Ready to take the latex plunge, just a few more questions

Ive been reading around the net and various mattress forums and it seems latex, for durability, support, not breaking down, and overall comfort is a consistent recommendation. Some more research led me to SleepEZ, over some other options, and I have talked to their staff a little bit over email.

One big concern is that we haven’t actually tried out any 100% latex beds. No one around here (west michigan) seems to have any. I am basically going to spend over 2k sight unseen, and that worries me a bit. I doubt so many on the internet would lie about the latex greatness, but still. This is a long-term health and financial investment for us.

Other than that what we had somewhat decided on so far was a King size, 1000 at SleepEZ. Custom sides, as I am about twice as heavy as my wife. Her with Firm, Medium, Soft, and me with Extra Firm, Firm, and Medium.

My main questions are as follows.

  1. The frame. I saw the frame/support thread and Ive read about the 3" recommendation, so I guess I just need to sort through those and see what will fit latex and our budget. Unfortunately it seems the USboxspring King-metal version is out of stock, which is disappointing, at it probably meets our budget, and has the legs so we could use it as a standalone foundation. I thought about getting it from SleepEZ, but it is a bit more expensive and I would still need a frame for it.

  2. Portability. How hard are these latex going to be to move in the future? We may be moving somewhere and I concerned about care and transport, durability during, etc.

  3. Dunlop or Talalay. I hear conflicting reports on this. Some think Dunlop should last longer whereas say Talalay is more comfortable. Does it matter? Will SleepEZ do a layer or two of one, say base of Dunlop, and Talalay on top?

  4. Cover/pad. Outside of the wool cover included, should we get a pad for stain protection as well? Is it not needed? Will it take away too much from the latex feel? If we should, recommendations?

Basically I’d like some clarity if purchasing something like this without even trying anything close is crazy. And help with a few questions. Thanks for your time guys.

Do a search for Savvy rest dealers and Pure latex Pliss dealers in your area. These are two of teh more popular brands that will give you a feel for what you are after. Savvy dealer should have multi layers configurable to test. Bliss will not be configurable.

I’m on the fence myself. I’d really like to find a Comfortaire with about 4" of configurable comfort layering and a wool cover quilt.

Hi schmiggyjk,

I would definitely suggest testing latex if at all possible because it has a different feel from other materials (especially memory foam of course). TD-Max made some good suggestions of a couple of latex mattress manufacturers that may be available in your area and there may be others as well. If you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any in your area I’m aware of.

Yes … the metal frame foundations aren’t being made in Eastern King versions and the other sizes are only available until the supplies run out. Their regular version though is one of the very few KD foundations that have gaps less than 3" (its the only KD type listed in the foundation thread that does). The SleepEz price for this is the same as US Boxspring ($380 for the Eastern King) except SleepEz has free shipping so they are slightly less.

Latex itself is heavy of course but because these are layered … you can take each layer and move them separately (fold it carefully and put it in a plastic bag or box if you are storing it) which makes it easier. It’s the same reason they can be shipped through UPS instead of truck freight.

In terms of the durability of the different types of latex …I think post #2 here should help. In practical terms I would treat blended Talalay and 100% natural Dunlop in a similar ILD as being very similar in terms of Durability.

Normally it’s best to talk with the manufacturer directly about the options they have available but in this case I know that you can choose any layers you wish (including 2 Dunlop layers and a talalay layer).

Yes … I think a mattress protector is important. There are some tradeoffs involved in choosing between the different types (including how much they will affect the feel of the mattress). There is more information in post #89 here along with some links to various options.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’d go so far as to say that, in the case of latex mattresses with multiple layers, you’d pretty much have to take the mattress apart and move the layers separately. The assembled mattress is large, heavy and unwieldy, like trying to move a giant rubber flounder. It doesn’t cooperate. It certainly won’t stand on its side or end like an innerspring mattress will.

Care does have to be taken with the exposed layers…they could be damaged with rough handling. But…they can also be repaired with glue!


Hi danielrhall,

I think that’s a very appropriate description :slight_smile:

You can also put it in a mattress box which would make it possible to carry without diassembling it but it would be very heavy and unwieldy in larger sizes.


The closest latex bliss place is over two hours away, and the last I called, they didn’t even have them on the show floor.

Savvy Rest is about 2 hours and 10 minutes. I haven’t talked to them yet and that seems a bit much, 4 hours, just to potentially demo a bed. I’m in 49418.

Should I skip the frame from USBox and SleepEZ and just get a slatted bed frame then? Something a bit more stylish? We don’t have a king size frame yet to put a box in anyhow, so something from scratch is fine. I think we would be ok spending $400-500 on something like that if possible. Someone somewhere else recommended World of Futons “nomad” bed but its slats are too far apart as is the center gap.

Surely after it “airs up” post shipping/unpacking, putting it in another box will be a bit harder than from which it came I take it. But it is possible, from what I am gathering. It wouldn’t be stored, just moved from house to another.

You get a free wool cover with purchase at SleepEZ if I am not mistaken. That isn’t waterproof/spill proof I take it? I am going to want something else on top of that, below the fitted sheet?

