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My husband has chronic pain in his shoulders and hips, 6’4 and 250 lbs I was looking for a quality mattress which lead me to the ReST Mattress. I was hoping anyone had input as it’s pretty new to the market. The technology is amazing and the cost with purple layer is pretty darn pricey, but if it helps chronic pain money is not a problem. Or a recommendation for a mattress for people with chronic pain and side sleeper would be helpful too. As for me, I’m 5’3, 125 lbs and sleep on my back so I was thinking two twin xl mattresses may be the way to go.

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Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey :slight_smile: ! Hope that you will find the articles and resources useful for your research, as well as TMU’s site search for learning of other consumers’ experiences with mattresses you may be considering.

Sorry to hear of your husband’s chronic shoulder and hip pain, that must be terribly frustrating for him to deal with daily. Has he identified the source of his pain as being related to your current mattress or from a pre-existing medical condition? While I have no medical license and cannot offer chiropractic counsel, I would suggest that having a proper medical diagnosis may be a good first step while you are in the mattress shopping research stage to better consider what materials, layering and construction may be best suited for his comfort and support preferences.

Thanks for including both yours and your husband’s personal statistics and sleep positions, both are quite useful for understanding the roles that weight distribution and sleep position play in layering thicknesses for optimal pressure relief and spinal alignment. Generally speaking, a heavier person will need firmer support layers to prevent the heavier parts of their body from sinking down too far and placing their spine out of alignment since their tendency will be to sink down into a mattress more than a lighter person. Durability of a mattress’s materials will also be important as higher body weights (or more specifically a higher BMI) will compress the layers in a mattress more deeply than lighter body types (or a lower BMI) and will need more durable and firmer materials/ components in the upper layers than those who are in lower weight ranges for the mattress to maintain its comfort and support for a similar length of time.

As you both are quite different in terms of BMI and comfort needs, two twin xl mattresses together (a “split king” configuration of sorts) could be a good choice for providing you each with individualized comfort and support. Some questions for you: what brand mattress/ type mattress are you sleeping on currently? How old is it? Are you located near mattress manufacturers or showrooms who offer COVID-19 safe store visit appointments? Have you set a budget (you did mention that “money is not a problem”, but a range would be helpful). Looking forward to learning more details… :wink: .


From the review I watched they said the rest bed w/Purple feels like a purple mattress when the bed was kept on softer settings but did not feel like a purple bed when kept on the firmer settings. This was just one review though so take it for what it’s worth. Seems strange to me so I am curious as well to hear anyone else’s thoughts who owns or has tried the rest bed w/ purple.

I suspect your husband is very much like me (I’m 6’2 and 240lbs, not fat just big build) and also a side/back sleeper with pain in my hips/lower back. My issue is almost always a fight between alignment and pressure relief while my wife being petite can sleep on almost anything. For me it’s like a bad game of whack-a-mole where if you address one issue (alignment vs comfort) you end up compromising the other. I had to resort to basically designing my own bed using a sleep number base with firm latex layers on the top for comfort. For me the key as to have a very firm base layer of air and then use firm latex foam to allow just enough pressure relief to remove any soreness while still providing the spinal alignment I need (quite a challenge for bigger folks). I would suggest experimenting first with a simple high quality air mattress first like I did along with a few different 3" latex layers of differing stiffness so you can see what works best. If you find that this does help then you haven’t spent much and you can look at various different air mattress manufacturers (Sleep Number, Personal Comfort, Innomax, Rest, Boyd, etc) for possible solutions. I would just be very hesitant personally to shell out that much money on a Rest bed without being absolutely sure my solution would work but I certainly sympathize with the fact most will pay almost anything to make the pain stop (myself included).

I would get an expedition type air mattress like this, you want around 6" thick like most air mattress manufacturers use: EXPED MegaMat Max 15 | EXPED USA
I would then get the 3" twin XL Dunlop in firm (44) and medium (30) so you can try different combos to find what works best: Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper |

This setup will allow you to approximate what it feels like on a top end air mattress before making the plunge and you can then use the latex layers to customize your bed to your liking later too. Put it on
the floor and blow up the mattress as firm as you can then add layers on top until your husband feels like the pressure is being relieved just enough the soreness is gone when he is lying on it. You can also play a bit with the pressure in the air mattress too if you have any trouble with alignment but I suspect if he is like me the firmer the better with an air base layer.

Mattrebuild, I like those ideas. You’ve just given me some new future experiments :smiling_face: Thanks

Not sure if you made any more progress on this but you may want to look at my build thread as I just finished mine and all I can say is I finally was able to hit the sweet spot and get painless night’s sleep.