Pure Latex Bliss vs. ISleepEZ 10,000

Hi Phoenix,

Once again, many thanks for all the useful information. I’ve spent a LOT of time reading the excellent info on your site, and really appreciate the time and effort you’ve clearly put into it.

I’m thinking I will get either one of the Pure Latex Bliss mattresses (which I saw at Mattress to Go, who, as you said, were extremely helpful) or an all-Talalay ISleepEZ 10,000.

The advantage of the ISleepEZ seems to me to be the layered and divided construction: the ability to exchange layers if I need to, and the (I hope) less motion transfer due to separate pieces of foam in each half of the bed.

Advantages of the PLB aren’t as apparent to me, except the ability to try them out first, and the desire to support the one very helpful local store. Am I missing anything that you can think of?

Thanks again.

Hi eek,

Final choices are always difficult when you have eliminated the worst options and are choosing between “good and good” and which is best for you will really depend on all the objective, subjective, and intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

For most people this includes the “material value” of the mattress. Both of them use the same blended talalay latex (or with Sleepez they also offer the equivalent value 100% natural Dunlop as an option) however depending on the models you are comparing one may have more or less latex than the other which will affect the cost. In addition to this the SleepEz cover is quilted with wool which is a more costly component and can help with temperature regulation and to some degree change the surface feel of the latex (some people prefer the less resilient feeling of some wool as opposed to sleeping directly on the more resilient latex although this is a personal preference). Wool can also be used as a fire barrier so a different type of fire barrier isn’t needed (the PLB uses an inherent rayon/silica fire barrier which is also a very safe fire barrier).

Once you have compared the material value though … then there are also many other parts of a mattress purchase that may be more or less important to you.

The “least risky” way of choosing a mattress is with careful and more objective testing for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and the lower risk of a local purchase can be a factor in many people’s “personal value equation”. I generally suggest that a 20% - 25% premium for a local purchase with similar materials would be roughly equivalent value although each person may have their own risk tolerance and number that “fits” them better. This accounts for the fact that the suitability of a mattress is the most important part of a mattress purchase. No matter what the quality or value of a mattress if it isn’t suitable (or made suitable) in terms of PPP it would have little value to you.

In addition to this the options you have available after a purchase may also be an important part of value. If you have the confidence that you have done good testing and have made the most suitable local choice then this may not be important and exchange policies add to the cost of a mattress but with an online purchase that you can’t test ahead of time then the ability to fine tune and re-arrange or exchange layers or even return the mattress and any costs involved can be an important part of value.

In addition to this … the knowledge, service and guidance of the person you are working with to help you make the best and most suitable choice is also a significant part of the value of a mattress purchase. When you look back on a mattress purchase many years from now you will remember much more about the quality of your sleep than you will about relatively small differences in price although price is of course is always an important part of value.

Finally any other products, benefits,or services that come with the mattress purchase (a foundation, pillow, mattress protector, delivery, removal of an old mattress or any others that add value to the mattress) are also part of the value of any purchase along with some of the intangible factors such as wanting to support a certain manufacturer or retailer for reasons that are important to you.

All of these and any others that are important to you are all part of assessing the “value” of any mattress purchase so you can make a final choice and decide which one is the best value for you.