Phoenix, Recommended companies.

Out of these companies, Which one has the best value for money 100% latex natural talalay queen mattress, I am looking to spend around $1200, but I can also go for a full size med to firm 28ILD above. Which one you think is th best deal ?

And what do you think of EcoSleep™ Latex Mattresses ?

Hi sayedhamdani,

When you have eliminated all the worst options and are down to final choices between good and good then which specific mattress is the “best deal” for you would depend on the criteria of your personal value equation that are most important to you. Each person may have a very different answer.

They use good quality materials (latex and 2 lb polyfoam with the hybrid options) with no obvious “weak links” in their mattresses and would be a better quality choice than most mainstream mattresses. It would be important though to make sure you test the various models they make to find out which one is the most suitable choice for you in terms of PPP. If you are considering an online purchase for an ecosleep then I would keep in mind that they don’t have layers that can be re-arranged or exchanged so it may be important to make sure that you have good exchange or return options in case the mattress you choose isn’t a suitable “match” for your body type or sleeping style and that they have both softer and firmer options available if they only allow exchanges and no refunds.