Sleep Science Escape

Hello, I was hoping to get some thoughts on the Sleep science Escape 14.5 inch King set and what folks thought of the build quality as well as any other feedback. I have read the posts on how to pick a mattress and also that most on here tend to stay away from national manufacturers and go to local. But i was hoping to get some thoughts and ideas on this one, details are below, thank you in advance.

•Mattress core top layer: 2 inches 7-lb visco foam, 11-13 IFD
•Second layer: 3 inches 5-lb visco foam, 11-13 IFD
•Fourth Layer: The Wedge Patented Edge Support System
•Base layer: 9 inches Air Channel Base, dual density, dual IFD, relief cut urethane core
•Cover is bamboo fabric consisting of three layers
•This fabric is 300g/m2, the percentage of bamboo is 40%, nylon is 40%, polyester is 20%. .
•Microsuede cover sides are 100% polyester
•Pillow top = inch of quilting foam in Mattress cover

Hi amindu,

You can see my thoughts about Sleep Science in general in post #8 here and in post #2 here. I would be aware that their foams are not CertiPur certified which for me would exclude a mattress with foams that are made in China. There are also a few comments about the Escape in post #2 here.

I would want to know the density of the polyfoam layers (with the exception of the inch of quilting foam) but I believe they are in the 1.8 lb range or higher which would be good quality. Assuming they are good quality and the memory foam densities are correct and are “unfilled densities” there are no obvious weak links in the mattress and the edge support system is a good design IMO for those where this is important. The polyfoam in the quilting will also change the “feel” of the memory foam underneath it compared to mattresses where you are sleeping directly on the memory foam. I would also want to know how long the mattress has been compressed (see post #6 here)

If you’ve read the tutorial post then you’ve probably seen this but just in case … post #12 here has a list of some of the better online memory foam manufacturers and retailers that I’m aware of.


Thanks Phoenix, I know you had an issue with sleep science not being certi-pur. I called them up and they said that the certification they do have is “OTEK Standard” does that mean anything or ease your concerns

Hi amindu,

No … I’ve never heard of it.

They may be talking about Oeko-Tex which is a testing protocol used mostly for latex foam … not polyfoam or memory foam (almost all latex including the latex they use is Oeko-Tex certified).

In other words … they were giving you a misleading answer and dodging the question.