Serta Pure Response Latex Collection?

My existing Spring Air eurotop coil mattress suffers from severe body impression/hump issues causing me to wake up every morning with back pain. I’ve only had it for about 3 years, thus feeling severely cheated. This is a problem I don’t care to deal with again, and feel latex is the way to go.

One of my local mattress stores, caries a Serta 100% Talalay Latex mattress line called “Pure Response”.
I was pleasantly surprised to find 100% latex mattresses made by one of the “name brand” manufactures that I could actually go and try out. Prior to finding this line, I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a SleepEZ 13000.

Does anyone have reliability/quality information on this mattress line? Guessing the names vary by region, hence the reason I can’t find any information. The mattress names/descriptions are as follows:

Serta Latex Supreme (Firm)
-8 inch Talalay Latex core
-3 inch Talalay layer
-Firm Talalay side rails for edge support
-Topped with layer of Serta’s Cool Nature Latex

Serta Latex Ultimate (Soft)
-8 inch Talalay Latex core
-4 inch Talalay layer
-Firm Talalay side rails for edge support
-Topped with layer of Serta’s Cool Nature Latex

Any information/opinions on these beds would be highly appreciated.


Hi hookalot,

The Serta Pure Response you are mentioning are good quality mattresses but the specs you are mentioning aren’t quite right. The bottom core has 6" of Talalay and 2" of firm polyfoam on the bottom.

These are among Serta’s better efforts IMO and in some cases can even have better than average value (depending on the retailer you are buying from).

I suspect you are in Utah where these mattresses are most often sold so I would do some price comparing if that’s the case.

For example … these would be OK value (but certainly not good) but the value here would be much better.

I would also do some careful testing because the Supreme in particular has very low (soft) ILD’s.

There are some other latex choices in the Salt Lake City area that I would also include in my research (again if that’s where you are).


Thank you very much for your quick response Phoenix. Yes, I am located in the Salt Lake City area :slight_smile:

I was not aware of the 2inch polyfoam bottom layer, would you consider this a problem? I was getting my info from the first link you provided.
I’ve read on this site that the cheaper polyfoams tend to break down faster (looks like these are made with a soy based polyfoam). What kind of problem would be presented if this were to happen, since the layers are at the bottom? I am a bigger guy (6’, 275lbs), and am concerned with any sort of deterioration, since I think my weight played a role into my current mattress problem.

For the low/soft ILD’s, were you referring to the the “Ultimate” instead of the “Supreme”? In my testing, the supreme was presented has the firmer mattress, and it felt that way during testing as well. I much rather prefer a firmer feeling mattress. The supreme model felt better to me, but I was only considering the Ultimate because it had that extra inch of latex. In general, what would the con be against softer ILD’s?

Last but not least, in terms of quality/value, how would you rate these Serta’s vs my original consideration SleepEZ 13000?


Hi hookalot,

No I don’t really consider this to be an issue. The upper layers of the mattress are the ones that are most subject to mechanical compression and wear and this is where lower density polyfoam tends to be the weak link (if the layers are too thick and soft).

With your higher weight all mattress materials will soften or degrade faster so it’s particularly important to make sure you use higher quality components such as latex. It’s also important to make sure that the firmness of the support layers and secondarily the comfort layers are suitable for you because you will need firmer layers than the average person in both or you would likely be compromising good alignment. A mattress made for “average” weights may not be as suitable for you. Softer layers will also wear faster than firmer layers with your weight … especially in the upper layers so I would pay particular attention to using support layers that are as firm as possible and comfort layers that aren’t any softer/thicker than you really need for pressure relief in your different sleeping positions.

Yes… the ILD’s of the Ultimate are much softer than average and if anything you would need firmer than average. I don’t know the ILD’s of the Supreme but hopefully they are significantly firmer.

The SleepEz 10000 would be the closest approximation to the Serta and as you can see they are not that comparable (although I don’t know the price of the Ultimate you are considering but based on the lower priced version of the Ultimate I linked I would imagine it is considerably more). The SleepEz would also provide you with much more layering flexibility that could be more easily “matched” to your higher weight. The only plus I can see with the Serta is that you can test it locally so it is less “risky” although there may be other subjective preferences or intangibles involved that are part of your personal “value equation”. The 13000 is a more expensive mattress than the 10000 of course with an extra 3" layer and more flexibility yet (and is the one that SleepEz would probably recommend for you).

So outside of the value to you of local vs online, and subjective and intangible considerations which only you can “factor in” … the SleepEz would be a considerably better value IMO. I also don’t think that the Serta is likely to even be the best latex value available to you locally.


I’m responding to this post because we have a Serta “Restful” Pure Response Latex Collection mattress purchased over 10 years ago and it was mentioned that Pure Repsponse had a 6" talalay Bottom core and a 2" polyfoam on the bottom. Does anyone know if the "Restful’ version is similar? This has been a great mattress for me, but the top layer now has compressed to where I am now having difficulty getting a good night’s rest. I’d like to repurchase a similar mattress, but Serta no longer makes it. Do you know what the reported Talalay ILD was for this mattress and if there was something reported on the topper? We’ll be visiting APM and SleepEZ this weekend and it will be nice to have an idea of what we currently have as a baseline. Also, any suggestions on which company can best deal with a husband and wife that have different needs. My husband requires a much firmer mattress than I do and what we currently have was too soft for him. We’re both small framed,120-160 lbs and primarily side sleeps. We went with a latex last time because it’s reportedly much cooler. Thanks!