I think you’re wrong. All I read is you complaining about not doing your own due diligence. Their return policy is theirs to determine, and quite frankly more liberal than most. You’re complaining because you didn’t understand that to proceed with a return would take work on your part and you might need to comply with a policy which came a part of a contract you entered. You wrote ‘buyer beware’… I’d recommend you look in a mirror and remind yourself of this.

You might argue their return policy should be different, but that’s a business decision they’ve made and openly disclose.

Note. I have no association with anyone in the mattress or bedding industry. I’m just a random guy that is lucky, because when I need to deal with customers like you in my industry, I smile and give the phone numbers of our least favorite competition :slight_smile:

I’m not refuting the policy in any way. Just saying that they need to be a bit more descriptive(about other cost) on the policy. I read it, and I fully understand it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, but that’s life. It’s their policy.

My complaining has more to do with what I consider “customer service”. When they tell me there’re going to do something, it doesn’t get done in a timely enough in my book. I’ll admit it I’m high maintenance, but it’s my hard earned money, and I want it back.

I guess I’m not as trusting as some.

Hi Mootz,

[quote]I respectfully disagree with your response to my post, and I wanted to share my experiences with others. Why have an open forum if your not allowed to express your opinions? I’m not the only customer that has had issues with this company. I didn’t see you calling them out. I didn’t realize that expecting good customer service was a bad thing, and I do feel I have a legitimate reason. Who knows maybe Amazon has spoiled me???

SelectFoam did send me a text message after I posted this yesterday, but like I mentioned in my previous post I was suppose to receive the message on Monday the 18th. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with me. Especially since my credit card still hasn’t received credit as of this morning. Everything is a day late, and a dollar short.

I wasn’t trying to get them to credit me for a box. I simply think customers should know that they will need a box if they do indeed ship back their mattress. I wish I would have known this as well as a few other things before I placed my order.

I’m not refuting the policy in any way. Just saying that they need to be a bit more descriptive(about other cost) on the policy. I read it, and I fully understand it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, but that’s life. It’s their policy.[/quote]

This forum is open in that any member can post whatever they want (within reason and the rules of the forum) but it’s primary function is to educate consumers not to just be a “free exchange of information” where anything goes. There is a big difference between opinions and factual information and between “reasonable” complaints and unreasonable complaints. Your post is a good example of a purchase where someone didn’t do their homework before a purchase and includes many examples of what “not to do” when you are buying a mattress or dealing with a good company.

All the things you are mentioning are part of good research and are what need to be considered before a purchase and not after it. The goal of the forum is to replace hindsight and buyers remorse with foresight and to encourage good research and provide accurate information. this includes responding to posts that are unreasonable (which is also part of an “open” forum that is dedicated to consumer education). If a specific policy of a manufacturer doesn’t match the criteria that are most important to you then this would be part of your personal value equation and it’s an easy matter not to include them as one of your finalists. The time to look at most of the things you are mentioning is before a purchase so you aren’t “surprised” and don’t have any reasons to complain after it.

Again … if their normal timeframe isn’t what you consider to be “timely” then the time to find this out is before a purchase not after it. This is all part of having reasonable expectations and is part of good research. As you already know their refunds are normally processed within 10 business days (the same time frame as their deliveries). If this was an important consideration to you then it’s something that needs to be asked before a purchase. It’s just not reasonable to expect a company to change their entire “normal” method of operation with a more “demanding” customer and calling them repeatedly isn’t going to do anything except make both them and you more frustrated.

I think dn’s advice to “look in a mirror” is appropriate here.


The only negative comment in all this that I’ll agree with is that no company should be in the habit of attempting to solicit good feedback. I think that’s tacky.

Otherwise, I’m in agreement with dn and Phoenix.

Consider this, and consider yourself fortunate - I bought an all Dunlop mattress with no return policy at all, so convinced was I that it was perfect for me. Not until more than a month after purchase did I realize I’d been wrong, and it’s far from perfect for my particular needs.

