PM Bedroom Gallery, Woodbury MN

PM Bedroom Gallery, a family owned business, say they tout high quality and therefore carries a memory foam mattress called the Eco3 that is made by Anatomic Global. What do you think of it? I should mention that I’m 62 and have arthritis in my lower back, pressure point issues and fibromyalgia.

Hi pegweti,

Anatomic global is a wholesale mattress manufacturer that is owned by FXI/Foamex which is one of the leading foam producers in the country and one of my favorite foam producers. While they make some very high quality foam … the only issue with them is that it can be difficult to find out the specific quality (density) of the materials in their mattresses. There are quite a few references to them on the forum and a search on “Anatomic global” (you can just click this) will bring up quite a few posts. They are typically better than average quality and value.

PM bedroom gallery also carries some very nice mattresses made by Clare Bedding which is a Restonic licensee in Escanaba, MI and one of the better Restonic licensees IMO. They include latex models and while they may not be in the same value range as some local manufacturers … they are also better than average value compared to major brands and mass market outlets and chain stores. (NOTE: they no longer carry latex mattresses)

Post #182 here includes factory direct manufacturers in the Minneapolis/St Paul area which I’m aware of and would be well worth including in your research. Post #2 here also includes these same three and a few of the better retail outlets in the area (including PM Bedroom Galleries).

With particular challenges like yours … it becomes very important to only deal with outlets that have the knowledge and experience to “fit” your needs and preferences to the best choice that they carry and are open and transparent about the materials in their mattresses. I would also avoid the chain stores and other mass market outlets that are more focused on selling for the sake of profit margin or commissions than they are on educating. These guidelines will help you avoid most of the worst choices when you are shopping for a mattress.

A outlet that has the knowledge, integrity, and experience to help you choose a mattress which would best suit your needs (pressure relief and posture/alignment) and preferences (such as motion isolation, breathability and temperature regulation, slow or fast response, overall feel, durability etc) and that also carries mattresses that use good quality materials and have good value (which means they would need to be able and willing to tell you the specifics of the materials in their mattresses) are the best places to focus all your time and efforts.