Real old-fashioned box springs

Dear Phoenix,
I grew up with bouncy box springs and happy memories of jumping on the bed with my siblings.
20 years ago I purchased a queen bed and “foundation” for my husband and I. With no Internet, a full-time job, and a 1 and 3-year-old, it was a hasty purchase at best.
It was comfortable enough, but my biggest disappointment was that there was no bounce! No jumping on the bed memories for my now-grown girls. (Later we got a trampoline.)
As I entered menopause my sleep became more fragmented and I began to awaken almost every time I rolled over.
For the first time I realized that I had a rather idiosyncratic way of turning over- as I turned, I’d lift my hips (like you would to untangle your pajamas) and then let them fall to the bed. And they would hit with almost a thud because the bed had no bounce. And that (plus the insomnia, plus the night sweats) made me begin to hate that bed.
We have a full bed in the guest room with an old box spring and I love it still, night sweats and all.
So now I want to finally replace that 20-year-old mattress and foundation and I want so much to get a REAL box spring.
It’s been extremely difficult for me to find companies that make them, because they use the words “box spring” even when they’re really referring to just a foundation- (which is how I wound up with my last one.)
Salespeople at the mattress stores are unhelpful. So far, the only company they’ve been able to tell me makes a genuine box spring is Kingsdown. I know there must be others.
I understand that jumping on the bed is bad for the bed and the mattress and the box springs and will make it wear out sooner, but I don’t care.
If you could direct me to manufacturers or stores I would really appreciate it.
I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 50 miles from Annapolis, 50 miles from Dover, Delaware; 85 miles from Baltimore, 85 miles from Bethesda, Maryland-(we drive a lot.)
I’m 5’3" and weigh 130#
Thanks so much


Hi Condit,

They are certainly still available … but the trick is finding a manufacturer that uses them (or makes them available).

Leggett & Platt supplies the majority of springs used in the industry and they make one called WebLok which is the type you are referring to. They also have what is called a Torsion bar system called True-Flex which also has “spring” to it which you can see here and which is more commonly used.

There are a lot of smaller local or custom manufacturers that still make them but unfortunately none of these are particularly close to you. In the more widely distributed brands … a few that still have them include Gold Bond (which are probably available close to you), and Eastman House. Their sister company Eclipse also has them available and Therapedic can probably make one for you as well. Englander generally uses a Torsion bar system but the local licensee will make a coil box spring on request (this has to go through a store). There are also some more premium brands that make box springs with coils such as Aireloom but you are looking at much higher prices with these more premium manufacturers.

Some of the choices in post #4 here also either make them or will special order them (including Verlo which will make them as a special order).

In the other direction post #2 here may have some options and I know that Winndom will make one for you.

There are probably lots more but these are the ones that I know of or could find with some quick searching and a few phone calls and at least give you some “true box spring” choices that are within reasonable driving distance.