Starting over after failed Latex mattress

Six months of trying to get the Talalay customizable mattress to work for me and I’m pretty miserable. I just returned from a week vacation and slept in the most comfortable hotel bed, firm and comfortable, and felt amazing, slept great. Came home and have been miserable ever since with body aches and less quality sleep.

I bought the mattress directly from the manufacturer (in canada) with various layers, purchased an extra 19 ILD as a topper, that didn’t work. Bought a convoluted Talalay latex topper (2"), that doesn’t help. And a Ghost bed gel foam topper that is too thick (3") and causes too much sinkage. None are returnable.

I don’t want the latex. I don’t like the way it feels at all. It’s too bouncy, not enough give, too hard and too soft with toppers. So please no advice on how to fix this issue by trying additional latex layers or zoning. I’m going to try and sell it possibly, depending on what I try next.

I’m just not sure what to try next. I’m 5’2", 125 lbs, side sleeper. Female. Most weight is in hip area. Old upper back injury, right shoulder pains (although thats’ improving with physio). I generally prefer a firm mattress with a plush pillowtop.

EDITED to Add:
I would be willing to try a Hybrid pocketed/zoned coil with a Latex layer. And then possibly a pillow top? I don’t want the top layer to be latex. And i wonder if I can use any of the components I have already.

**A few additional points:
-I’m single, and have been sleeping on a Queen.
-I like to sleep close to the edge - so edge support is ideal, but not a deal breaker.
-I prefer motion isolation.
-BREATHABILITY - that is a deal breaker. I’ve tried various foam toppers and already sleep hot, and they were unbearable for my peri-menopausal years.
-Ideally a good return policy, at least 100 nights.
-Ability to open the cover to change layers.
-I’m ok if I have to replace a top layer every few years as long as the rest remains supportive.
-I’m in Canada so don’t want to deal with shipping/returns to U.S. (I’m not willing to deal with cross border shopping either.)

I’m looking at GHOSTBED. Flex or Matrix.

Ghost Ice cover
.5 Cooling Fiber
.5 gel foam
1" bounce layer
1.5" gel
Coils (3" I think, it doesn’t state but given it’s 13", I’m assuming)
7" High Density foam support layer (I don’t know what kind of foam is used here)

Ghost Ice cooling cover
3D Matrix Polymer gel foam (no mention of thickness)
2" Gel memory foam
Ghost Bounce Layer (thickness ?)
3D Matrix Sof foam transition layer (thickness ?)
Coils (Doesn’t say how high, bed is 12" total)
1" High Density Foam (not sure what type of foam this is)

I don’t think I can change the layers on these. I’m also concerned about sagginess with so much foam layering. There is 7" high density foam in the Flex but only 1" in the Matrix. Maybe the Flex would last longer?

Organic cotton cover
1.8 oz Wool layer
2" Talalay
8" Coils
1" Dunlop base

The Natural has a top Talalay layer which I don’t want. I don’t think but not sure if it would have the bounce feel I don’t like with Talalay.


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Hi Lu1968 .

The telephone icon lets us know your post still needs answering :slight_smile:

I read through your post and I’m sorry your last mattress purchase didn’t go as planned. Completely understandable that you’d prefer to scrap the materials and start with something new.

Looking at the GhostBed options you’re considering, the Matrix is likely to offer a firmer feel because of the coils. I can’t speak to the durability of the foam as I’m unsure of your specific stats, but if you are within what would be considered a ‘normal’ BMI range, you’d be unlikely to see premature breakdown from GhostBed products.

Hopefully others in Canada will be able to weigh in with their opinions, as well.


I don’t have a solution for you but I am on the same journey. We got a $3K 100% talalay latex bed and spent 3 years trying to love it (including buying pocketed intercoils as a base layer) and we wake up aching every day. Following a 2 week trip where we stayed at four different places, all with traditional interspring mattresses, we have realized that we felt GREAT there and we have to get rid of this latex bed. We have come to hate it. I liked the natural idea and the durability but it is just not for it. It’s too hard or too soft and isnt good for two people together either. For us anyway.

I consistently find when I ask about a bed I like it is usually the “beautyrest or beautyrest black”. I will assume these are hospitality models and I have my finger hovering over the trigger but they are not returnable so I was hoping to find and sleep on the exact model in a hotel to be sure, so far no luck. I’m getting very close to doing this anyway. TBH I dont even care if we have to replace it every 3-5 years and pay $2200 over and over I just want a decent night sleep. So sick of this journey.

Relieved to know someone else is in the same boat, but sorry you’re dealing with the latex issue. I think its so overrated.

I just ordered a Logan & Cove, hybrid. Figured I better stop wasting money trying to fix something that will never work at this point, and just try a whole new mattress. They have a decent return policy and it seems easy enough.

I don’t think you’ll find the same model as a hotel. They are never the same. Someone on here will probably pipe in with a million links to long explanations about hotel models using cheap foam toppers that are replaced frequently, etc etc. But, whatever works for you, only you will know.

