Hi Phoenix,

On this website, I feel like you have provided me enough knowledge for a Bachelor’s Degree in Mattress Technology, enough, I thought, for me to spot a good value. But I think you are wrong about Select Foam. If you will allow, I will relate my experience in buying from them.

–Matt Byrd, owner of Select Foam, convinced me to buy their most expensive mattress/foundation (the “Grandis-HD”), with 8 lb and 5.3 lb memory foam and a cashmere cover.

–Shipping date was extended 6 times, took 4 weeks for delivery.

–They got my street address and State wrong on the order.

–Sheets, mattress protector, etc, were wrong size (sent Eastern King instead of Cal King) and unusable. They said they would expedite correct size. Never did. Never sent the Gel pillow we ordered.

–When mattress shipped it was shipped by a different manufacturer who shipped "the same mattress that Select Foam always orders from us, the “Grandeur” (not “Grandis”), with “4 inches of 4 lb and two inches of 5 lb (and no 8 lb) memory foam and a ‘standard knit cover’ (no cashmere).” I weigh 220 pounds so 4 lb memory foam would degrade quickly under my weight (as Phoenix has said many times).

–So, I paid $3,400 to Select Foam for a mattress/foundation similar to one Select Foam sells for $2,100, and their cost is in the $900 range for the product.

–When I found out they shipped a mattress weighing 86 lbs (that should have weighed more than twice that), I asked Matt Byrd and his partner Chris Nelson, separately, to check if I was getting the right product. They did not check, merely made assurances to me that I was getting the right products. Their approach ensured that I took delivery before I could discover the true materials in the mattress. Select Foam later claimed that the manufacturer changed the specs on the mattress without informing them. The manufacturer (not Select Foam) has been in business since 1931, has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, a 150,00 sq.ft. facility on 40 acres and one of the owners provided the specs on the bed they shipped to me, so I trusted his information, as he had no reason to be inaccurate.

–I no longer trust Select Foam, so will only communicate with them in writing. They wrote that it was all a big mistake, said in writing that they would pick up the products from my home and credit my VISA account, which were the only offers I was open to at that point.

–I had to dispute the charge with VISA. It’s been over 3 weeks since they said they would credit my VISA and pick up the bed. They’ve done neither. They recently asked my bank for two more weeks to pick up the bed. They say they won’t credit my VISA until they pick up the bed. The only reason I can think of for that, would be if they were going to contend that I damaged the bed. I did not. It is not damaged. I had to sleep on it because they took away my old bed (I ordered their white glove delivery).

–On the surface they sound like nice guys, sound sincere, sound like they want the best for their customers. They are actually very good at sounding good and looking good on their website. But after having misrepresented the product and almost every aspect of the transaction, including not crediting my VISA for the full amount as they promised, I have lost all trust in them.

–I now understand their ‘D’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I would give them an ‘F.’

Phoenix, you say that to be recommended by The Mattress Underground for a Commercial Membership, a merchant needs to have 3 qualities: “knowledge, value and service.” They may have knowledge (though when I asked what is the density of the polyurethane core of the “Grandis-HD,” the answer was a question mark, “2.2 lbs?.” The bed they shipped me has a 1.8 lb core according to the manufacturer. As to “value” and “service,” I say, “really? that’s not my experience with Select Foam.”

I can’t wait to read Select Foam’s response to this post. I expect it will sound plausible and customer oriented, as it has with other’s complaints of them on this site. I am truly sorry for any hardships or problems that occured in Florida as the result of Hurricane Sandy, which took place 5 days after I received this mattress.

Hi 25red33me8,

Just to let you know I’ve talked with Matt about your post and the situation in general (as I have on many other occasions). There is also some background that may be different than you believe (although this is not to in any way meant to diminish your sad or completely unsatisfactory experience).

Regardless of any of that though … or any of the background that has led to this … I would also be upset if I was in your shoes and in the end Select Foam is responsible for what you received (or didn’t) regardless of any reasons behind it. I believe that Matt will be reaching out to you directly and I would encourage you to talk with him on the phone although if you only wish to communicate through emails he certainly understands this as well and of course will respect your wishes.

There is no doubt in my mind that your situation will be resolved in your favor and hopefully you will have the chance to let us know the final outcome once the whole situation has been dealt with to your satisfaction.

I thought I’d post this because he is currently traveling (I talked with him on his cell phone while he was driving) and he may not have the chance to either call you or email you or respond to this post till later.