That being said, it’s not the store’s fault - it’s my fault. I knew there was no return policy, and I’m now dealing with the consequences of that, trying to tweak my imperfect choice, and having that (or those) tweaks cost me money I can’t afford.

So you spent some time and a little effort, $80 for a box, and in return you get a do-over? I wish . . .

Hi Clawdia,

I’m not so sure that they were “soliciting” a review. If I was a business and I was talking to someone on the phone that loved the product they purchased and the service I provided I would also say something like “it would be great if you could post a review”. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Where I have an issue with this is where it provides a benefit to the customer (a bribed review) or there is some other agenda to the review (such as denigrating another company) rather than just being a request from a business to post an honest review which I would consider to be a “normal” business practice.



How would you suggest I research reasonable expectations? Should I call up select foam, and ask them if they deliberately ignore their customers? Or hey do you guys respond to email? What do you think a salesman is going to say? I did my research, and looked at the reviews. I just had a bad experience I guess???

You keep mentioning refunds in 10 days. Today is day 11 - still no refund, but I’ve been told it’s on the way. Again I won’t believe it until my credit card says it’s there.

They did solicit a review. I’m not sure why they would want a review from a customer returning a mattress wondering about a refund, but they did.

Hi Mootz,

By making sure you know their policies and comparing them to your expectations. In many cases it can also involve looking in a mirror. As most people know … reasonable can’t be exactly defined but most people have a good sense of what would normally be considered reasonable or balanced just by the amount of negative minutiae, speculation, or assumptions that are included in “reviews” or descriptions where it’s clear they are looking for anything negative that could possibly be included or speculated about without including any of the other parts of their purchase experience that would give anyone any credit for their product or service.

What is missing or the “tone” of a review can often be just as important a clue to someone’s intent as what they write. Another sign of unreasonable comments is when people start complaining and not taking responsibility for the parts of their choices that were part of good research and had nothing to do with poor service (like waiting for 30 days which you “frame” as “being forced”). These types of “reviews” have a “negative momentum” and are usually missing detail and specifics that are easy to identify for those with a more neutral and factual approach. They are meant to influence more than inform and are usually more "emotional " than factual. You will find them all over the internet written by people that are clearly more interested in posting something that causes harm to a company’s reputation than they are in factually describing their experience.

if you go back and read my reply it says 10 business days which is November 25th. I believe they have already processed the refund and how long it takes to show up on your card will vary. Again this is the kind of comment that doesn’t pay attention to the details. In this case a “reasonable expectation” would be a refund that was processed on or before Nov 25th.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to just report what happens instead of speculating in the negative which has it’s own “tone”. If it turns out that they didn’t process your refund within 10 business days then you would have a legitimate criticism.

Because a review about a refund that was handled well can shine a positive light on a company … as long as it is fair and reasonable and gives credit where credit is due. If nothing else it indicates that they are looking for “honest” feedback rather than only “positive” feedback.


I’m new to this forum but have been referring to it, and other areas of mattress underground for the better part of a year while researching mattresses. I finally after much research, a lot of misinformation, mixed to poor reviews and/or BBB ratings, thought I had settled on select foam es cirrus supreme or luxe as an ideal alternative to tempurpedics’ equivalent products until reading this thread. It concerns me, that nowhere on select foams’ multiple sites, does it say anything about having to buy the box to ship it back in if you decide to return the mattress, which is apparently expensive and difficult to find.( It says 100% risk free 90 day trial. If after 30 days, I decide I don’t like it (too firm, too soft etc.), then I have to wait an additional 5 days for sufficient notice to coordinate shipping plus 10 business days for refund (closer probably to 2 weeks) if there are no problems.

