I have been reading a lot of the posts and looking at some links and I am interested in Sleepwarehouse. Specifically this is the bed I was looking at:

• 3" Sensus 5lb Memory Foam
• 2" HR 1.8 lb 28 ILD Premium Base Foam
• 2" HR 1.8 lb 32 ILD Premium Base Foam
• 3" HR 1.8 lb 40 ILD Premium Base Foam

I am 5’10 and a little over 200 pounds and tend to have low back pain. Do you think this would be a good match or should I look for something else?

Hi gcrain,

I like the Sleepwarehouse memory foam offerings because they use good quality materials (suitable and good value for their budget range), they offer choices in the support layers of your mattress, and they also have the flexibility to make adjustments after purchase. You should also be aware that what they label as HR polyfoam in the support layers is really HD polyfoam and is normally the minimum density that should be considered in a support layer. This “after the fact” ability to make adjustments can certainly make a difference for those who are making a relatively “blind” purchase over the internet as long as their initial purchase is “in the ballpark”. This would of course include confirming that you are comfortable with strengths and weaknesses of memory foam itself and its qualities and how it reacts with you, and that this “general” type of layering seems to work well for you.

In terms of the specific layering I would initially choose … the outlet itself is usually the best source of information regarding what is most suitable “on average” to a particular body type and sleeping position. They have the benefit of knowing how their many customers have responded to the mattresses they make and most of them (at least the better ones that take the time to help you make better choices) can provide valuable insight into the layerings that work best for a high percentage of people that are similar in their body weight, shape, and sleeping positions.

While each of us are very individual in terms of our preferences, sensitivities, body composition, the heat and moisture we produce (which makes a difference in memory foam), our sleeping environment, variations in our body shape, sleeping positions, and nighttime movements, and may not always fit into an “average”, at least going by the suggestions based on the preferences of a similar group of customers can increase the odds that you will be closer to being “in the range” of your own best choices as well.

Because of your higher than average weight … and your low back pain … I would tend towards slightly firmer support layers than “normal” that you have listed.

So while the “best” way to determine the “best” match can really only be determined through personal use or through personal testing of a mattress … the “averages” of a good online outlet can come very close in most (but not all) cases for those who don’t have a local outlet or manufacturer near them that provides the chance to actually test a mattress in person with those specific layerings (or something similar) in person.