Sealy Elation

I am looking for my first new mattress in what seems like a million years. After doing as much reading as I thought was appropriate (but after finding this site I realize is no where near what I need to know) I went out searching and laid down on the Elation. It was beyond a doubt the most comfortable mattress I have ever been on. After coming here, I see that there may be options other then this $3,000+ purchase. I tried to contact My Luxury Mattress (I am in the Raleigh NC area) however I have doubts now if I would blindly fork over $1500+ to a company that does not have a showroom closer then 3 hours away, has not answered 2 emails, I called one day during the stated business hours to be told to call the next day after 9am, then when I call the next day I am told that no sales people are in and to call again the next day after 9:30am.
My questions are in no particular order are: is there a mattress that is comparable to the Elation in a local shop and can anyone offer any glowing reviews for My Luxury Mattress and/or their top of the line gel foam mattress or any other direction that I may want to try to take?

Hi teedlepeep,

You have probably read this but my comments and analysis of the Sealy Optimum line is in post #48 here. The Elation is the top of the line in both the thickness of memory foam and in price and I personally would be very wary about choosing a mattress that contained 7" of memory foam which I believe would be a more risky choice for both alignment and the effects of foam softening over te long term.

Some of the better choices for mattresses in the Raleigh NC area are listed in post #6 here.

If you were willing to travel a little further … then post #2 here includes some great options including one of the members of this site (Rocky Mountain Mattress) which makes some very high quality/value memory foam mattresses.

I don’t know what is happening with MyLuxuryMattress. They have been prompt to answer the phone when I have called in the past but it certainly seems that this hasn’t been the case in the last few days at least.

There would be mattresses that were similar or better in quality (you could tell this by knowing thelayering and density of the foams in each mattress bearing in mind that Sealy doesn’t disclose the density of the foams they use) and better in value but because of the complexities and variables involved in matching the feel and performance of one mattress to another … only you could determine if one mattress feels the same as another in side by side testing. There is more in post #2 here about matching one mattress to another. Because the Sealy Optimum is fairly new and because it is not the largest selling memory foam mattress … it’s unlikely that a manufacturer would manufacture a mattress that was specifically designed to match it’s feel even though there are many that would likely be better quality and value and that may feel even better to you.

A forum search will bring up some comments and feedback about Rocky Mountain Mattress (and they are also a recommended member of the site which means that I consider the to be among the best in the country in terms of quality, value, and service) but I don’t know of any on My Luxury Mattress. Hopefully someone that has purchased from them will see this and add their comments.