Sam's Club Serta Roma Premium Memory Foam Mattress

Has anyone tried the new Sam’s Club Serta Roma Premium Memory Foam Mattress? It seems that they might carry the Queen size in the club. I’m trying to get an idea as to the firmness level as I’m looking for something near the icomfort revolution in terms of softness. This seems to be part of the Select by Trump line of Serta memory foam mattresses but I cannot find any information on the Serta website.

Perhaps you could to go a chain with the Trump line and try those out? I’d imagine they’d be similar. I wanted to buy a Sealy Posturepedic from Costco (available online, but not in stores) and when I went to try Posturepedics at a local chain, I realized that none of them were for me.

Hi buylow,

This mattress really can’t be compared to any of the iComforts because it is made completely differently and uses very cheap foam. The iComforts are not good value either but they are much higher quality than this and this mattress appears to be one of the lowest quality mattresses I have ever seen in the Serta line. Trying to match something like this to any of the iComfort line is really comparing apples to oranges. This is one of those cases where I would certainly want to confirm exactly what the density of the foams in the mattress are before I considered buying it but if the shipping weight on the Sams Club page is correct … then this mattress is likely using 3.0 lb memory foam over 1.5 lb base foam or something in that range which is very low quality both for the memory foam and the base foam. This would also be nothing like any of the rest of the Trump line that you usually see in stores.

This is the type of cheap mattress you might buy for a guest room that was only used occasionally or where you had absolutely no expectations for quality or durability attached to your purchase.


I’ve been on the search for a new bed now for a few weeks. Actually have a new Healthy Back Elegance in my room now that I hate; and isn’t the bed I ordered, but that is a different saga. I spent some time looking at the other memory foam options at the Healthy Back store today. Got some info on their newer “Embrace” line that I’ll probably find a better place to post. Anyway I wanted to chime in on the Serta Trump Select / Roma / Pietra beds they are selling at Sam’s Club. They have them on display and we stopped by and laid on them for a few minutes on the way home from THB. They are reasonably comfortable. No idea how they’d hold up, but I did want to say that the shipping weights on Amazon for these beds differ greatly than Sam’s Club. Having picked up the mattress at Sam’s I would say Sam’s has it wrong. For $498 for a queen Pietra I’m seriously considering it. I’m coming from a 14 year old Tempurpedic that we loved but is just worn out and doesn’t support us anymore. Any chance you care to guess at the material densities based of the shipping weights listed on Amazon? Just search Serta Roma and then Serta Pietra. I do worry about the warranty seeing as how there is no mention of these beds on Serta’s site, but at <$500 I’m happy if it lasts 5 years.

Very nice site you have hear Phoenix. I’ve been reading for days. Quite the public service! Thank you!

Hmmmm. was just looking at a picture of the marketing tag on the Pietra from Sam’s and noted the layer thinknesses (1/2/9) don’t match with the Amazon site (2.5/2.5/7). Just wait until the crazy discrepancies I pull out about the Embrace bed I am interested in get posted! It is hard enough to get good information. Finding these contradictions drive me crazy!

Hmmm. So I’m now realizing that I search “Serta Roma” and “Serta Pietra” on Amazon and get only 1 hit each for a Serta 12 inch and 10 inch Gel Foam mattress, but no where does it actually say “Pietra” or “Roma”. I might go digging some more.

Hi BigWind,

I’ll take a look but it’s not really worthwhile because it’s just a guess anyway and I would tend to follow the guidelines here and just avoid them (or any mattress where you can’t find out the quality of the materials) unless you are able to find out the specifics of the memory foam density. At that price and coming from Serta it’s much safer to assume it’s low quality anyway.

Like you I just searched on Amazon and nothing came up except the two mattresses you mentioned. One of them (10") only has 1.5" of memory foam over 1.5" of convoluted polyfoam over the base layer and is listed for $685.68 queen and the other one (12") has 2.5" of memory foam over 2.5" of conbvoluted polyfoam over the support core and is listed for $917.22 queen. I wouldn’t consider either of them.

Sometimes the exercise of calculating or guessing the density of layers based on shipping weight can make a point but I wouldn’t consider a cheap Serta memory foam mattress anyway unless I could confirm that the memory foam was 4 lbs or better. there are just too many better options available.

Don’t forget that you can’t “feel” the density in a showroom … it only shows up when it softens and breaks down much too soon down the road. It would be surprising if it lasted even close to 5 years for most people and for some that were “on the edge” of their range in terms of comfort and support they may not even make it through the initial foam softening over the first 90 days or so before foam softening took them over the line and the mattress was no longer suitable for them.


Thanks Phoenix. I stayed away based on your advice here. I ended up exchanging the Healthy Back Elegance. We hated it because my wife had serious back sway. She kept falling over (we’re side sleepers). The bed we had ordered was actually a cheaper one, the Essence I think. We decided to try the Healthy Back memory foam, the Embrace I think. All these names are crazy. I can’t keep them straight. Anyway, after a few months on it we went for the refund. I was having serious upper-back pain in it. I have to say that The Healthy Back store was nothing but “nice” to work with. Not incredibly knowledgeable, but never a bit of hassle about the exchanges and then return. We paid the $129 or whatever restocking fee but they never said a thing about the free pillow or bed frame that were supposed to be billed at full price (in the fine print for any “free with purchase” items). that being said, its about a month and that mattress is still laying against the wall in my room. They haven’t contacted us for pickup. I’m about to charge them storage. If they never come get it I’ll find a use for it.

We’re back to our 14 YO Tempur Pedic Classic. I did love that bed, but it is very worn out. I considered the Tempur Pedic Contour Select as a similar replacement, but the price is pretty staggering. I think we are going to call Sleep EZ tomorrow and give their latex beds a try.

Thanks for keeping this site going. The information here is enlightening!

Hi BigWind,

They are certainly a good option for those who like the feel and performance of latex and as you know they can be customized both before and after a purchase and you can have a split layering which can accommodate couples with different needs and preferences.