Phoenix and Members of the Mattress Underground:

I am one of the owners of Select Foam. I want to offer a public apology for this, while simultaneously explaining the manufacturing processes for our beds and what we are doing to improve our company to avoid this from happening again. It should be mentioned that 98% of our customers never experience any problems with their orders, and are satisfied, but in my book that is not good enough…

We ordered this customer a certain product-- and he received something entirely different because of the manufacturer (the company that produced that one model for Select Foam-[everything else is produced in-house]) changing the specs. At the end of the day, the buck stops here and we screwed up this customer’s order in an epic way. We did not knowingly commit any

This customer was credited in full and has been offered a free adjustable bed set for his troubles. This is a new situation that we’ve never had to deal with, and we are trying our best to deal with it accordingly.

Grandis-HD: Currently Not Shipping, the Grandis-HD was the only bed that we outsourced production on, because the company that we originally saw produce it did such a great job. Without our knowledge, that same manufacturer cheapened up the product, and the above user was the one to notify us.
There will be a new and improved Select Foam Grandis-HD shortly, when we are ready to bring that in house.

All other mattresses at are unique designs of our own, produced in a facility that uses only the specific foams and covers we direct them to use.

As per this customer’s mis-trust of our company, I can’t say that I blame him. It was that one-in-a-thousand type of situation, and I truly am embarrassed to have it occur on my watch. That being said, we have credited said customer and are trying our absolute best to remedy the situation. There will be more evidence provided on this subject in the weeks to come.

While usually not done in a public fashion, every long-standing company on the planet undergoes problems that ultimately to reflect inward and change to become a better organization. This customer has forced our company to do so, and here are the results:

  1. Bringing the production of all products in house to avoid this issue happening again
  2. Bringing accessories/add-ons/bed bundles in house to ensure that mistakes are not made. In the past these were shipped from seperate facilities to avoid carrying costs.
  3. Dedicated customer service staff. In the past all sales people were also trained in customer service; because these jobs are distinct, we believe that having different individuals responsible for both will ultimately provide a better customer experience. We are currently hiring for this position.
  4. Freight companies must have online tracking abilities and a merchant system whereby we can enter everything electronically instead of manually.

This company is more than just a way for a few individuals to make money: rather, it is the only outlet we have for our creativity, only direct way we have of improving people’s lives by providing better sleep, and ultimately a reflection of ourselves. This customer was wronged and we take full responsibility. We hope that one day we can reach an amicable place with this customer, one in which he was left in a better place than before he came across us.

Thank you. We wish you all the best this Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Hi again,

It has been 2 months since my first post about this big mistake I made in buying from

Select Foam’s response to my post said: “this customer was wronged and we take full responsibility.” Let me tell you what they mean by that:

  1. Since they sent me the wrong bed (they sent me a bed that cost them $900 and I paid $3,400 for a bed with different specifications), they agreed to pay to pack-up and pick-up and ship this 170 lb. bed back to them. They took 7 weeks to accomplish this. For a company in the business of shipping mattresses all over the country, don’t you think 7 weeks is excessive? This is a 15" foam mattress, not the type you can roll up and put in a box, so I was stuck with this inferior product that I could not replace because I had no room until they removed it.

  2. To save Select Foam money, they arranged to have one company pack-up the mattress one day and another company pick it up another day (not too convenient for me). But it did ensure that I would not be home when Fed Ex Freight picked up the mattress. It turns out that Fed Ex would have asked me to pay the freight charges at the pick-up time, had I been home (which I did not know and would not have done). Matt Byrd, Select Foam owner, arranged for me to leave it outside and for Fed Ex to pick up the mattress at a time that I told him I would not be home. Matt had arranged for Fed Ex to make an exception to their policy of having someone “sign for the pick-up,” which was supposed to be for my convenience.