This seems to be a big if, as all the complaints I’ve read, both here, and in addition to BBB site, seem to be mainly regarding this issue ie. returns. I have yet to read one post here either raving about the product (after the trial period) or about the quality of the return process if the mattress was returned. In addition, after several people explained their issues ie the original poster, it’s difficult to say following some of the cryptic comments here by other people, including Phoenix, if this is an impartial forum. And then on top of it all, the people with seemingly valid complaints are getting slammed by not only the moderator or administrator of this forum (Phoenix) but others as well. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to select foam, but difficult to do in light of these facts. Phoenix you seem generally informative, helpful, and diplomatic, until the last several posts you made in this thread. It makes me shudder to think of what would happen if I order one of these products, and then decide to return. Why can’t select enclose and approved die cut folded box for returns, and if customer keeps matress, and returns box, get a deposit back? Why does the return process seem to be so difficult for so many people? How can the return process be improved? Why hasn’t it been already?

I would appreciate some feedback from admin on this, as I really thought selects’ products was the solution for my long search for a tempurpedic like feel with a much lower price. I am exhausted from all my mattress research, and now feel confused as to which route to go. I now understand why many people just pay the extra bucks and go with tempurpedic, which can physically be looked at and tested in person, as opposed to purchasing online, and hoping for the best. I’m sure there are many other people out there asking themselves some of the very same questions I am.


Hi stelex,

As one you note slammed the original poster, the reason is pretty simple. Presumably you’re an adult, able to make adult level decisions. As such, one would hope you can appreciate that a business does not owe you anything. Select Foam may, or may not be interested in changing their return policy. If you don’t like it, buy something else. I ‘slam’ many people who can’t deal with the consequences of their decisions and/or feel entitled to something that isn’t there.

You have a choice in who to give your money to- use it.

You know the Select Foam product, read the reviews, and appear to have a pretty good handle on the pros and cons. If you don’t like what you see, move on. Asking why a company isn’t tailored to your own personal desires, and at the cheapest price, is largely irrelevant - they don’t owe you that. If you think you can do better, start you own company… Or phone select foam and negotiate a special deal for yourself. Their obligation begins and ends with whatever contractual terms they enter into with you, and not your version of what would be convenient for you (or even the entire market).

Either way, all I read is unhelpful belly-aching from someone chasing the lowest price about a policy (which is arguably fairly generous) that they don’t like, and feeling entitled to have something different.

If you like the tempurpedic value proposition - buy one. Tempurpedic has invested heavily in being able to let their potential customers try the mattresses. But complaining about a company, with whom you are not a customer of, is not helpful for you or for people who might fit well as their customers.

For reference, I’m not employed by or benefit in any way in the mattress industry, and not affiliated with Select Foam. I do, however, need to deal on occasion with customers who think they are entitled to something more than we agreed to and we quickly get rid of customers like that (or reset their expectations).

Hi stelex,

I’m not quite sure what you are asking me to comment on (any “biases” I may have?) but in my experience some consumers can be their own worst enemy and are “difficult” for any business to deal with at best. There are even many businesses that will “subtly encourage” some customers to shop elsewhere because it’s often not that difficult to spot a customer who is unlikely to be satisfied no matter what a business does to help them or how far they go above and beyond in their service. Every business I know has some examples of these types of customers that have turned into “horror stories”. At worst they can become completely reactive and complain about issues that they themselves are responsible for, are an overreaction to legitimate mistakes, are the result of a lack of research before a purchase, or are just the result of unreasonable expectations that are impossible to meet. Some examples include choosing a mattress that in spite of the “best efforts” of everyone involved turns out not to be suitable match for them and then blaming a retailer or manufacturer that did their best to help, making comments about “poor quality” because a mattress isn’t “comfortable” when comfort and quality are completely different issues, or complaining about any costs involved in a return when they are fully disclosed … and these are just a few examples.

When I see complaints about some of the members here I usually take the time to find out the details about the background story and there is often much more involved than what is being posted or disclosed on the forum and it’s not unusual that a post only includes the part of the story that makes a consumer appear much more “innocent” or harmed" than all the facts would otherwise show, where they are simply venting about a business for following their stated policy, or they “need” some kind of emotional gratification or the “support” of other people so that they can “justify” their decisions and appear “blameless” in what they are saying because they aren’t happy with a choice that they themselves were responsible for. There will always be plenty of people who are “predisposed” to agree with and support any negative or unreasonable comments about a business for reasons of their own regardless of whether they know the background of the story.

