Southern California stores to visit to lay on mattresses

Do you have a list of Southern California factory direct manufacturers or retail direct outlets to visit to try out hybrid mattresses?

Flexus Comfort, Covina
Mattress Makers, San Diego
Flobeds, Fort Bragg (North Cal)

Flexus is the first pick for So Cal


Appreciate this information John. I made contact with Henry from Flexus but he is out of town. However I’m going to meet up with his brother at their location today. Thanks again.


Make sure you know if its Dunlop or Talalay!! Or a mix!!!

They have a coil and latex hybrid (Quadraflex?) too!

Let me know what you think!


Hi phb!

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Please let us know how your mattress testing goes and if any questions come up in the process.


Hi Nikki & John,
I had an excellent experience with James and Henry at
Flexus. They diligently explained everything and answered all our questions as we tried different bed types.
My wife and I decided on the hybrid QUADRA-Flex® pocket coil and Talalay latex mattress. Initially we were going to customize the latex with half soft and half medium firmness (no extra charge) for each side but decided on medium firmness for the entire latex. We also purchased an adjustable bed frame and a couple of latex pillows.
I feel very fortunate to have discovered The Mattress Underground forum and the great people that educated me with priceless information that helped me confidently make the right decision.
I started off my journey prior to my TMU education looking at big name mattresses at department store retailers and also visited The Sleep Number store. Thankfully I realized after obtaining my “TMU degree” that there were many “weak links” that I now knew about and could also see through a lot of the marketing hype.
I believe the Flexus product we purchased is a great investment that has no “weak links” and is a quality mattress at a very fair price. Additionally, the knowledge of Henry (Flexus owner) and his brother James was helpful and impressive with no sales pressure.
I appreciate everyone who has contributed to The Mattress Underground forum. I never would have gained the knowledge to make an educated mattress purchase without the many articles and comments from The Mattress Underground site.