  3. Mr. Byrd sent me an email with shipping labels that said “pre-paid” and asked me to put them on the packed up product. My understanding of “pre-paid” was that he had already paid the freight charges. He cleverly filled out the shipping documents, listing my name, “Brickell Mattress” (one of his companies) and my address as the “shipper.” That seemed reasonable, after all they were picking it up from my house and it did have his company name there. Three days after the mattress shipped back to Select Foam, I got an invoice from Fed Ex, saying that the shipping documents are legal documents that list me as responsible for payment of close to $700.00 Mr. Byrd claimed that he did not know that I would be billed for the shipment, but that is difficult for me to believe, since (3 weeks later) he still has not provided Fed Ex with the minimum they asked for in order for Select Foam to take responsibility. All Fed Ex wants from him is a FAX or email, with his company Billing Address and a statement that Select Foam/Brickell Mattress takes responsibility for the freight charge. Of course he has done everything but provide them a Billing Address, so Fed Ex is still holding me responsible and will, no doubt, wreck my excellent credit if the freight bill is not paid. I now know why Mr. Byrd ignored many of my email requests to provide me with a contact name and phone number at the freight company. Had I had that information, I would have called that contact to verify that Select Foam was being billed.

  4. Select Foam refused to take away the foundations for the mattress and left me to deal with them. Since I had already ordered a new bed with a different type of foundation, these Select Foam foundations are just taking up a lot of space in my garage.

  5. Select Foam did not credit my credit card account until 4 weeks after they discovered their “mistake” in shipping me the wrong, inferior product. They waited to credit my account until just before the deadline my credit card company gave Select Foam regarding my dispute on the charge.

You need to be prepared to devote a lot of time toward making sure you get what you ordered from Select Foam and that you don’t get charged for things that are not your responsibility (like unauthorized freight bills). I now have a 2" thick file of correspondence regarding my purchase, my attempts at getting my money back, my credit card dispute of Select Foam charges, no less than 15 emails I’ve sent in the last several weeks regarding my attempts to get Select Foam to “take full responsibility” for the freight bill they arranged and agreed to pay for.Because I have lost all trust in Select Foam, I made sure that the company who packed up the mattress signed a statement that says that it was in excellent condition, with no rips, stains or odors, when they packed it up to shiop back to Select Foam.

In his favor, Matt Byrd did offer me a pair of adjustable beds for our trouble. My wife and I had already decided, for several reasons, that we did not want adjustable beds. I suggested that he write me a check for the amount that represents his costs for those beds, instead. He also wrote me that he wanted to “leave you (me) with a few thousand dollars in your (my) pocket” to compensate for the problems they caused me. No such compensation has come my way. I’m just hoping to not have to pay Fed Ex Freight for a transaction that I did not arrange, did not approve, did not sign for, had nothing to do with except to make the mistake of trusting Matt Byrd when he asked me to apply those “pre-paid” shipping labels to the return shipment.

Mr. Byrd is a good talker and, as this forum shows, a good writer, but his actions toward me have not matched his promises.

Oh, the good news is that my wife and I love our new 100% natural Tallalay Latex, V-Zone mattress and Euro-slat foundation we bought from We have slept on it for one month and have it dialed in for our different weights and sizes. has been a pleasure to do business with, with no problems whatever with the transaction, the product or their service.

Hi 25red33me8,

I have pinned your post for a few days so that it will remain visible and called Matt and left a (somewhat frustrated) message to ask him to respond to it directly.

There are two separate issues here … one of which (the mattress you received) was not in his direct control and is a very unusual and unfortunate situation (which Matt talked about in his last reply). The other is the issues connected to returning the mattress which is a completely different matter.

I will let Matt reply directly to your comments … and I thank you for the feedback.

On a more positive note … I’m glad that you are sleeping on a new latex mattress that is “dialed in”. It certainly is a good quality choice.


So glad you finally have a nice mattress without the hassel!

While I don’t view myself as a good talker that over promises, I will make this admission: We’ve put our hands in way to many pies (multiple new product lines), while lacking the foresight of anticipating all of the customer service demands that come with that territory. This was a huge mistake, as is now evident. Structurally, there was a huge fault with our company in terms of having dedicated individuals to handle any problems that may arise with an order. Ultimately, very few proportinally were affected, but that doesn’t belay the fact that a few individuals had horrible experiences.

We continue to take steps to fix our system:

  1. Hiring a dedicated customer service person, as opposed to allowing sales people to handle the customer’s interaction at all points.
  2. Removing possible points of problems

All we have at the end of the day as a company asset is the goodwill that we’ve built up-- or squandered- over the years, and that is not something i take lightly. Saying this is one thing. I believe the lack of complaints and transparency in customer experience will display this over the coming weeks, months, and years.

Again, I reiterate that very few of our customers have actually had issues, but the one’s who have have been heard, and we’ve taken the steps to fix those.