My goal is always to make sure there is some accuracy and balance in the comments here and that they are reasonable and “fair” based on a larger perspective of the industry as a whole. Many aren’t and there are many consumers that have very little understanding of the realities of business, that “go off” at the slightest provocation, or that have a sense of entitlement that isn’t realistic. This is just a reality of being in business or of running a forum. My goal is also to use the posts here along with my own and other member’s replies as part of the educational process so that others can benefit from them as well.

In the case of Select Foam specifically, they are certainly far from perfect and there have been legitimate complaints on the forum about delays or other issues that they could certainly have prevented or need to improve and in some cases I have been as frustrated to see them as the members here that posted about them and have said so on the forum and to them directly. While nobody wants to see these … it also doesn’t take away from what they do well. For me … it’s always about accuracy, balance, fairness, and reasonable commentary, as far as these things can be defined or known. I am as “biased” towards good manufacturers, and good retailers as I am towards consumers that don’t know how to navigate the industry and make a good quality and value mattress purchase.

As far as providing a box … that just doesn’t seem realistic to me and would only add to the cost of a mattress purchase where the large majority had to pay for something that they didn’t need. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and I don’t know why this would be an expectation of Select Foam when I don’t know of any other manufacturer that sells a finished mattress that does this. If this is something that is important to you it would probably exclude every online manufacturer I know of from consideration.

Many if not most return policies don’t pay for return shipping, many don’t refund the original shipping component of the mattress purchase, and many include restocking fees or other costs that make the cost of returning a mattress completely impractical or prohibitive. Even with local purchases there are usually costs involved in a mattress exchange (hidden or otherwise) and it’s uncommon that a mattress can even be returned for a refund at all. Knowing the terms of a purchase and the return policies involved is part of the research that each person is responsible for doing before their purchase so they can replace hindsight with foresight if the “worst case” actually happens and they want to return a mattress (for those companies where this is possible at all). In the case of Select Foam their return policy is unusually generous.

Each manufacturer is always free to choose policies that they believe will best grow their business or put their products in a more competitive price range (everything is included in a purchase price in one way or another) and they will either flourish or struggle as a direct result of the choices they make.

If you have done your research and homework and for some reason you believed that purchasing a Tempurpedic was the “best” choice for you based on the parts of your personal value equation that were most important to you … then no matter what other similar or better quality mattresses were available to you at much lower prices either online or locally (where you can also test a mattress in person) … then that would be an “informed choice” based on research and making good comparisons with the alternatives that are available rather than the “marketing” stories that are so common in the industry and that mislead so many consumers.

The bottom line is that each of us needs to decide what we consider to be the “best value” for us based on all the parts of a mattress purchase that are important (not just the mattress itself) and on any “risk” that we believe may be involved and if for any reason a manufacturer or retailer doesn’t offer something that is important to us or if for any reason I wasn’t comfortable dealing with a particular manufacturer or retailer then I would make a purchase elsewhere.

If all of this is what someone considers to be “biased” … then by that definition I would certainly be biased and I’m happy to let each person make that kind of judgement for themselves :slight_smile:


Wow, Dn, that’s a pretty abrasive reply to someone who is new to the modern memory foam market and this forum. I came on here seeking information, and clarification on a company that seems to sell a good product for good value, but has certain issues re. customer service, returns etc. I commented on what I see as an obstacle to making an informed decision, which I am trying to do, and am unresolved as to which product to buy. I am doing my due diligence. You’ make a lot of assumptions and put words in my mouth. I am not complaining about a company I haven’t yet done business with, I am trying to find out more info about a company I haven’t yet done business with. I don’t need to start a mattress co. to find out the additional info I still feel I need to make that decision. (By the way I own my own co. in the building trade)

I don’t know the select foam product as you state, I’ve never seen it and can’t physically examine it, I’ve just found out about and am trying to find out more about it. Yes, I now know some of the pros and cons. I’m not belly aching about anything. Just stating what I’ve discovered. I’m aware that I have the choice to spend my money where I want and will use it. I don’t need your sarcastic permission to do so. No one has still addressed the fact that the return policy about buying a box to ship a returned product back shipping free is not mentioned anywhere on the web site. It should be. Just because I bring it up doesn’t mean I’m belly aching. It just seems deceptive. I don’t like the tempurpedic value proposition - that’s why I’m looking at select foam.

