quick question - where to buy a 40/50 ild base

Hi there, funny thing happened. I had given up on foam and forgot I had ordered from foambymail i.e. foamfactory a 40/50 ild high density base 4". cost $100. I know the reviews for that place were subpar but it was the only place that had bases u could buy. So I get the 40~/~50 - not really sure but its at least 40 ild base, put a 3" memory foam topper on it. fell asleep could barely get up. first time in weeks i could sleep like that. So first off I need to see how long that lasts but my main question here is: is there a place that actually sells legitimate support layers from legitimate manufacturers? Foambymail would not tell me anything of the company that made it or how they got it, and it has a weird almost like if you put your nose in a book of matches kind of smell. So I’d like to buy a base but I can’t find any other place from your posts that would sell it. I contacted foamorder but they told me they would have to get back to me…


Hi maverick3934,

Unfortunately there is no real way to know how long it may last because as you said there is no way to know what they are selling you or what the specs really are. You’ve probably read this but my thoughts about them are in post #2 here along with post #2 here.

There are some polyfoam sources listed in post #4 here. Check for foam types and prices because there is a wide range of both in the list. The first two probably have the best overall value (of the ones that list their prices online) but this may vary with foam type from outlet to outlet.