Recommended Retailer in Naples/Ft. Myers FL area?


Can you give me any suggestions for a good retailer/manufacturer/warehouse in the Naples, FL area? Thanks!

Hi Montevano,

There are a few local factory direct manufacturers within reasonable driving distance that I believe would be among the best choices in the Naples / Ft Myers, FL area. Port Charlotte, FL. I have talked with Jim the owner and he is very knowledgeable and helpful and clearly what I call “mattress people”. They are also a member of this site. He has been making mattresses for a long time and makes mattresses that use high quality materials including Talalay latex, memory foam and higher quality polyfoam/innersprings. He will also help educate his customers about the differences between different materials and mattress constructions and which may suit their needs and preferences best. He will also custom build, will make adjustments to his floor models when necessary, and makes mostly two sided mattresses (which is a real “value” bonus). Good quality and value and I would definitely suggest including them in your research. Naples, Fort Myers, Pinellas Park, Tarpon Springs. They are a local manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses including latex and polyfoam/innersprings (and some memory foam). The sales people there are not nearly as knowledgeable about the materials they use however (for example they know little about the foam density they use) but they told me they would find out if asked. Certainly a better option and higher quality and value than larger name brands or mass market outlets but would require some research because being a manufacturer with several stores the knowledge level of all the salespeople on the floor may not be up to the “norm” of most local manufacturers. Local factory direct manufacturer with outlets in Ellenton and Bradenton. They make a variety of mattresses including double sided and true HR polyfoam (the best kind of polyfoam) and Dunlop latex. While they are not “cheap” and are priced higher than many independent manufacturers, they do use high quality materials and would be worth a phone call and/or a visit as a reference if nothing else.

I also did some research into the retailers in the area (almost 40 different businesses) and the following list includes some of the possibilities that may also be worth including in your research and the brands they carry that I would focus on at each (many also carry mainstream brands which I would ignore). When you are looking at these it’s important to make sure that they are able to provide you with all the details of all the layers in any mattress that you are considering and better yet explain to you what they mean so you can make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

North Naples Mattress Location | Florida Mattress | Naples, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Ormond Beach, FL Naples, Bonita Springs, FL. They carry Pure Talalay Bliss, OMI latex mattresses, Jamison and a house brand made by Sherwood Bedding (which is more common in the western part of the country). Fort Myers, FL Therapedic (including their gel memory foam)

Furniture, Mattresses in Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita Springs FL | Lenny's Furniture Naples, Fort Myers, FL. Jamison (latex and gel) Fort Myers, FL. Symbol Port Charlotte, FL. Symbol ( including their gel memory foam), Pure Talalay Bliss.

Mattresses & Bed Store - Baer's Furniture - Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Naples, Miami, Florida, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Sarasota Naples and Fort Myers, FL. Has some Therapedic mattresses.

Queen Size Mattresses and Boxsprings – City Mattress Naples and Fort Myers, FL. City Mattress house brand, ultra-premium Vi Spring, PranaSleep. I would make sue to find out the complete specifications of anything you might be considering.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Phoenix!

I went to a local Matter Brothers store and left liking the price, but feeling unsure about the product. The one mattress that I felt held the most potential for me was apparently, per the salesman, a Talalay topped innerspring. However, I was a bit confused about the overall construction, foam thickness, etc. I am pretty sure he said that the Talalay was 3/4" thick, but I have no idea what else comprised the balance of the foam comfort/support layers. I also believe that he said that the coils were manufactured by either Sealy or Serta, and then they build on the mattress from there. Does that sound likely?

One question… what is your take on the iseries (not icomfort) by Serta? Given that I am a bit uncertain about going to a total memory foam mattress (because of the potential lack of support over time as well as the heat… I am a HOT sleeper!), it would seem to me to be the best of “both” worlds, given the pocketed coils and the gel infused memory foam. I felt that the Ceremony Plush had a pretty nice overall feel to it. In your opinion, is the iseries line more or less gimmicky or does it really offer the best of both mattress types?


Hi Montavano,

He probably meant that they were the same “type” of coils used by Sealy and Serta but they would not be the same coils because Sealy manufactures their own coils and Serta uses L&P coils made to their specifications. He may also have meant that most mattress manufacturers get their coils from common sources and don’t make them themselves (although Sealy is one of the exceptions).

I would not consider a mattress where the salesperson couldn’t get more specific about the layers of the mattress you were considering. It sounds like the person you were dealing with had little knowledge and this is not the type of person I would think could help you make your best decisions. I would talk to someone else there that could give you better information so you can make more meaningful comparisons.

Mattresses made by the same manufacturer tend to have similar value across their lineup. In the case of the major manufacturers (including Sealy, Simmons, Serta, and the other “majors”) … I wouldn’t consider them as a good option. The first guideline in this article (and I put it first because it’s one of the most important parts of finding quality and value) is …

1. Avoid buying a mattress made by any of the major national brands such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempurpedic. While they are not all “bad” mattresses and some may even be good quality, … none of them have good value when compared to similar mattresses made by smaller independent manufacturers. NONE

Of course you could go through the (mostly frustrating and inconclusive) exercise of trying to find out the information you need to make any meaningful comparisons with other mattresses but even if you are successful (which is very unlikely) … the odds are overwhelming that the end result will be the same … poor value. Their gel memory foam (actually Sleep Innovations gel memory foam made by Advanced Urethane Technologies) is a great marketing success but it is also the least attractive of the gel memory foam options IMO. Whenever you add “particles” as a filler to a foam matrix it can lower the durability of the foam.

There are many (and better) ways IMO to get the benefits of good temperature control without having to pay an arm and a leg for questionable, unknown, or undisclosed materials. This includes high quality polyfoam, more breathable memory foam, latex, microcoils, and others in addition to the many other component parts of a mattress (including innersprings) that can lead to better temperature control. The current advertising and rush to “gel foams” is certainly gimmicky IMO and while like all materials it can have some benefits … it is only one piece of a much larger picture and the current popularity of “gel foams” is more about marketing and “me too” reactions than it is about substance.

I would not consider it unless you can do the “impossible” and find out the details of every layer of “unknown material” in their mattress and compare it to other similar mattresses. There are just too many good options available to consider materials that are more about hype and marketing than fact. Mattress shopping can be fun if you go to outlets that make research and information easy and educational. It can be the most frustrating exercise of all and lead to some really poor choices if getting quality information and help from someone that knows more than marketing techniques is more like pulling teeth.


hello i live in naples area, and wanted to find out where you ended up buying your mattress and which one did you choose. thanks