You may not be in the industry, but it sure sounds like not only are you, but that you’re also affiliated with select foam somehow. Otherwise, why would you attack a complete stranger that’s only seeking adequate info to make an expensive purchase sight unseen online, esp. since you keep complaining about people not doing their homework. It would seem to me that you would have better things to with your time than browse forums like this one, either that or you simply have no life. Otherwise, it seems like you sure have a big axe to grind for no apparent reason. I never once referred to you, or your posts in my post, and find it odd that you replied first, and almost immediately, when in fact I requested Phoenix to comment.

One thing’s for sure - if select foam responded to their customer’s complaints as quickly as you belligerently responded to my post, I wouldn’t be reading about them here and elsewhere.

Phoenix, I appreciate your lengthy reply, and your helpful demeanor, but was trying to glean any additional info re. select foam reviews on the cirrus supreme/luxe and the returns issues. I didn’t come on here to have to defend myself while trying to seek additional info to make an informed purchase. If you, or Dn have any helpful info along those lines, I would appreciate it. I already know that I need to do adequate research to make an informed decision, and that once having done so it’s up to me to make the risk assessment of whether or not to make the purchase. I’m not trying to get anything for nothing, just trying to get a decent product, that if for any reason under their terms is returned, I don’t have to go through the nightmare that apparently some people seem to have gone through. I was simply expressing the difficulty of what mattress to choose out loud, and asking for any useful additional info anyone else out there may have that would help me to make this decision, esp. from people who either own either of these, or have purchased them and have tried to return them. Hopefully, this may be helpful to other people trying to make the same purchase decision.

Hi stelex,

I’m more than happy to provide what I know, which is only a fraction of what Phoenix knows. Perhaps my response came off strong, and so I apologize. If you’re looking for buying advice, I’d start with the mattress shopping tutorial - which has a link in the top right. There are great suggestions about how to find the best mattress that is most suitable for yourself and also some tips for how to look at a wide range of retailers, including online retailers. It also include some information on how to evaluate the quality of the components within a mattress so you can ascertain the likely durability of the mattress.

There are several retail members of this site which offer memory foam, and each has a different value equation which may more or less closely match what you’re seeking. Many also advertise tempurpedic ‘clone’ mattresses.

In addition to the retail members, there are no shortages of tempurpedic clone mattresses from excellent companies that aren’t members, in all variety of prices. Given that there is such a large volume of memory foam / tempurpedic ‘clones’, and that you posted on an old thread about select foam only, I’d felt you had simply been upset about select foam and less interested in learning how to find the right mattress / value equation for yourself. In any event, that I misunderstood your intent, I apologize.

If you want to know about select foam, or their policy, I’d recommend you call them… They would be the experts on their product and policies, and provide the most accurate information. And if so inclined, ask any other vendors you’re thinking of doing business with the same questions as part of your due diligence. Asking anyone here about select foam’s policies won’t provide an ‘official’ answer, if that’s what you’re seeking.

I don’t find it so deceptive that if you need to return a product that it has to be in the same or similar condition you received it in… That’d be pretty common practice where I live with most goods. That said, I do know some of the retail companies will (try) to arrange a pickup for a mattress you don’t like without requiring as much packing, which might be something important in your personal value equation :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding you correctly, and to paraphrase, you are saying “I’m considering buying a Select Foam mattress, but I’m concerned about difficulties returning the mattress if I don’t like it. Does anyone here have experience returning a Select Foam mattress - was it easy or hard?”