I’d like to point out that this has been resolved.

Just to clarify a finer point, while I’m ashamed that our company let a customer down in this fashion, I’d like to make note of the fact that Fedex was never supposed to charge this customer. Because a special process had to be followed to pick up a freight item without somebody present (per the customer’s request), somewhere along the line fedex decided to do generic “bill to shipper” charge and that’s why the adressee was targeted.

The original quote, with our fedex account, was for $182. To ensure that discount was made to this freight bill, multiple parties at Fedex had to be involved. This is the main reason for the delay

In full disclosure, I was on holiday while many of these emails were going back and forth, and it admittedly took longer than anticipated.

As previously mentioned, this further highlighted to us the need for a dedicated operations person, whose job it is to handle all customer issues like these. That addition to our team has occurred. Though I must stress that very few customers ever have an issue with our company, it is of no consolation to those that have had an issue.

To that end we have analyzed our company from many angles, and with the help of outside experts and the addition of new people, have taken actions that a. we hope will eliminate any problems customers may have in the future, and b. ensures that if any customer issue does arise, they will have a dedicated person (salaried, not commissioned) to address that issue.

Though without malice, I openly acknowledge our system was flawed. When issues out of the norm arose, there was no clear, dependable apparatus, process, or person that was there to fix it right away. And because one or two overstretched individuals were left to address the issue, in 5 or 6 instances things that should have taken days to fix have taken weeks. That is unacceptable, and the only solace we can take away from that, is the clarity that comes with knowing you need to make a change that will ultimately lead to a better company.

In light of this we have made it a goal for 2013 to beat the competition not only by products, but by our level of customer service.

(attached is further confirmation that this issue has been handled)


Being a former business owner, I can appreciate your struggles in growth. Some things really do turn out to be a perfect storm of an incredible cluster you-know-what, with the best intentions gone to hell in a hand basket.

As a measure of just what issues like this cost you, I will tell you that at the beginning of last week I was ready to order your Conform Signature in a King Size. After reading the issues that people were having on here, and not being able to get a straight answer from Chris regarding shipping to Canada, I decided to go in a different direction.

Please do not misconstrue by posting this as adding fuel to the fire, my intentions are to make you aware of a potential customers view of your company, and in the spirit of to share my experiences with your company.

I would like to know if the grandis manufacturing issue has been resolved and is back on the market?

The Grandis-HD is no longer available.

select foam is no longer making mattresses; warranties being honored through manufacturer listed on tag.


I was surprised to read that a “resolution reached; customer has been made whole.” I am not sure what that means. I do know that I wish that I had the approximately 60 hours of (what should have been) my leisure time back. Sixty hours represents my guesstimate of my efforts via numerous (40?) emails to Select Foam, phones calls and faxes to my bank and credit card company, correspondence with Federal Express, all in an effort over a 3-month period to get my money returned and to get the mattress shipped back to Select Foam, without my having to pay for it.

If, by “customer has been made whole” is meant that I have received a full refund and Select Foam has taken responsibility for the freight bill, yes that part is true. I can only wonder how long, if ever, it would have taken if I had not been vigilant about it.

That I requested not to be present when the mattress was picked up at my house was to avoid having to be there twice, which could have been avoided had Select Foam chosen one company to both packup and pickup the mattress, which would have been much more convenient for me, but my convenience did not seem to be a factor in their thinking.

Just to be clear, there has been no other form of compensation from Select Foam for my significant lost time and trouble. How much is 60 hours of your leisure time worth to you?

I think the key issues here back to post #4 etc is the empty promise to compensate AND the lack of complete follow through once Mr Byrd promised to take care of the issue. It’s pretty simple: Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Since he inserted himself into the process he should darn well have kept up on the issue or delegated to a trusted party.

If this is truly a unique and rare occurrence then personally babysitting the process should not be difficult.

No dog in this fight, just ading my $.02 for the OP in a gesture of tanks for helping steer me to a different vendor.

After my great experience with SelectFoam I was urged by Chris to share my experience with this company on this forum.

Selectfoam offers a fantastic product and deal. I ordered a Reverie Deluxe bed and Cirrus Luxe mattress. Chris was able to help me save on shipping by switching to a Leggett and Platt S-cape as Leggett and Platt apparently has facilities in Canada. With the Cirrus Luxe, I did look at Tempurpedic as we did buy one of their mattresses ten years ago and were looking to upgrade but it seemed to me that they have not moved forward in anything but price attitude since then, which is why I went hunting for an alternative and evidently lucked OUT!

