Restava Luxury Mattress


I am still on the hunt and wanted to know your opinion of the following company. Your feedback is appreciated.

Hi Jonnybbravo,

On the surface they seem like an interesting and reasonable choice with some good points but also some things I would want to know before I bought it.

The density of the memory foam seems to be good quality and they are clearly trying to “match” the specs of Tempurpedic memory foams.

Their support foam also seems to be good quality 2.5 lb foam.

Their layering patterns also don’t “overdo” it with layers of memory foam that are often too thick IMO.

I would want to know though who makes their memory foam though because even though they say it’s American made … they don’t show that it is CertiPur certified or any other certification. This always seems odd to me because I would think that manufacturers who really do use American foams would want to differentiate themselves from lower quality foams or from manufacturers who only claim they are using American foam (or at least claim to be “American made” when in fact they are often using Chinese memory foam that uses fillers to achieve the higher density). I hope they will tell you even though I haven’t had much luck getting through to them on several occasions during the last few months.

The free trial is not quite “risk free” because the return shipping is paid by the consumer and this could amount to several hundred dollars in many cases. I would also confirm that they don’t deduct the original shipping from the refund.

The warranty is 20 years but has a 1" exclusion for the first 5 years and a 1.25" exclusion after that which is more than many other high quality memory foam mattresses which have a .75" exclusion.

I wonder if they roll a steam roller over your mattress before they ship it to help break it in and open up the cells . (joking of course :slight_smile:

Their customer service seems to be close to non existent (they have never returned my calls when I left a message and they never seem to answer their phone).

Overall … there is some good potential there but some gaps that I would want to fill in.


The other comment says that it is 2.5 lbs foam. I could not find that however 2.5 lbs of foam will not hold up. My comment was going to be that since they do not disclose the components, I would stay away. Proprietary compenents in mattresses, if that’s what they are claiming is ridiculous. Just because a company claims long life or whatever does not mean anything. In my opinion that mattress is not as good as some of your other choices. Most of the 500 manufactureers purchase their components from the same sources. Look for 4.5 lbs or better of memory foam. (Memory foam will not last as long as a good latex). If you can find a solid dunlop latex and it is not too firm, that will last much longer. Try looking for a discount mattress store that offers latex.

Hi Charlestonbedding,

In all fairness they are disclosing more than most. They have disclosed the density of their memory foam and the 2.5 lb foam is their polyurethane base foam which is a higher quality foam than most manufacturers use (perhaps you you were thinking it was a memory foam layer which would of course be very low quality memory foam?).

I also agree with you about your “proprietary” comments and most of these claims need to be taken with a huge grain of salt however I do know of several manufacturers who are using polyfoam or memory foam which has been poured to their specifications so while they are not so much “proprietary” … they are “custom poured” to some extent.

So they are using mostly 5.3 lb (with some higher and some lower densities in various models) memory foam and 2.5 lb polyfoam in their base both of which are good quality if they come from a good foam pourer (which is one of the “missing links” in the information they provide). While most manufacturers purchase from the same sources … there is a huge difference in the quality of the foams they purchase from these sources. All foam pourers make both lower quality foam along with higher quality foam.

I also completely agree with you about latex (as you probably know from reading either the forum or the site pages) however I also realize that each person doesn’t share the same preferences even if it is the longest lasting foam material.

IMO the biggest “risk” of an online purchase is that it is completely blind (in terms of knowing how well it will work for an individual) and without either a low cost option to either exchange layers or the whole mattress or receive a refund that includes or reduces shipping costs … a mistake can end up costing a lot just in shipping. It certainly makes more sense to me if there is a local outlet available that offers good quality, service, and value, and where a mattress can actually be tested before purchase, that the “risk” would be much less.

I also believe that the best value in mattresses are either factory direct (sold by the factory itself) or retail direct (where a local manufacturer sells through outlets in their area) and from what I can see you are in the second group which of course means that if I was buying a mattress in your area that I would certainly pay you a visit before I spent time in a chain store or other mass merchandising outlet. :slight_smile:

Are your mattresses made by Colton Mattress?