Pocket Coil dilemma - please help

Hello to all!

Very first post here so I hope I am following protocol and all the rules. If I am not, please let me know and I will correct.

I must say I really like this forum, highly informative. And that’s why I am writing now, to find more insights, informed suggestions and hopefully a winning solution about the dilemma I have.




back and side sleeper

my current set up:

(bottom up)

8" combi zone pocket coil

2" talalay N3 (25/29 ILD) medium

2" talalay N2 (2-/24 ILD) soft

cotton-bamboo cover

Overall I like this set up HOWEVER after about 10 nights I noticed that my lower back was sore in the morning. Long story short I realized that a combi zone is not the best option for a back/side sleeper like me… ggrrrr Ok - so, I am able to exchange the pocket coil, but now I have a dilemma on which alternative would be best for me:

6" Caliber Edge (“stiffer” from what I read)

(I would have to add something to make up for the 2" difference going from the 8" pocket coil I have now …maybe another soft 2" latex layer?)


8" quantum edge bolsa (“softer” from what I read)

What would give me the best support when laying on my back AND when sleeping on my side?

If this is question was asked a million times already, I apologize. But I need to know. Good quality sleep is essential.

side question/curiosity: I noticed that the ventilation holes in both the latex layers I have are not aligned and not all of them go even tru the 2" - I also clearly see bubbles craters (from production) basically everywhere …Is it normal?

Please Help - Thanx You!!

The combi zone is designed for back or stomach sleepers, not side sleepers. The Bolsa coil is the one best suited for side sleepers. Try identifying which position leads to the soreness. Only then can I answer your question. Holes do NOT go all the way through on a 6" core whether it’s Talalay or dunlop. If you have a 2" topper which is cut from a 6" core you will have 2 of the toppers with holes and through but one will not. It’s in the middle and the holes are offset but it means nothing at all whether the holes go through or not. Perfectly normal.

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Hello and THANK YOU for your reply!
It’s always good learning new things!

Ok so, when I lay on my back (let’s say to watch a whole movie / initial stage of sleep) it’s fine, but then I always turn on one side (normally left out of habit) and eventually pass out …that’s when (after a while) I even notice a tiny lil pressure on my shoulder and hip (nothing crazy but worth noting) and when I wake up in the morning from that side position I do feel the upper tailbone area / lower back soreness. It basically feels like I have been sleeping on a comfy but uneven surface, if that makes sense.
Hope that clarifies.

I think you are correct about the Bolsa, since it has “softer” coils and no lumbar zoning.

Please let me know your thoughts - Thank You!

Hi Ken,
THANK YOU for your help!

I also thought about another possible option I’d like to run by you:

So, my current set up is 12" high (8" combi zone + 2" mediun Talaly + 2" soft Talalay).
Your suggestion about using the Bolsa instead of the Combi Zone makes perfect sense.

Now, what about using a Caliber Edge instead (which is 6" high) and adding a super soft 2" blended Talalay layer to the mix?
(6" Caliber Edge + 2" medium Talalay + 2" soft Talalay + 2" super soft Blended Talalay)

Would that help eliminate the slight shoulder and hip pressure when I’m on the side and still give me proper supprt? Just wondering.

Would you please let me know? - Thank You!

Both would work, the caliber is a firmer spring but you are offsetting that with the super soft latex.