Review of the Seven Comforts latex pillow

This is a review for the Seven Comforts latex pillow from Amazon. I’ve already done a slightly different review on Amazon under ‘cinnamonsticks’.

I recently purchased a Seven Comforts mattress pad from Amazon and was really impressed with it. Since I recently made a shredded latex body pillow out of the pillows that came with our new mattress from Ultimate Dreams, I wanted a nice new latex pillow. It was the perfect time to try out the Seven Comforts pillow with 6 customizable baffles that caught my eye while researching my mattress pad.

I’m pretty picky with pillows since I have neck issues and have tried many types of pillows. Many have worked for a little bit but then, I have a flare up and my pain changes my needs in pillows. That’s where the very unique design of this pillow interested me. It’s very customizable and you can choose your fill and firmness by moving the latex ‘micro-rods’ from each of the different baffles.

Like the mattress pad, the pillow came in it’s own zippered Seven Comforts bag. It wasn’t as nice as the mattress pad bag, but it was nice it wasn’t wrapped in plastic that traps the latex smell in. There was hardly any latex smell to the pillow at all.

The cover of the pillow is a tightly woven unbleached cotton similar to down pillows that keep in feathers. This is my single disappointment with this pillow. I was hoping the fabric would be the same on the pillow as on the mattress pad. The pillow fabric, while very nice, is very crinkly and slightly loud when you move around on it.

There are 6 zippered customizable panels. Three in the pillow body itself and three the neckroll section. The pillow comes a bit overstuffed for customization between the baffled areas. There is a large zipper along the bottom of the pillow that contains a neck roll that slides out. The neck roll has a hidden zipper with three compartments for different personalized fills. Once the neck roll has been removed there is another zipper that has access to the three main compartments on the body of the pillow. So all the compartments are customizable to your personal needs.

The pillows profile is flatter and similar to a contour type pillow, which I like very much. My other shredded latex pillows were very poufy. The separate neck roll keeps the support under my neck and the pillow body allows my head to sink back into it for better alignment and less pain when I wake up.

You can find pillows very similar to this one for a lot more. I think this pillow is made by the same company since the label says that it’s manufactured by Cocomat(china) Ltd. So far, I’m very impressed with the quality of seams, invisible-tucked zippers, and it’s materials. I feel it’s a fantastic deal for the price and would recommend it if you are in need of a new pillow. :slight_smile:

Hi Coventry,

Wow … you write great reviews. Every time I read one of them I want to try what you are reviewing.

As a matter of fact I’ll be ordering the Seven Comforts topper in the next few days which I’ve been “longing” to try ever since I read your review about it as well. Actually it will be for a young but large 13 year old who is growing like a weed and needs some extra comfort on his mattress. Of course he won’t get it till we’ve had a chance to try it first!

Thanks again for writing such a detailed review … but if you keep doing this I may go broke wanting to buy everything you review :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix! I do tech support by trade and my husband thinks I’ve an unhealthy obsession with bedding items… so this all comes natural to me. LOL :smiley:

Please tell us what you think of the topper once you get it. I’d love to hear your opinions and observations too!