Question about abbyson memory foam mattress


I recently found an interesting product from

This is a mattress from Abbyson brand and its reviews are amazingly good (I know people often tend to be generous for memory foam mattress reviews tho).

This mattress has 5 lb (or possibly 4lb) 3 inch memory foam on top and 7 inch foam that supports it. This configuration is pretty common (aerus(4lb), comfort dream(4lb), or whatever dealers).

However, I am still not sure because it is one of the newly launched products and thus does not have enough reviews.

I wonder if any user here has opinion about this mattress.

If it does not look good, I would go form dreamfoam latex mattress.


Abbyson is a new startup. It appears to be made by Stylution which is a Chinese manufacturer that makes lower cost / density memory foam mattresses that use palm oil. Based on some of the specs on their main site … I would be skeptical about the density listed on the overstock description as well as the claim that the base foam is HR foam (their main site indicates that they rate 1.6 lb density polyfoam as HR which it isn’t). I would certainly want to know if it was certified by CertiPur or another testing certification for harmful ingredients, and offgassing as well. I would also want more accurate and complete specs and information before I considered this.

My guess in this case is that the price likely reflects the quality of the foams in the mattress although the overstock price is probably lower than average. Shipping weight can also be used to approximate the foam density.


but based upon your value equation… this would be a good deal. It is about a low as I have seen a memory foam queen.

Product Q&A says that queen size mattress weighs about 80lbs.

5 * 6.67 * 7/12 * foam density + 5* 6.67 * 3/12 * memory foam density = 80

7 * foam density + 3 * memory foam density = 28.78

1.9 lb/cuft foam density , 5 lb/cuft memory foam density briefly satisfies this equation.


2.4 lb/cuft foam density, 4 lb/cuft memory foam density is also possible.

It still looks like a decent combination for this price.

I ended up buying dreamfoam latex mattress tho…

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Facts will show you are ok with people using retaillers for configuring mattress with no intent of purchasing. Then they will show that i find that very unethical. If you encourage it 1,000 times I will post my opinion 1,000 times.

I do want to ask one question which the other user I disagreed with asked but I think one question is valid, What is your resume? Why are you an expert? Do you have another job. No ill intent with these question but I do believe it is overly fair in this world of fake internet names where anyone claims expertise. Please tell, I can tell you know a lot of things and I feel this is a fair chance for you to explain and seperate yourself from others to the people who take your advice.

Hi xlist21,

This is the most likely combination (and it’s great to see people actually calculate this out).

So assuming that the shipping weight is correct … the only thing I would still need to know and verify is that the foam is CertiPur certified to make sure that it was the polymer density of the foam (unfilled density) and not the result of added fillers which can create a false density and is common with Chinese manufactured foams. If they could provide this … then I would certainly consider it. Without it … I wouldn’t.

And congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: