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Hi, new here but have read quite alot. Based on my research the widely recommended configuration for the best quality mattress is a Dunlop base then blended Talalay for the softer layers. My wife is 140lb and i’m 230 so we want split a mattress. My question is, since I can not find any info, what do you know of They are the only company I have found with both dunlop and talalay options (dunlop bottom layer and talaly mid and upper layer) in the same split mattress and a 100% wool mattress cover. SleepEZ has the split options, but doesnt offer dunlop and talalay mix and has cotton cover. But, Sleep EZ is blended talalay so I’m stuck. Finally, Sleeping Organic is only slighty more expensive. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi need better sleep,

The choice between Dunlop and Talalay is really a matter of personal preference and one is not “better” than the other in either a comfort layer or a base layer. They are just different types of latex with slightly different properties and each one would make a good choice in any layer of a mattress depending on the person and their preferences. There’s more about this in this article.

Your information about SleepEz is not quite accurate because they offer blended Talalay, 100% natural Dunlop and also 100% natural Talalay, and organic Dunlop (by request) in their mattresses and you can mix and match them any way you wish. They also offer your choice of an unquilted cover or a cover quilted with wool. The SleepEz site lists all the options they have available.

Other members of the site listed in post #21 here also offer mattresses that use either one in the comfort and/or support layers and there are others as well that do the same that aren’t members here.

I’ve talked with Brandon at SleepingOrganic and he certainly impressed me with his knowledge and transparency and even though he typically sells the 100% natural Talalay and organic Dunlop because his customers generally prefer the most natural or organic materials possible, he will also use blended talalay with a special request for those who prefer this material for either value or performance reasons. When we talked it was rather unusual for someone who sells mostly 100% natural talalay to acknowledge that blended was actually more durable because most people usually only promote what they sell and it was refreshing to see his honesty (and accuracy). He also knows Larry (Shawn’s father) with SleepEz and like many others in the industry considers him a mentor. Sleeping Organic is also included as one of the better options in the Charleston area list. All in all I think highly of him (NOTE: and they have since become a member of this site).