Hi stelex,

I think that part of the reason for the “tone” of the replies you received may have been …

Where your post was commenting and asking about much more than just this …

FWIW … if the facts showed that there was any kind of a pattern or even an instance where Select Foam (or any of the members here) didn’t provide a refund that a customer was entitled to then I would need to seriously re-consider their membership here. I don’t know of a legitimate instance where this has happened.

There was also much more to the circumstances behind the original topic of this thread that isn’t apparent from the posts here. This is also true of some of the subsequent posters who “jumped on the bandwagon” of a negative thread and an unfortunate set of circumstances to post what I continue to believe are some unjustified comments (and where there is also more to the story behind them as well).

I’m not sure you would be able to find an online manufacturer who offers a “risk free” trial who also supplies a box for return shipping and I continue to believe that this is an unrealistic expectation and that the member who posted about this is “playing the victim” and trying to assign “blame” where it doesn’t exist under the cover of a topic where it becomes easier to be predisposed to think that their comments are justified.


Hi dn, thanx for the reply. Apology accepted. Just to get one thing straight - I have never posted on any mattress forum before on this or any other site - “and that you posted on an old thread about select foam only”. That was someone else, so I wasn’t upset about anything prior to your response. I only discovered select foam a few days ago, and as far as mattresses go I’m sleeping in the dark ages on my current one, and finally decided to go with a new memory foam mattress after about a year of researching latex, memory foam, hybrids etc. That being said, select foams’ cirrus supreme or luxe seem to me the answer to my search as I have on many occasions been able to examine and try out in person tempurpedic’s equivalent models, and already know what they feel like.

Unfortunately, I can’t try out in person select’s versions, so I only have reviews and forums like this one to go on. I build and remodel custom houses for a living, and there are many examples of my work throughout different towns and cities in CA and other states. Anyone using my services knows exactly what they are getting and can see (and touch, and inspect and walk through) what they will be getting before a contract even exists. So there is never any question about the product they will receive, and I don’t receive final payment until they are completely satisfied which they always are. In fact, 90% of my work is from the same repeat clients, through word of mouth. That seems to me like what the purpose of forums like this should be - word of mouth. Since I already know what I want as far temp. supreme feels like, if the equivalent models of select foams mattresses feel close to identical as is claimed, and they are far less expensive, then I would buy one tomorrow if I could get confirmation of this from people who actually own one of these. In the event that they did not feel as expected, (within reason), then I rightly, and as advertised would want to return it for free.

My only qualm, as stated in my original post, was that on the web site it says 100% risk free trial, free shipping, and free return shipping, but does not mention anywhere that it needs to be boxed at your expense. Select should just correct this simple omission and put it on their website so there are no misunderstandings, as has been the case. You stated “I don’t find it so deceptive that if you need to return a product that it has to be in the same or similar condition you received it in… That’d be pretty common practice where I live with most goods.” I never mentioned the condition of a returned item at all. Obviously if you return something it should be in the same new condition. As I can’t try out the bed before hand without purchasing it on line, I want to make damn sure that if it doesn’t feel like the tempurpedic model that it is reverse engineered from, I would be able to return it relatively easily. I don’t want to have to return it, I would prefer to keep the bed and be satisfied with it. The paying for the package on return shipping still bugs me. I’m a straight up guy in all my business dealings, and I don’t mince words, so there are never misunderstandings with my clients. I would expect the same of anyone else I do business with, especially when you purchase a product online without being able to see it first. If it’s clear up front, then I don’t have a problem with it. I only found out about this aspect of the return policy by reading the threads on this site, and not because it was explained on the web sites return policy.

So yes, to summarize as you partially paraphrased my 1st post, I’m not only interested, but very seriously would like to purchase either the cirrus supreme or luxe, and would :

  1. like to know if either felt like their tempurpedic counterparts to a close degree
  2. if not, were you able to return and get your money back without major hassle as described by other posters in this and other threads.

