Review: Sleep Ez - iSleep EZ 7000

So my wife (5’ 3", 120 lb) and I (5’ 10", 150 lb), both primarily back sleepers, were looking for a new King mattress, and read a lot of info online and in this forum… we settled on latex as the best option for what we were after - firmness and durability. For whatever reason, we really like FIRM mattresses: no pillow tops, the firmer the better.

After trying out a few models (not too many around locally), we really liked the Savvy Rest Serenity in natural Dunlop Firm/Firm/Firm. We were able to take one layer out, and found that even more comfortable (this would be equivalent to their Tranquility 7" model, in Firm/Firm). We definitely could feel the difference between latex types as well; we had also tested some firm Talalay models, and found them noticeably too soft for our taste.

I called Flexus and Sleep ez with some questions to see if they could help me choose something similar, and the people I spoke with at both companies were great - answered all of my questions about going with 2 layers vs. 3 layers and the relative durability of different models, and pointed me to the model/firmness option that would be most similar to the Savvy Rest Tranquility, Firm/Firm.

I went with Sleep ez in the end, they had a good sale price, free latex pillows, and put the Mattress Underground discount on top of that. They recommended the iSleep EZ 7000, in natural dunlop (Firm/Firm). The ordering process was quick & easy, with plenty of communication, shipping info, etc.

I also ordered a St. Dormeir mattress protector. Since the new mattress is only 7" tall, I went with the 12" protector, which is only available from The Mattress & Sleep Co., in Canada. They were great on the phone, and shipped immediately. They charged in Canadian dollars and shipped free (Canada Post → USPS). Since the US dollar is a little stronger, the total cost was just slightly more than what the 16" version sells for online.

The bed took less than a week to get to us in Michigan, and was relatively easy to set up. it was a little tricky to get the full king size pieces of latex aligned - definitely a 2 person job! The split King configuration would have been easier to handle.

The St. Dormeir cover also arrived very quickly. It looks and feels very well made, the 12" version fits perfectly, and it doesn’t change the firmness of the mattress noticeably at all. I had read a few reviews on here that said it felt like sleeping on a towel, I do not agree - with a sheet over the mattress protector, neither my wife or I could detect the terrycloth nap. It feels almost exactly like having a sheet on the bare mattress.

I know some people say it takes them a week or two to adjust to sleeping on a new mattress - that was NOT the case here! Since the first night, my wife and I have both slept better than we have in a long, long time. I wake up much more refreshed, without the muscle/back soreness I’m used to, and am able to get fully awake in the AM a lot faster, which must mean my quality of sleep is a lot better. It is amazing! One unexpected thing is that I usually prefer thick/firm/overstuffed pillows, but since my body aligned much better on this new mattress, I needed to use a much softer pillow.

It’s been less than a week, but just wanted to post this review and say that we’re really happy with our new mattress so far. I’ll try to remember to post a follow-up in a few months.

Thanks to Phoenix for the great forum, and to Sleep EZ for a great new mattress!

Hi sonoflee,

Thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed and informative review. I appreciate it.

I think you made a great choice (with both the mattress and your protector) and it sounds like you have taken to your mattress like a “duck to water” :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress!