St. Dormeir vs Cozy Pure protector on La Noodle topper

I have a La Noodle topper on the way to me, but I’m trying to figure out if the St. Dormeir wool or the Cozy Pure cotton mattress protector would work better with it. I’ve read that the St Dormeir is pretty thin, resists water, and regulates temperature. I’m a hot sleeper, but I don’t want to affect the feeling of my topper too much either. Is the topper supposed to go under the mattress protector? (I just figured it did so it’d be protected a little bit, too. Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I absolutely love the contour La Noodle pillow and the La Noodle body pillow. Amazing!! That contour pillow is perfect for my finicky neck.

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Hi Gizpobow,

There is more about the pros and cons of different types of protectors and the tradeoffs involved with each of them in post #89 here. The lanoodles topper is very breathable and it’s unlikely that most people would have any temperature regulation issues sleeping on it but as you mentioned the St Dormier would be more protective while the stretch knit cotton protector would have less effect on the “feel” of the topper.

This would be a matter of personal preference but it would normally be “best practice” yes so that both the topper and the mattress were protected from the body fluids and oils that we release each night and to keep both of them in a clean and hygienic condition because the topper can’t be washed if it gets soiled … only spot cleaned.


I have only seen the St Dormier covers, but have a pillow cover very similar. I do have a Cozy Pure mattress cover and am completely impressed with it. The matelasse is very thick knit, soft and conforms to the body - and I can attest to it’s protective abilities, Not waterproof, but it is thick and quite densely knit. It has washed and worn very well.

Thank you, SallyS! How do you wash it? (gentle cycle?) Do you put yours in the dryer on low?

I have honestly tossed it in the wash on both warm and cold, and into the dryer on low. There was a lot of lint the first time, but now it sails through. It has a high capability for stretch, and I like it so much that I want blankets from their Matelesse’.

Mine is on a daybed, which we use as a sofa, the open weave top cover is merely aesthetics - this knit protector does a fine job of protecting the wool and latex beneath it .

I have a Full Size Cozy Pure for my son’s mattress. Both of my children have a spring mattress with a layer of latex from Bay Bed and Mattress. I can attest to the fact that the Cozy Pure retains the feel of the latex.

I also have a St. Dormier for our King Size bed with springs and 4-layers of Latex. The St. Dormier definitely effects the feel of the latex. It prevents the latex from conforming to the body. I noticed this from day one of using St. Dormier and although I really love the build and material of the St. Dormier, I don’t like how it effects the feel of the mattress.

I plan to order a King Sized Cozy Pure topper for ourselves because I want to regain the original feel of the mattress while having some protection. I have used the St. Dormier for over a year now, but now that I have felt the benefit and difference with my kids mattress, I’ve decided it’s worth it to get a Cozy Pure for our mattress. And my daughter’s getting a Cozy Pure too. :slight_smile:

Hi roblumba,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comparison between the Cozy Pure and the St Dormeir protectors … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think it will also be helpful for other forum members that are considering them as well.


My only complaint about the protector is the price. It’s damn expensive for cotton! I know it’s Organic Cotton, but I really wish they had a cheaper alternative. I suggested they consider conventional cotton, but they said they only do Organic Cotton and wouldn’t compromise. But they admitted that they already use non-organic wool because organic wool is too expensive. Well, why not extend the same logic to their cotton products?

I bought the first one on their sale and apparently the sale is over. I begged them to extend a discount so I can order for the rest of the beds, but they refused and said to wait for another sale. Damn!

So while waiting for a sale, are there other similar, cheaper alternatives out there I would bet conventional stretchy cotton of similar thickness would be just as good, but cheaper.

Hi roblumba,

There are some other stretch cotton protectors listed in the mattress protector post here but I don’t have any personal experience with them so I don’t know how they compare to each other in terms of thickness or stretch so you would need to talk with each of them to find out more specifics.

There is some forum feedback about some of them that may be helpful about the Suite Sleep protector here and in posts #17 - #20 here and the Vasilo protector here and here and the Berkeley Ergonomics/European Sleep Designs protector here that may also be helpful. I don’t know the prices off the top of my head but some of them are less costly than the Cozy Pure and some of them are more.


Thanks. Looks like the Cozy Pure is fairly priced when comparing to the similar Greensleep Suite Protector. A King sized from Green Sleep is over $400! I could only justify that if it was vastly superior to CozyPure in some way.

Hi roblumba,

I would tend to agree with you that $400 would be somewhat difficult to justify and if it was me I would need to see it in person and have a compelling reason to purchase it that justified the cost vs some of the other options that are also available.


I apologize this is late but just happened to see your post and wanted to clear up something you stated. The reason we don’t use organic wool is because of the supply chain issues we’ve experienced in the past. I’m not sure who you spoke to at our company who said “we don’t use it because it’s more expensive”. That simply isn’t true. We have a very hard time getting (and stocking) many of our raw materials because most of our components are made specifically to our exact specifications (not stocked by the supplier) such as our organic zoned latex, our organic fabric and the carding of our wool. We decided to source our wool from New Zealand because it’s of superior quality (in many cases from organically-managed farms), it’s more readily available, and they have in-place humane animal standards. I’ll be discussing this with our reps to make sure everyone here understands why we don’t use organic wool - thank you for bringing this to my attention.

While I’m here I hope you don’t mind if I address your concern over the pricing of the “cotton”. Our stretch knit organic cotton protector is made with a 320gr weight which offers a nice substantial beefiness without being too heavy. Many mills offer this knit in the more standard weight of 250gr to 275 gr which is less expensive. I did visit both other companies you referenced (Greensleep and Suite Sleep) and neither one gives information on the gram weight but I did notice Suite Sleep only uses the stretch-knit on the top panel while the side borders are jersey knit (similar to sheeting), whereas CozyPure is more similar to Greensleep in that ours covers the entire mattress (which does cost more).

Anyway, sorry for the ramble just wanted to share a little “industry-knowledge” which I hope you find helpful in understanding the differences in various “similar” products in the marketplace, and make comparing things easier for you.

Sleep well :slight_smile:

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for sharing some of your “industry knowledge” and more information about your cotton protector with the members here. I always appreciate it :slight_smile:


This information was helpful. I’ll definitely check out the Cozy Pure. The St. Dormeir seems popular but has mixed reviews by the people that have purchased them. It seems odd that some people find it thin but it still changes the feel of the mattress. I’ve purchased items from Cozy Pure in the past. It’s a little more than I’d like to spend but they do make quality products.

@CozyPure Your protectors say that they’re good on latex mattresses. I’d be using it on top of a Vispring wool topper. Do you think that would present any issues? I’m curious what about them makes them ideal for latex…

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