Saatva Classic mattress online

Anyone know if this is a good mattress?

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What’s “good” is pretty subjective since something that may be wonderful for you may be absolutely terrible for me. We have a general guideline to help you determine a durable mattress, but as for what’s comfortable…that’s going to depend entirely on you!

What is it you’re looking for in a mattress? Maybe we can help point you towards a few leads to follow up on.

I’m not sure how much research you’ve done, but you may also wish to check out our Mattress Shopping Tutorial for additional tips. And you may find something useful in these forum topics that mention the Saatva Classic.

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Not good…nearly crippled me

Wow! That’s an unfortunate experience. Did you end up having a lot of pain points using the Saatva?

Wow! What happened with your Saatva? We just got a king luxury firm, and it had body impressions of one inch after the second night. We aren’t heavy weights. So I called them and they’re sending the firm version, but I’m tempted to cancel and do a return because I’m afraid it happens again. I’m thinking about driving an hour and a half to try Shovlin. I called and talked to Dani at Shovlin, and she was nice, honest, and didn’t try to push a sale. I guess I have a mattress problem though, so don’t go by my experience alone. I had a badly fractured L1, which had to be fused to three other vertebra, and disc arthritis from the surgery, so I notice everything that most people wouldn’t. My husband, who doesn’t have any back problems, said the Saatva luxury firm is causing back pain for him too. I can’t do foam mattresses, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Previously we had a Stearns and Foster estate mattress that sagged/developed impressions in the first month. We suffered on that for 1.5 years and were denied a warranty claim, although the sag was an inch and a half.

Funny that saatva gets high marks everywhere on line, but i keep seeing complaints. Perhaps when something goes wrong more people want to shout it out. Although in their defense, body impressions are really normal for the first couple of months. There is a difference between sagging and body impressions that resolve themselves. But i looked very briefly at the Saatva in my initial search because i got caught up in all the hype. Then moved on because of the individual reviews. Although from a construction stand point, you wouldn’t think they would be troublesome. I ended up with a plank luxe after trying a ton of mattreses and am amazed at how good the mattress is. I would say hang in there a bit if the mattress is comfortable. If after a month it is horrible, then make the decision.

Thanks for your advice. I’m really considering doing the drive to Shovlin to try the classic mattresses, since I can’t sleep on anything that lets you sink in too much. I’m thinking if they’re recommended by Mattress Underground, the quality is worth it. Dani was was super nice and answered all my questions, including prices.

Well it certainly cant hurt to keep looking. Unfortunately, testing a few mattresses for 10 or 20 minutes may not yield and better considerations than anything else. But if you do find something that has potential, pair it up side by side on your computer screen. Compare layer by layer, densities, thickness, materials, where they are sourced from, coil gauge and so on. If you were shopping for hamburgers, you would normally want the one that is 100% all beef and less than 10 or 15% fat. So we know fundamentally which is better quality. Same here. Higher density foam = more durable, latex = longer lasting, edge to edge coils = better support for heavier sleepers ect. If you know the basic fundamentals you will have a better idea which to choose.

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I had a Saatva luxury firm for almost a year= back pain. They sent me a soft and that = crippling me!!! Back pain/hip pain. I slept on a camping cot & it was better. I then splurged & got a tempurpedic pro adapt medium = back pain. I am now on a tempurpedic pro adapt firm = back & hip pain. Put a Serta topper on it less back/hip pain but still not happy. Do NOT know what to do!! Still paying on tempurpedic & it’s terrible

Hi K2166.

Have you ruled out anything medical/physical related to the back and hip pain?

How do you feel when laying on your back verse your stomach/side? Do you experience any shoulder or neck pain?


I have a very bad degenerative disc disease. Herniated discs. Hip tendynosis. I had surgery on my back many years ago. No shoulder pain. I sleep on my sides & would like to sleep on my back but can’t in this bed.

I’m sorry about your back pain. I have it too, and figured out that I can’t sleep on anything that lets me sink in. I wonder if you need an old fashioned springy, flippable mattress to keep your spine in better alignment. Does it feel good if you lay flat on a carpeted floor?

I’m sorry you have back pain. Mine has over taken my life….hope that’s not the case for you. Funny you bring up a good ole Flippable mattress. I have been kicking myself since 2021 for giving mine away. I didn’t realize you can’t find them & what a nightmare finding a mattress has become. What foam have you tried? Have you tried a latex? No I can’t lay on the floor.

I haven’t tried latex, only because I worry it might be too squishy. When I started my most recent search for old fashioned mattresses, I found some manufacturers who still make flippable, some with latex. It depends where you live, but there are a lot of great suggestions on the Mattress Underground list of retailers. You could also look at Beloit Mattress (they have flippable), and there are also some Amish mattress makers. I’m going to Shovlin Mattress this weekend and will be sure to test all of their mattresses, but will be focused on their classic innerspring. Dani at Shovlin said some places cut the latex foam, so it’s thinner, which weakens it. They don’t do that and also have a latex hybrid. They don’t sell online, but that’s probably a good thing, because I haven’t had any luck with online mattresses. Their delivery charge is kind of high, but I’m an hour and a half from them, so I’m thinking it’s worth it for a mattress that doesn’t contribute to my back pain. I hope you find one that works, because nothing wrecks your day like losing sleep and waking up with more pain than when you went to bed.

Although I have an “online” mattress, it was a big success for us. It wasnt about price for us, it was about finding something that met our firmness preference, company reputation and expectations of longevity. I am sure Shovlin will find you a combination that will work for you. I really like the look of their Organic Collection Blend mattress and their Traditional Classic Plus and TriZone. For you, I am thinking that Organic Blend or one that you wont sink into. The TP, Saatva and S&F all allow you to sink into the mattress. I am not so worried about a body impression as most mattresses with a lot of foam in the comfort layer will get them. It is what happens after the body impression is there and whether it bounces back or you have to keep rotating and flip (if flippable) until the entire mattress evens out. Good luck on your journey to Shovlin, try the Organic Blend (even if it is out of the budget) as it is always good to try something you would not ordinarily get to experience.

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I have the saatva classic 11.5" high softer version and am pretty happy with it. i’m 5’11, 183 lbs, mix of side and back sleeper. I’ve only had it about 4 months, but so far so good.

That is awesome, hopefully you will continue to have success with it!

We tried every type of mattress at Shovlin, and ordered the Classic Tri Zone pillowtop flippable and box spring in king. I don’t think we’ve ever found a sturdier, well made mattress. Dani, who I talked to on the phone a week or so ago was there. She’s excellent! She gave us detailed info about all the different mattresses and a brochure that lists all the densities of foams and coil size. We tried the natural horse hair mattress and loved it, and although the price is good for how much work goes into it, I need the firmest support. If anyone is within driving distance I would highly recommend them! Thanks so much for having this forum and educating all of us on the benefits of shopping with people who truly care. Dani gave us the exact date they’ll deliver our mattress, which is 9/27, so I’ll update after a few nights’ sleeping on it. The shipping to PA was so reasonable we sprung for a new set of sheets.

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That is great for you, the tri zone is one of a few choices i thought you would like! Congratulations hope it works out well for you!

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Thanks! My husband said “your back needs this mattress”. He was falling asleep on it. Honestly I could cry for all the lack of quality sleep we’ve been getting. I’m so thankful for this website and your help!

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