I certainly will recommend SelectFoam’s product for two reasons, people know me as a savvy shopper and get me to find things for them online all the time…and Selecfoam just made me MORE of a savvy shopper, and to tell you the truth, their service SHINES compared to others.

I tried calling Tempur pedic three times and emailing them twice for information before giving it up and going hunting elsewhere because all I received from them was a form email telling me where I could go LOOK at their product and no returned calls at ALL…and to my mind you can only rest on your laurels for so long while assuming you will keep your market share so I will keep your company in mind!!! I have already book marked SelectFoam.

Thanks Chris, you rock!!

Star L Campbell

Shhh it was supposed to be a secret unsolicited testimonial.

A good company does not have to ask for positive feedback.

Boy am I glad to have stumbled across this post (although I wish it had been before I bought the mattress!) as I am in the process of setting up a return with Selectfoam. I hope that they’ve worked out the issues with the process … sorry to hear that the OP had to deal with that!

Hi cainan,

As unfortunate as it may be … It’s time for me to step in and add some balance and context to your posts criticizing Select Foam both in your other thread and this one. This site is about balanced and factual information and fair criticism is certainly part of that but it is not meant to be a “review site” or worse yet a venue for venting or a personal vendetta that doesn’t include “the rest of the story” (or includes distorted or incomplete information that seeks to justify some of your own choices and actions which haven’t even been mentioned in your posts). Like any business … consumers also bear responsibility for the series of choices they make in any transaction and their own mistakes. Unfortunately in the era of online sites where anyone can post anything regardless of its complete accuracy or with an agenda of promoting or self justifying their own choices … these types of posts that seek to blame others or “gather an army” to support some of the choices we make and actions we take that may also not be as “pure” or innocent as we would have others believe can do harm to real people that have actually gone out of their way to help you even if they (or their supply chain) make mistakes along the way.

Both this thread and your own are examples of issues that are much more complex than they appear to be on the surface and create a distorted picture of all the events that actually happened but because of the tendency in today’s online environment for others to believe or focus on more of the negative than the positive or to believe a story that may not be completely accurate … it’s also difficult for a manufacturer or retailer to come and defend themselves because no matter what they say it is often seen as simply “excuses” even if what they may say is truthful.

I hope that Matt decides to take the risk of adding a more balanced context to the incomplete story you have presented and fills in some of the gaps which would help others to understand that your own actions, decisions, and agenda have not been so “innocent” as well.

Just as an example of how innuendo or allegation can work … why are you using a different username to post in this thread from the username you used in your other thread and posts. Is this because you want to create the impression that many people have the same thoughts and complaints as you do? Do you see how it works?

I know this is blunt but you have crossed over a line of what I would call either fair or balanced and put some good people that were trying to help you in a position that even defending themselves truthfully with any legitimate hope of success would be difficult. I hope at some point you have the willingness to scrutinize some of your own actions and decisions and put them under the same microscope that you are applying to others and I wonder how you would react if the same type of "partly true but misleading story was being painted about you.


TD-Max I couldn’t agree with you more. A good company doesn’t need to ask for positive feedback. I’ve also had nothing but trouble with SelectFoam after I wanted to return my mattress.

  • I knew within 7 days that I was going to return my mattress, but per SelectFoam’s policy I was forced to keep it for 30 days. The mattress wasn’t right for me, and I knew it immediately. My wife refused to sleep on it, and decided that she was going to sleep on the couch. After my 30 days I called to return the mattress, and was told that I needed to box the mattress.

The mattress came vacuum sealed in a small box. I asked why it couldn’t be bagged and was told that FedEx will not pick it up “unboxed”. Have any of you tried to locate a queen size mattress box? Let me tell you it virtually impossible in my rural area. I was forced to purchase a box that cost me $80 with shipping so I could package and return the mattress.

After boxing the mattress I placed yet another call to SelectFoam to schedule pickup with FedEx. We setup the pickup for Monday morning, and was assured that they would pickup between 12-4. Well me and my wife work for a living…but someone needed to be home for FedEx. After my wife agreed to stay home from work…guess what nobody showed up. I again placed another call to Select Foam, and was told it wasn’t their problem (just like everything else). Completely feed up I called FedEx myself and setup pickup. I was also suppose to have a shipping label sent to me…didn’t happen…called again…finally received the label…shipped the mattress…took forever to receive my money back. Today I finally received an e-mail about my credit, but only after 4 more calls.

