Prana Guru vs Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe Breeze

Hi paulieb81,

[quote]Hello and thank you for such an informative site and active forum. This website has been a wonderful treasure trove of solid information. My wife and I are on the hunt for a new mattress and after spending weeks researching online and recently checking out a few models in person this is where we are at:

  1. We currently have a 10 year old can’t recall what model firm spring bed with a 2" memory foam topper, this topper replaced our previous 4" one as it got too soft, and was WAY to hot. The current one is a Serta from It’s ok but not ideal. We HATE the bed, can deal with it with the topper but need a new one, we are both tired of tossing and turning as well as waking up more tired than when we went to sleep.[/quote]

It certainly sounds like after 10 years on your old mattress it’s time for a new mattress … and I’m glad you found us :).

You can see my thoughts about airbeds in general this article. While any mattress can be a good match for a specific person because each person’s needs and preferences or the criteria that are most important to them can be very different … in general terms I would tend to avoid them unless there is a very compelling reason that an airbed would be a better choice for you in “real life” (outside of the many “marketing stories” that you will hear about them) based on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you than the many other options or types of mattresses you have available.

I would also purchase an adjustable bed separately from a mattress (unless you would purchase one of the adjustable beds that are available at the store you are dealing with anyway if you were buying it separately). There is more information about choosing an adjustable bed in post #3 here and the main adjustable bed topic that it links to that can help you choose an adjustable bed based on price vs features comparisons and also includes some retailers that you can use as good sources of information about the features of the adjustable beds they carry and as pricing references as well (in post #6 in the main adjustable bed topic).

I would be very cautious about using other people’s reviews or experiences on a mattress (either positive or negative) as a reliable source of information or guidance about how suitable a mattress may be for you or the durability of a mattress and in many cases they can be more misleading than helpful because a mattress that would be a perfect choice for one person may be completely unsuitable for someone else either in terms of suitability and PPP or in terms of durability (see post #13 here). Reviews about the knowledge or service at a particular store can certainly be helpful but when it comes to the specifics of a mattress they won’t provide you with the type of reliable information you will need to make an informed choice about how well you will sleep on a mattress, how long you will sleep well, or the “value” of a mattress purchase compared to all the other options that are available to you either in your area or online.

As you know from your reading I would tend to avoid the types of chain stores and major brands you were looking at (see the guidelines here).

You can read more about gel memory foams in post #2 here. They will tend to feel cooler to the touch and can sleep cooler when you are going to sleep at night but once temperatures equalize they won’t generally maintain their temperature regulating properties over the course of the night. There is also more about the many variables that can affect sleeping temperature in post #2 here (including the type of mattress protector and the sheets and bedding that you use which in many cases can have just as significant an effect on temperature as the type of foam in a mattress).

You can read more about the pros and cons of memory foam vs latex in post #2 here and as your wife noticed one of the benefits of a more resilient material is that it’s easier to change sleeping positions which can be an important factor in “healthy sleep”. Having said that … when you are in these types of budget ranges I would make some VERY careful value comparisons because once you are past about $3000 or so for a mattress only in queen size (or the equivalent in a king size which would be about 15% - 25% more) then there is certainly a law of diminishing returns and it’s unlikely that a mattress in this budget range will be a better “match” for you in terms of PPP and how well you will sleep or more durable than many other mattresses that are in much lower budget ranges … many of which would be using the same type of materials and components. There is more about more “premium” or “ultra premium” mattresses in post #2 here and in post #2 here that may be helpful.

There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses and if I was in your shoes I would make some VERY careful value comparisons between other mattresses that are available to you to make sure that you have a very compelling reason to buy a mattress in these budget ranges that would make enough of a difference in “real life” to justify the significantly higher cost … even compared to other mattresses that use the same amount of the same or very similar materials.

I would also keep in mind that the “value” of a mattress purchase (as far as price which is only one part of value) depends on how your “final price” compares to the “final price” of other mattresses that are available to you not to how they compare to a “regular price” that nobody probably pays anyway. There is more about negotiated prices in post #6 here.

You can see my thoughts about Tempurpedic in the posts that are linked in post #2 here. The short version is that for the most part they use good quality and durable materials but for most people they wouldn’t be in a particularly good value range compared to many other memory foam mattresses that use similar or better quality materials that would be just as durable. I personally would have a great deal of difficulty justifying a Tempurpedic purchase unless for some reason my needs and preferences were so unusual that there were no other alternatives available that would be just as suitable and “comfortable” in terms of PPP and used materials that were the same or better quality that would be just as durable as the Tempurpedic line … and this would be very unlikely.

I think this would be a very good idea. You’ve probably seen this already but just in case you haven’t, the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area (quality/value guidelines I linked earlier in this reply) are listed in post #2 here.

It sounds like you may have read at least some of these already but you can read more about the previous versions (up to version 4) of Pranasleep in post #3 here and in post #2 here and in post #3 here and in posts #1 and #2 here and a forum search on Prana (you can just click this) will also bring up more information and feedback about them as well.

As you mentioned they changed the design in version 5 and the top layers of polyfoam are now higher density and are no longer what I would consider to be a weak link in the mattress in terms of durability but they are still in a significantly higher budget range than other similar mattresses and the top layers are still polyfoam so you would still be feeling and sleeping on polyfoam as much or more than latex. There is more about the new version 5 in post #19 here.

The Pranasleep Wahe Guru has 11" of latex and is a 15" mattress so I would need to know the specifics of the missing 4" (most likely 3" or polyfoam on top and an inch on the bottom of the mattress) to be able to make any meaningful comments about it but assuming that the 3" on top and the inch on the bottom are the same as the other Pranasleep “latex” mattresses my thoughts about the Guru would be very similar to my thoughts about the rest of their lineup in the posts I linked earlier in this reply in terms of durability and the “value” of their mattresses.

In other words … both of the mattresses you mentioned use good quality materials and for most people wouldn’t have any obvious weak links in their design but are “questionable” in terms of their “value” compared to many other similar mattresses that are available to you that would probably be just as suitable in terms of PPP, just as durable, and would likely be much better “value” choices.