:stuck_out_tongue: Hi Everyone, I am sooo happy to have found this site. I have been trying to research mattresses but because I am dyslexic it takes me forever to read through all the information. I have spent the time to read through the posts and am every encouraged, I am hoping Phoenix or other members of the forum can give me some advice. I battle fibromyalgia. I am an all night side sleeper. Is it possible to purchase a mattress with the least amount of sagging. I bought a Kingsdown mattress about 4 years ago. If I could toss it out the window I would. It was touted as a very high end mattress and highly recommended for people with fibromyalgia. Needless to say the sagging is horrendous. So bad that that the sagging is more than 1.5. I feel ke I am falling off the bed when I am near the edge. It does have 25 year replacement warranty but I am not sure I want to deal with all that because first of all you can only get the mattress replaced once and from what I have read the next one probably won’t be any better because of the pillow top. I can’t deal with the stress of waiting for the mattress to sag! I will just take the loss and hopefully go on o a full night’s sleep. I will greatly appreciate any and all advice. Kudos to all of you for all of you help. Bunny

Hi dbunny1,

Hopefully you’ve read the tutorial post which has links to the most important information and posts you will need so you can keep your reading to the parts that are most important.

The sagging you are talking about usually comes from using low quality/density materials in the comfort layers of the mattress. This is why it’s so important to make sure you know the quality of the materials in any mattress you buy and only deal with manufacturers or retailers that will tell you. The type of material or the style of mattress you prefer is a preference but all materials have lower and higher quality versions so it’s important to make sure that your mattress doesn’t have any obvious weak links.

It’s not so much the pillowtop but the quality/density of the materials inside it that can be an issue.

With fibromyalgia your mattress choice can have a big effect on how you feel and it’s especially important to make sure you do some good testing to make sure that your mattress is a good match for you in terms of PPP. A forum search on fibromyalgia (you can just click this) will also bring up some feedback from other forum members with the same challenges that may also be helpful.