Rejuvenate vs Pure Latex Bliss Topper

It’s a long story but I made the mistake of ordering a Stearns and Foster torture chamber of a mattress from 1 800 mattress and am about to make my one and only comfort exchange. I’m going with a Pure Latex Bliss; the Pamper mattress with a 3" topper was heaven, firm but soft. The mattress itself is the exchange. The topper is a new purchase so I don’t have to get it from them; the PLB Queen 3" topper (14 ild) is a hefty $650. I just noticed that Rejuvenite has a 3" Talalay latex topper, same as PLB(?), for $339 on Choice Rest, but it’s 19 ild. Is the 14 that different from the 19 ild? I like a firm mattress and that’s what the Pamper gives me, the 3" topper relieved my pressure points (Pamper alone and Nature made my hips ache after 10 minutes on my side) so I want cushy support but it doesn’t have to be mushy.

Choice Rest has a 90 day money back guarantee, which is great, but I get stuck with shipping costs if i return it. I was hoping to negotiate a better price from 1-800 by dangling the topper purchase - free pillows at least! Should I just go with the feel I know or try out the Rejuvenite? PLB’s quality seems very high, but a $300 difference is substantial.

I’m 5’5" and weigh 140.


Hi mattressman,

The Rejuvenite is 19 ILD (in the softer version) while the PLB is 14 ILD. The PLB also looks like it has a more elastic cover than the rejuvenite (although both are good quality). These two together would indicate that the PLB would be noticeably softer than the Rejuvenite (although both would be considered soft). To give you a reference point … the top layers of most of the PLB mattresses are 19 ILD. The Beautiful has 3" of 19 ILD (the pamper has 1") so it would be somewhat similar to the Rejuvenite over the Pamper but the Beautiful has 2" of 24 ILD under this and then a 36 ILD core while the Pamper has 1" of 19 ILD an then a 40 ILD core so only the top layer softness would be “similar” but it would at least give you a reference point.

Because you are lighter … the different ILD’s may make a bigger difference to you even though the difference is between “plush” and “ultra plush”.

One other option that may be worth considering is the 2" PLB topper which is a little less although because the Pamper only has a 1" layer over a very firm core with no “transition” layer … I can certainly understand that the 3" layer may be preferable. This would certainly be the case with a higher weight but your weight may just let you “get away with” a slightly thinner layer topper.

It’s a tough decision as the difference in price is quite a bit … some of this though would be because the PLB uses a more expensive cover but some is because the Choice Rest price is very good. I would probably lie on the PLB Beautiful first and see how the upper layer softness feels to you and then decide if it was worth the difference.


Thanks, Phoenix, very helpful. The 2" PLB topper was very comfortable but 3" was fabulous. Maybe I’ll try a 2" 19 ild topper and resort to the 3" PLB if I don’t like it.

One quick question: what kind of cover should I use on a latex mattress? I have a dog and in case the unthinkable happens I’d like to be prepared, but I don’t want anything that changes the feel of the latex.

Thanks again!


Hi Mattressman,

The best type of mattress protector for your circumstances would be something that was thin and stretchable (to affect the latex less), waterproof (for the dog), and breathable (for comfort).

Protectors that use wool are water resistant (giving you time to remove the sheets and protector before any accidents soak through) and breathable, but affect the feel and compression of the latex more … particularly softer latex.

Waterproof protectors that are vinyl are uncomfortable and not breathable (like the kind used under a childs mattress).

So typically the best choice and combination of properties when someone wants both waterproof, breathable, and thin and stretchy enough to let the latex do what it does best are the types with a waterproof/breathable membrane attached to a cotton or blend fabric. These are the ones that the stores put over a glass of water and then turn upside down to show they are waterproof.

While there are many companies that make these, a few examples are here for reference … This one has fabric (cotton terry) on both sides and the waterproof/membrane in the middle of the fabric. Same except fabric on one side only Premium with velour instead of terry Same except uses polyester fabric…-Protectors_p_3.html Different company … similar idea

There are many other brands that are similar. They would all have the waterproof/breathable membrane attached to various fabrics on either one or both sides of the membrane.


Hi Mattressman,

Just a quick additional comment …

This 2" would give you a 3" 19 ILD comfort layer over the X firm 40 ILD core which may be “on the edge” of the comfort layer thickness you need … especially with soft latex. Because this is a differential construction meaning the transition between the comfort layer and the support core is “sudden” from soft to x firm and has no transition layers in between it … it becomes important to make sure that your comfort layer is thick enough. This would depend on your body shape and how wide and heavy your shoulders were relative to your hips. While it would probably be OK … if it wasn’t then you would certainly feel the very firm layer underneath it when you moved or shifted position.

Your comment about the nature which has 2" 19 ILD over 1" 28 ILD over a 36 ILD firm core making your hips sore after 10 minutes just gave me a little “pause” and make me think that even if the 3" was all 19 ILD it may still be a little thin over the course of the night with a 40 ILD under it.

Sometimes toppers aren’t returnable in which case it would be more important to get it right.