If there are other threads on this forum, or reviews on a different website that I’m unaware of that can address these items, I’m all ears
As yet, I still haven’t come across people’s comments on any threads either stating that they love the bed and it feels just like its tempurpedic version, or that they didn’t like it, and were satisfactorily able to return it without headaches. This was my original purpose for posting. If I can satisfactorily get these concerns addressed, than I would be happy to purchase a select foam, mattress. Otherwise I will continue my search. Have a good weekend.

Hi stelex,

A forum search on Select Foam Cirrus Supreme or on Select Foam Cirrus Luxe (you can just click these) will bring up all the posts in the forum (20 to a page) that mention either one and while many of them are questions or comments that don’t include actual experiences, there are also some that include feedback from the members who have purchased them.


Hi Stelex-

We purchased and received the Cirrus Luxe almost two weeks ago, and I have a couple of updates (posts #22 and #24 in the thread below) in the below thread with my thoughts on the mattress. Another member also has posted a couple reviews of the mattress. The main observation I found, which I haven’t seen in the several reviews I’ve looked at on this forum, is that the Select Foam memory foam behaves much differently than Tempurpedic. It conforms/springs back almost immediately, whereas Tempurpedic takes longer to conform/spring back after you move. This may be a positive or negative depending on your preferences.

The mattress still hasn’t softened for me to know if it will match the amount of sink or conformity the Temprupedic models have, but I see how it could have potential.

One thing to realize is that Select Foam has recently been having delays with shipping their mattresses out, which seems to be due to increased demand. It took a couple of other members almost a month before their mattresses shipped, and it took us a little over two weeks after ordering before ours shipped. I have no experience with the return process other than I can see how you would have to buy a box to ship it back, since it arrives very tightly rolled up in plastic for size efficiency. I don’t think anyone would be able to roll it up and get it down to the size to fit in the original box without help of a machine.

These are my thoughts exactly … Based on my limited experience (Brooklyn Bedding Customer) most companies who sell via an internet based website do provide a box, the one the mattress was originally shipped in. Good luck getting the thing back in there, I think to satisfy the 100% free return policy they would have to provide their customers with a free box truck.

Hi stelex,

My recommendation is to start a new thread with this as the starting point. There are several other retail members, and good but not member retailers, who sell Tempurpedic clones. You certainly aren’t limited to only tempurpedic or select foam. You might want to also ask what other companies people have had good success with.

With memory foam, each company that makes it uses proprietary formulas and processes. It’s not generic or all the same. While many memory foams are similar, they aren’t identical. Therefore, any clone you get will be different. The followup to this then becomes:

  • can you perceive the differences,
  • if you can, are they unpleasant to you? Or are they different but still excellent.

With respect to asking others, the risk to point out is their experiences don’t translate well to what you will feel or perceive with respect to either point. I know you’re trying to do it to do due diligence, but there’s really nothing anyone will say which will address what you will perceive. I’ve read some posters who have bought tempurpedic clones say the differences are undetectable, some say they can feel the differences and they are neutral to them, some say they can feel a difference and they prefer the clone feel, and some people say they can feel a difference and they don’t like it. Basically, answers are all over the spectrum of possibilities.

When buying memory foam… The lower end of the quality / durable memory foam material starts at 4 pcf (pounds per cubic foot), with 5+ being excellent material. Less than 4 should generally be avoided.

Good luck

Thanks Phoenix, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve done numerous google searches and had come across different thread posts,from different sites, but wasn’t a member of this site until yesterday so couldn’t search within this site to find these links. Lot of work researching new mattresses!

Thanks bluebug. Very helpful. Conforming/springing back almost immediately would be positive to me, as that’s the one thing I don’t like about some memory foams, as when you move, you tend to roll back into the depression that was left. More concerned if the actual firmness or softness matches between tempurpedic models and their select foam counterparts. I’m assuming you tried the tempurpedic cloud luxe before purchasing? Was the feel comparable? Shipping and returns seems to be the only issue, which if the product is good, doesn’t seem to be as big of a concern to me. Be interested to hear any update on your experience.