going the polyurethane route – and that minimizes impact on mattress feel?

Thanks as always.

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The one you selected is good from the standpoint of being stretchy. It will provide an additional barrier layer, just not one that is water resistant though. The Naturepedic protectors are non-crinkly, and have a thin GOTS-approved layer in the middle of the mattress protector to provide protection, and that one is waterproof. It is also stretchy, being made of cotton jersey. Hope that helps!

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