polyfoam stabilzer base for latex mattress-should I be worried?

Do you have any information on Restonic Healthrest Latex Mattresses? I liked the Nevada Plush but was confused by the sales claim that said ‘all natural Talalay Latex’ but the info on their website that says that the configuration is: 11” Thick
-2” All Natural Talalay Comfort Layers
-5” All Natural Talalay Latex Core
-4" polyfoam stabilizer base
Should I be worried about this base?
Thanks for your website and happy new year!

Hi dyan,

I wouldn’t be concerned about it no. Many manufacturers tend to use a firmer polyfoam layer on the bottom for several reasons. They can act as a stiffer stabilization layer to reduce side to side sway in thicker mattresses (polyfoam is not as flexible as latex), to add height to the mattress at a lower cost than adding more latex, to protect the latex from foundations with wider gaps between the slats than would be suitable for latex, to help with handling the latex layers when the mattress is being manufactured, and as a general cost reduction method. Because the upper layers of the mattress are generally the weak link of a mattress … having some good quality polyfoam in the base layers would not be an issue to me if the mattress had good value otherwise in apples to apples comparisons with other mattresses and if it was otherwise suitable for your needs and preferences. I would want to know that it was firm and at least 1.8 lb density though (although even 1.5 lb firm polyfoam wouldn’t be a durability factor in the bottom layer of a mattress).

It’s when I see polyfoam in the upper layers that i become concerned about potential weak links in the mattress. With the Restonic I would also specifically make sure there was no more than an inch of polyfoam in the upper layers (sometimes this is not mentioned) because they vary in their construction depending on which licensee makes them across the country.

And happy new year back to you :slight_smile: