Sleeping Organic - Retailers advertising Latex Mattresses but mattress is mostly Poly Foam


I’m Brandon with Sleeping Organic. We are finding lately that a lot of customers are thinking that they are purchasing an entire latex mattress but are ending up buying a mattress that has some latex in it. When in actuality, most of it at least the support core is poly foam with only a small percentage of latex. We fear that consumers are being mislead and are curious as to what signs or ways you all tell the difference. Thank you!

Hi Sleeping Organic (and Brandon),

This is something we discuss quite frequently on the forum, cautioning people to learn about the entirety of the componentry within a mattress they are considering. It is one of the keys of the Mattress Shopping Tutorial.

We definitely know that consumers are being misled, knowingly or not, regarding purchases like this. And much of it comes from the general lack of knowledge provided to or learned by mattress salespeople. If there are any members with anecdotes or experiences with this, they’re welcome to post about it.


Thanks Phoenix,

We understand that everyone on this website is doing more research to not be misled. Hopefully, we can help to be as transparent as possible too. I will continue to do my best to discuss/educate on relevant topics.

Hi Sleeping Organic,

Any objective and expert advice you can supply is always welcome! :slight_smile:


Sorry if I was confusing or misleading! I know some of you have reached out, so this is an attempt to set the record straight.

Our mattresses are entirely either 100% natural latex… We do not use any synthetics, poly foams or any petroleum based foam products in our mattresses.

The comment I was making was about other companies. They tout “latex mattress” and market online to customers looking for latex mattresses when in fact only a small amount of their mattress is latex. Usually the part closer to where we sleep because it is much more nice and much more valuable than poly foam or memory foam.

For example, a lot of companies that sell a “latex” mattress for under $1000 for a queen or king typically use a ratio of product like 6 inches of poly foam with 2 inches of latex to make their 8 inch mattress. Then they advertise that they have a latex mattress.

We have run into situations where customers were thinking they were buying an all latex mattress from some other company only to find out that it wasnt want they wanted. So the post was meant to be hopefully be informative and educating.

Again, sorry for any confusion

Hi Sleeping Organic,

I personally didn’t find your original post confusing :blink: , and it was a good reminder for consumers to find out everything that is inside of a mattress when they are doing their research.

I also haven’t personally received any feedback that your post was confusing, and I think that your web site does a good job pointing out the componentry within your mattresses. :slight_smile: