SLEEPEZ 10000 Latex mattress shifting layers.

I’ve read some reviews of the SleepEZ 10000 which are mostly positive. However, I am concerned about a few reviews which mention the layers shift. Every 2 weeks they would unzip the bed to fix the problem. Also have read some people can feel the split down the middle. Are these isolated cases or the norm?

Hi takijones,

You can see my thoughts about split layering in post #2 here and more about loose vs glued layers in post #15 here.

Based on the rest of the one review here that mentions adjusting the layers every two weeks (actually it’s two identical reviews posted on the same site and one wasn’t removed) … it seems to me to lack credibility or may even have a different agenda than just sharing their experience. While there may be a few others … it’s the only one I have seen out of thousands of mattresses sold with split layering that mentions it.

The reason they use the specific quilted cover they do is so that people don’t feel the split (they don’t recommend a split top layer with a non quilted stretch knit cover and in this case a single top layer would be a better choice).

In most cases … what people are feeling when they say they can “feel” the split is the shift in firmness levels from one side to the other which is the reason they chose a split layer in the first place.

They can also glue the top split layer together for those who would prefer it and in this case it would be impossible to feel the split (although they would still feel the change in firmness levels) but they don’t recommend it because you would lose the flexibility of rearranging or exchanging layers on one side of the mattress which is one of the benefits of split layering.