Thanks for your time so far folks

Hi schmiggyjk,

There are some good options that are within reasonable driving distance listed in post #273 here (including one of the members of this site).

I would call and talk with them about what you are looking for and then visit the ones that most interest you before I looked further at online options. Regardless of which direction you decide to go for an actual purchase … your experience with these can be very valuable.


Are there specific latex models at these places I should be comparing the SleepEZ option to?

Or am I just going to get the general feel and experience of latex?

I think my biggest concerns going locally, were I to like the feel and responsiveness, would be the added cost and not having an option for a split bed, as there is significant size difference between my wife and I.

Hi schmiggyk,

I would start by calling them to make sure they have something you want to test (an all latex mattress etc). The goal is to find out what works best for you not to decide ahead of time on any particular configuration.

Then I would visit each of them that interested you and choose the “best” mattress at each place according to the things that are most important to you without regard to any other design or mattress except the ones at the manufacturer or retailer where you are testing mattresses. I would work with the people at each one to find the mattress they carry that best fit your needs and preferences in other words.

Then I would take the “top choice” from each manufacturer or retailer that you visited and compare them against each other and to SleepEz (if you are considering an online option). If a local mattress has a “premium” in the range of 20% or less compared to a similar online mattress, I would consider it to be roughly equivalent value because of the benefits and lowered risk of actually testing a mattress before you buy it. You may find that there is even less of a “local premium” than this and of course each person can decide for themselves what percentage they would consider makes up for the greater risk of an online purchase. In some cases local manufacturers can even be less and they will often also have split layering or other suitable options for different size couples available.

You have some good options available and I wish everyone in the country had the kind of choices available to them that you do :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Called Jonathan Stevens, they had no idea what they were talking about, insisting that “you can’t have a solid latex mattress, it won’t hold up, you need support in a spring system or another type of layer”. Also noted that they only have latex toppers or upper layers, thus ruled them out for that and a lack of knowledge.

The main goal, outside of a good sleep and comfort, is durability and longevity. And everything I have read says that 100% latex is the way to go in that regard. I hope this to last 15-20 years if well taken care of. I dont want to be buying mattresses every 5 years or dealing with bowed beds, etc.

Buis Mattress and Aacaway Bedding both have solid latex mattresses. 2 and 3 floor models respectively and they are only about 15 and 20 minutes away so I will visit them within the next few days to get a feel for things.

Thanks for the assist on finding these places. I was searching by specific brands before, like the Pure Latex Bliss, and a few others and couldn’t find anyone close carrying them. And the big chains near me only had layers or toppers.

I don’t know if I could justify a 20% premium, but maybe 10. SleepEZ has a solid return policy, though I imagine return shipping on a full return would probably equate to abut 10% of the cost.

Ill stop in after monday or so and update on my experience. Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it!

Hi schmiggyjk,

I think the knowledge level would depend on the person you were talking to but you are correct that they only offer latex hybrids (with about 4" of latex over a polyfoam base). the latex is on the top surface of the mattress. The person there that I talked with (at a different store) was also confused about using “solid latex” because they believed that blended Talalay latex contained polyurethane which is the basis for their comment that you can’t have “solid latex”. They didn’t seem to be aware that both Dunlop and Talalay come in 100% natural versions that don’t contain any synthetic latex (SBR). In any case … these are a combination of polyurethane in the support layers and latex in the comfort layers.

I use 20% as a guideline but of course each person may have a different “value equation”. No matter what the number though … it is always “safer” to buy locally because both the softness of the layers and the thickness and combination of the layers as well as the ticking and quilting can affect how a mattress feels and performs so you may not be able to “duplicate” a mattress that uses different layer thicknesses or slightly different components. Of course the flexibility of a design like SleepEz allows for many variations that can usually get very close.

I would also make sure you visit Buis because like SleepEz they are also a member here, offer a 5% discount to forum members, and I think very highly of Marc (the owner) and the quality and value of the mattresses he designs and makes.


I went to Buis and talked to marc last night, Aacaway is today.

Marc may have nearly talked me out of latex, is that a mistake? I was under the impression, from what I have read online, that latex was the best for long-term durability and that it would hold up and not bow, more than most innersprings. Marc didn’t say that wasn’t that case but he did say it breaks down a bit and often he sees people “sleeping spots” wear in/break in, and that is something that doesn’t really go away.

He noted that he almost always uses a disclaimer that they could see such an effect after a year or so and most of his latex gets warrantied for 10 years vs some of his better innersprings at 15. Of course these weren’t typical innersprings, with heavy foam within or between the coils to provide less bounce/shift and a more consistent feel to them.


Ill report back as well after aacaway.

Hi schmiggyjk,

This is one of those questions that is difficult to answer because it involves opinions that held by different manufacturers (that I respect) that are very different from each other.

It’s true that if a material develops a weak spot that it won’t go away. Most manufacturers though that have been using latex for a long time would tell you that these are not the types of issues that they usually see and if they did they would consider it to be a defect in the latex.

