Phoenix (The site admin)

My name is Bruce, and I am the owner of Dreamland Mattress in Covina, California. I’m not posting here to spam my website or anything, I just wanted to leave a small blurb about my phone discussion with Phoenix, the site admin this morning.

I have been in the mattress industry for MANY years. It was so refreshing to have a phone conversation with someone who really KNOWS about what goes into a mattress. I can unreservedly report to all the forum users here, that Phoenix is a top notch resource for you to use when looking for a mattress!

Have A Great Day… And Happy Sleeping!

Bruce Burnett
Owner Dreamland Mattress
Covina CA
5 out of 5 Star Rating On Yelp

Hi Bruce,

I enjoyed our conversation as well. It’s just as refreshing for me to talk with someone who knows the difference between low quality foams and higher quality and is open about what is in their mattresses.

I also like to see retail outlets that are carrying mattresses made by higher quality local manufacturers which in your case includes Spinal Care Bedding and Spring comfort (no website) along with some Spring Air which have good specs and Stress-O-Pedic (I owned one of these that is still being used that’s over 12 years old). Your prices were also very good.

It’s also nice to hear some of the “stories” from someone who has been around the industry for a long time :slight_smile:

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me.