My point is simple - SelectFoam reminds me of my nine year old daughter when I ask her to clean her room. She will eventually clean it, but I have to constantly ride her ass, and checkup on her to make sure it gets done right.

Way too much work, hassle, and stress for a mattress. I have better things to do. Buyer Beware!!!

Hi Mootz,

So let me get this straight and deal with the bottom line facts and timeline of your experience.

On Sept 5th you hadn’t purchased a mattress yet (based on your earlier post here).

Assuming that you ordered that same day then you would have received the mattress within about 10 business days which would be around 2 weeks later which would be around Sept 20th.

Within a week … and long before you had a chance to adjust to a new mattress or allow the mattress to break in … you are already starting to complain to them about a policy that you now claim “forces” you to keep the mattress for 30 days which is a policy you already were aware of (or should have been) which is clearly stated on their website. This policy has a good reason so that people don’t return a mattress before they have had a chance to adjust to a new sleeping surface and for the mattress to break in.

Fast forward to a month later and now you are complaining that you need to buy a box so that you can ship the mattress back in compliance with the requirements of the shipping company. Do you really believe it’s reasonable to expect a company to buy a box for you when they are already allowing you to return the mattress without even having to pay a return shipping charge?

Next you complain that FedEx not showing up is somehow the responsibility of someone other than FedEx?

Fast forward to today and I called Select Foam to find out when they received your mattress and it was apparently on Nov 11th. They were “well familiar” with you and your phone calls and situation and had already read your post here. This means that they would normally have given you a refund within 10 business days which would be on Nov 25th (no matter how many times you called in the meantime).

So you have already received your refund within the normal time frame even though it appears you insisted on trying to speed it up with multiple phone calls and more complaints and you are now complaining that you had to “wait forever” and “ride their a*” to get it when they did exactly what they were supposed to do.

In the end … you purchased a mattress that was great quality and value that both you and Select Foam hoped would work for you. When it didn’t … you had the option to return it at no cost or return shipping fees (outside of the box) and yet not only are you complaining … but you are looking to find as many reasons as possible to be negative about them to somehow make your complaint sound reasonable … and then you even end your “so called” review with “buyer beware”. I guess the idea is if you throw enough mud against the wall some of it will stick.

This is a perfect example of the type of consumer (and every business encounters them from time to time) that doesn’t appear to know how to be reasonable and blames everyone else at the slightest provocation and looks for anything they can to complain about no matter what a business does to provide them with good quality, value, and service and live up to their commitments.

I sure wouldn’t want to be the one doing business with you when it seems you are more interested in complaining than giving credit where credit is due or even congratulating yourself on your foresight in buying a mattress that was so easy to return if you didn’t like it.

Two and a half months after your purchase you have had the chance to try a mattress that didn’t work out … incurred no cost (except the minor purchase of a shipping box) to return it … and are ready to buy a new one that will hopefully work out better … and you are so upset that they wouldn’t pay for the box that you feel that this kind of vindictiveness and critical approach is justified?

I don’t think so!

Reasonable criticism or complaints in the context of reasonable expectations are always welcome here and can help others (and Select Foam is certainly not perfect and like any business has room to improve) but your post (and a few others that are posted here from time to time) cross the line and take on the tone of a “spoiled 9 year old child” that is having a temper tantrum for no legitimate reason … and are not helpful to anyone except perhaps to gratify your need to complain because something didn’t work out the way everyone hoped when you made your purchase.



I respectfully disagree with your response to my post, and I wanted to share my experiences with others. Why have an open forum if your not allowed to express your opinions? I’m not the only customer that has had issues with this company. I didn’t see you calling them out. I didn’t realize that expecting good customer service was a bad thing, and I do feel I have a legitimate reason. Who knows maybe Amazon has spoiled me???

SelectFoam did send me a text message after I posted this yesterday, but like I mentioned in my previous post I was suppose to receive the message on Monday the 18th. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with me. Especially since my credit card still hasn’t received credit as of this morning. Everything is a day late, and a dollar short.

I wasn’t trying to get them to credit me for a box. I simply think customers should know that they will need a box if they do indeed ship back their mattress. I wish I would have known this as well as a few other things before I placed my order.