I should clarify as well that latex can be used as either a support layer (in firmer versions) or a comfort layer (in softer versions). Impression issues would be connected to comfort layers not support layers and latex used as a comfort layer should always be compared to other comfort layer materials and firmer latex used as a support layer should always be compared to other support layers (such as an innerspring). It is the upper layers of a mattress that are usually the weak link of a mattress not the support layers so comparing any foam softening in a comfort layer to an innerspring is not really an apples to apples comparison. As a support layer I believe that good quality firm latex is more durable than most if not all innersprings and wouldn’t develop any issues.

As a comfort layer … I also believe that latex is more durable than other types of foam but there are some cautions here with any comfort layer material no matter what type.

While latex is generally a very durable material … any material that is softer will be less durable than the same material that is firmer. If a latex layer (or any material) is too thick and soft for the weight of the person then there could be some durability issues even with latex. This is why many manufacturers don’t use the softest latex available because while it may still be more durable than the equivalent softness of polyfoam, it is not as durable as firmer latex … particularly with heavier weights.

In addition to this … 100% natural Talalay latex in soft ILD’s will not likely be as durable as blended latex in the same ILD. Synthetic blend Dunlop is also not likely to be as durable as all natural Dunlop.

Finally there is one more issue which may be part of this. At one point (over a year ago) … Latex International seems to have been having some sporadic quality control issues and some of the latex they were supplying had quality issues. This has been reported to me by several manufacturers and sources. This led to many people questioning the use of latex at all or changing suppliers because they didn’t want to risk returns with a material they were selling as being very durable. I do know that Marc is part of a buying group that experienced some of these issues. Defective latex certainly can have impression issues. They appear to have improved things but the “cautious” approach has remained with some manufacturers who are very wary of selling any materials and mattresses that may develop issues down the road because they are highly responsive to their customers satisfaction in the longer term and value their local reputation.

So I’m not sure of all the reasons that may be behind this but it’s probably one or a combination of these. In my opinion … “good quality” latex is a very durable material and if it develops impressions or even “soft spots” more than normal (all materials will soften under weight to some degree including latex) then I would consider it to be defective.

As far as warranties … innersprings are just a support layer like firm latex (although some are certainly better quality than others and perform better) and in most cases good quality support components are not the part of the mattress that develops softening issues no matter what they are.

Hope this helps.


I went to aacaway friday and spent a bit of time there. I came away impressed with their latex options, especially one setup that was dual sided (not 100% latex, some other layers in there), and thus reversible and flipable. In theory, couldn’t a setup like that help with any kind of break down of the latex, helping to lessen any kind of impressions that could build up over time?

Or if I go with latex do I want to stick with complete latex, no high density foam layers, etc?

To be honest, I am still torn over what to do and really don’t know what route to go with it. Frustrating.

Hi schmiggyjk,

Yes … a two sided mattress will extend the life of any foam material … even one as durable as latex. I would want to know the details of the “other layers” though because they would not likely be as durable as latex although having it two sided would extend their lifetime as well.

This is more of a personal preference and budget decision. If I did use polyfoam as a support layer (a latex hybrid) … I would make sure the polyfoam was good quality (at least 1.8 lbs and preferable higher) and if there is also polyfoam in the quilting layers above the latex then i would want to know it wasn’t more than around an inch or so (more than this and the polyfoam can become the weak link of the mattress). All of this would depend on the density of the polyfoam as well as the specific layering because there is a wide range of quality in polyfoam and the design and layering of the mattress will also make a big difference in its durability.

You can see my thoughts about a polyfoam/latex hybrid vs an all latex mattress in post #2 here.

You are in the enviable position (compared to most people who shp for mattresses) that your choices are good ones and it would be difficult to make a “mistake” no matter which direction you choose to go. I know how difficult it can be to make final decisions when all of your choices are good ones (and you don’t really wan to eliminate any of them or you want some parts of all of them) but if you consider the differences in how each mattress feels and performs in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, posture and alignment, and personal preferences) and all the other factors and tradeoffs involved in your personal “value equation” then you will eventually come to the best decision … for you.


So I went with Sleepez. Bed showed up about a week and a half ago. Ill do a full review in a post if there interest, with some pictures.

Currently no problems, though they did send me the wrong pillows (their luxury latex pillows), but promptly sent out the adjustable latex pillows I had originally ordered (should be here in a couple of days).

We went firm/xfirm/xfirm on my side and soft/med/firm on the wifes. I do think after this week I am going to swap her medium layer in to my top layer as I have a feeling that the top layer as firm may be a bit too hard for me.

Other than that, so far so good.

If there is interest in some set up, packaging pics, pointers, in a review like thread let me know.

Hi schmiggyjk,

I’m glad to see that you made such a great decision after being “torn and frustrated” the last time you posted. Congratulations on your new mattress.

Well you certainly have my “vote” and I always love to see feedback about the choices people have made and some of their thoughts behind them. At the moment the attachment function of the forum isn’t working and I haven’t been able to track down why so if this is still the case when you are ready to attach them then you may need to post them on a photo sharing site like Flikr and then link to them here.

I’m looking forward to your updates!