warranty confusion

Hello, first time poster here. I’m very interested in the Select Foam Conform Signature 12" bed, but I’m quite confused about their warranty (as there seems to be a few discrepancies on their website).

On the product page ( it very clearly says: “This Conform Signature™ 12” mattress comes with a Lifetime Warranty. While incredibly rare, in the event that you experience difficulties with your mattress, we will stand behind it. Any indentation in the foam greater than ¾" and we’ll replace the mattress at our cost." (emphasis mine)

However, when you click on the “Satisfaction Guarantee” link at the bottom of the page (, the page title says “Select Foam 20 Year Warranty” and the content says: “ guarantees that your Memory Foam or Latex Foam mattresses will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects during the first ten (10) years of warranty, excluding the specific limitations contained herein.” (emphasis mine)

So is the warranty 10 years, 20 years, or lifetime?

Also, whereas the product page states that they will replace the mattress at their cost for any indentations greater than 3/4 of an inch, the warranty page says that they will do the same only for indentations at 1 inch or greater.

I actually spoke with Chris from Select Foam about the first of these issues earlier today on the phone, and he said they would fix it soon.

Still, it makes me a bit uncomfortable not knowing exactly what warranty Select Foam offers. Is it 10 years, 20 years, or lifetime? 3/4 inch or 1 inch?


Hi rarerules,

I agree that the site is somewhat confusing and while they are still going through their site page by page to remove old or inaccurate information … there is still too much “old” information on there which causes confusion.

I talked with Matt (the co-owner) and here is the history behind the different versions of their warranty and why it shows several versions (which weren’t changed).

Their first warranty was 20 years with 10 years full 100% coverage and the remaining 10 years covered at 50% of the cost of the replacement. The exclusion was 1" which was a generic exclusion.

The next version of their warranty raised the time frame from 20 years to 25 years as a response to some other manufacturers that were also providing a 25 year warranty. The exclusion was also lowered to .75". Unfortunately they didn’t change all the pages that had some of the old information so their warranty page still included the 1" exclusion which was now obsolete and still referred to 20 years in the header and didn’t specifically mention the 25 years. The first 10 years were still for the full value and the remaining 15 years were at 50% (not pro-rated or getting less for each year of use which is the most common practice in the industry).

The current version changed the 25 years to a lifetime warranty which has the same 10 year full warranty coverage at 100% and then 50% lifetime. They also arrange to have the mattress picked up and returned to them (they pay for shipping which is also very unusual for a warranty) and they will also ship out the replacement at no cost. The reasoning for this is that there isn’t much difference between 25 years and a lifetime and that in most cases people will want to replace their mattress before a warranty ends anyway because it no longer provides the comfort and support they want (which is not a warranty issue) or for aesthetic reasons. This almost always happens long before there is a deep enough impression to trigger warranty coverage. Unfortunately this new information was placed on the individual descriptions on the site and the main warranty page wasn’t changed so now it was two versions old.

So the current warranty is the best of the three which is a lifetime warranty … 10 years at 100% replacement value and the remainder at 50% and with free shipping both ways as long as you provide photographic evidence for the warranty claim.

I hope this resolves the conflicting information which I agree is both confusing and can easily lead to doubts about which one is accurate and valid.

They also told me that they would correct the old information quickly (they outsourced the changes on their site which can sometimes also cause problems if the webmaster doesn’t completely understand the mattress industry or the importance of certain types of information) because having inaccurate information certainly doesn’t do them any favors and only creates a unfavorable impression even though the warranty has actually been improved.


Great thanks Phoenix. I found another problem with their website. On the homepage, the third rotating banner header says “Additional 20% off Conform Signature” and a button with the text “Tell me more”. But when you click that button, it doesn’t take you anywhere. Do you know if this advertisement is correct? In other words, can I get an additional 20% discount beyond the price posted on their website? Or is this just a mistake?

I really want to believe Select Foam has a good product (based on your strong recommendation of the company), but I have warning signs going off in my head based on my personal experience so far (warranty page out of date, bad links on the website, bad BBB rating, etc).

So, a few questions:

  1. Do you know why this company isn’t reviewed on other mattress websites? Is there a good reason that you’re the only one recommending them?
  2. Do you personally have experience with their mattresses? If not, on what basis do you make your recommendation? (solely on the materials in their mattresses and your interaction with their sales staff?)
  3. If we are looking to get a mattress equivalent in feel and quality to the Tempurpedic Contour Signature but at a lower cost, is the Select Foam Conform Signature the best option? Or should we also look elsewhere? (We live in the DC area, FYI)

Again, thanks for the work you put into this website. Its a great resource.

EDIT: I re-read my post and realized it sounds a bit negative/critical of Select Foam. I certainly don’t intend for that to be the case! I have no reason to believe Select Foam is a “good” or “bad” company, other than the advice found on this website. But, buying a mattress is a big decision, and I’m trying my best to be an educated consumer before I make such a big purchase. So I view Select Foam with a healthy amount of skepticism (just as I do Tempurpedic, for that matter). If I end up buying from Select Foam, I’d be happy to update this post with my experiences, good or bad. Hopefully good! :slight_smile:

Hi rarerules,

No I don’t know (you would need to call them and ask).

I really have no idea no. I don’t pay a lot of attention to most review sites (see post #13 here) because most mattress reviews have very little relevance to me (they are written for the most part by consumers who have little idea of the quality of the mattress they purchased and contain little meaningful information about their mattress).

No … it would be difficult for me to have direct personal experience with the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of mattresses that are mentioned on this site and this would be meaningless anyway because a mattress that “feels good” or performs well for me or anyone else may be completely unsuitable for anyone else (my own mattress for example would be too soft for most people and would probably give most people back pains). I only speak to “how to choose” and the quality and value of mattresses and the knowledge and transparency of the manufacturer or retailer. Choosing a suitable mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences) can only be done by each person themselves because each person can be very different in terms of their specific needs and preferences. You can’t “feel” the quality of the materials in a mattress and even the lowest quality materials can feel great in a showroom and for a short period of time after that … they just don’t stay that way for as long. You can read more about how I choose the members here in this article.

I can’t choose the “best” option for anyone else … I can only provide the guidelines so they can know how to decide on the best “value” for themselves based on the parts of their “personal value equation” that are most important for them. Part of this of course is the quality/durability of the materials, part is the suitability of the mattress, part is the options and services provided by the retailer or manufacturer before, during, and after a sale, and part of it is all the intangibles that may be important to each person.

There are many ways that one mattress may “match” another one and you can read a little more about this and Select Foams approach to “matching” in post #2 here.

They are also unusual because if for some reason you are an exception and you don’t feel the same way as most other people do who compare them to the tempurpedics in their showroom … then they have an unusually good return policy which pays for shipping both ways which reduces the risk of making a “mistake” with an online purchase.