I"ll post on my L&C after a few nights and onward.

I’d love to hear a review on your new mattress.
I’m using a 6" talalay mattress and after 4 years I can’t get comfortable. It broke the bank for us and now I"m trying to fix the nightly discomfort with a Talalay Topper which is hugely expensive and scary if it doesn’t work.

Oh, I did that. Kept buying toppers that didn’t help. I purchased another 2" 19 ILD Talalay from the manufacturer at their suggestion. Then bought a 2" convoluted 19" Talalay which was crazy expensive. Didn’t help. Then purchased a Ghost zoned topper, which might have helped more if it wasn’t 3" thick. All that $$ down the drain.

I have to agree. We shipped additional layers, we bought inter-springs, we rearranged the layers endless times. It’s been 3 years. We probably have $4.5k in this bed but we are done. The latex feels like it’s comfortable when you first lay on it, but we toss and turn at night and wake up aching- either we have a soft config and the lower back aches or we firm it up and the hips and shoulder ache- its impossible. So I would not add Talalay when you already don’t like your latex bed. I’ve got 12 inches of Talalay and it makes no difference.

Just received the Logan and Cove!

First report is here

Many thanks for sharing this with our community!


Yeah, 3rd night and its now feeling more comfortable! I was a little worried as the second night was a fitful sleep waking up really sore. Last night was much better with little aches and pains.

I am back to being a bit warm though, although not nearly as much as with the latex.

I have hope for the L&C!

I’m wrestling with this also. After 13 years on a Tempurpedic (that was finally getting lumpy) I decided on latex after sleeping on two at hotels that I loved. I also wanted to avoid all the chemicals in polyfoams. My latex purchase was a fail - medium firm was WAY too firm and it was so heavy we couldn’t even scoot the bed frame the was on wheels. My husband was over the bed-in-a-box mess (we’re not youngsters), so we went local which is very limiting. Tried a Posturpedic hybrid - too squishy, “cratered” instead of conforming. Then a Posturpedic Satisfied Cushion Firm “Pressure Relief” - it’s like sleeping on the floor. Was thinking latex topper but reading some of the experiences here I’m questioning that, especially since most are not returnable. I dread bedtime and feel doomed :frowning:

I don’t have an answer for you but your comment about dreading bedtime hit home. I don’t understand why this is so hard! Please keep updated on your status because we are going to go hit the stores again and possibly some hotels. Did you ever think of going back to a temperpedic if you liked it for 13 years? We liked our beautyrest for 15 years that is why I keep gravitating towards trying that again despite everyone saying they are awful now. If even I could get 2-3 years out of it.

Tempurpedic isn’t what it used to be. I researched and read a LOT of reviews - some still love it but a lot of complaints on the new ones and more warranty issues (not to mention outrageously expensive). If you search these forums for Tempurpedic you’ll find a number of people looking for toppers for them. As comfortable as it was, as is true with memory foam, it was hot and in the winter it was harder because the house was cold. Then I learned about all of the chemicals in visco-elastic foam and all poly-foams. I still want latex, I think I just made the wrong choice the first time, for a number of reasons. After a couple of conversations with Rodger at Latex Mattress Factory, I ordered a 2" Talalay topper for the (brand new) rock-hard innerspring that I’m on now. That was his recommendation for my 5’2" / 128 lb. frame, combo-sleeper with osteoporosis of the spine and fibromyalgia. If you go to their forum on here he explains to a couple of people about the conforming support for “gaps” like lower back, etc. At this point I probably won’t receive it until at least late next week due to the holiday, but will post an update after I’ve slept on it.

I have also dreaded bedtime and felt doomed. It’s gotten a bit better now with this new L&C hybrid. It’s too hard after all. Was waking up very stiff in my hips, back. Last night I added a Talalay Latex 2" convoluted topper that I had purchased to try to soften up the latex mattress (that never worked). It was a bit better, softer, not as sore, so we’ll see after a few nights. I hope yours works out for you. It seems like we’re in similar situations with my brand new rock-hard hybrid and your new innerspring.

It’s really disheartening what we have to deal with just to get a good nights sleep.

Sooooo - three weeks on the 2", 19ILD Talalay topper from LMF (placed on very firm Posturpedic innerspring mattress). It is nice, but too soft in a 2" thickness for a combo sleeper. At 5’2", 128 lbs, I “bottom out” at shoulders and hips, waking up with pain (a taller person of the same weight may not, with different weight distribution). I can’t go thicker because of the existing bed height and would be concerned about lack of spinal support / alignment. At this point the plan is to exchange it for 2" Dunlop in the same ILD. Hopefully a better balance of cushion and support for me. The hotel bed that I liked so much felt firm when sitting on it but slept great. I’m hoping this arrangement will come closer to replicating that experience.

Thanks for the update BLK56.
I’m curious what the difference is between Dunlop and Talalay in terms of comfort. Will you really notice a difference?

I put the 2" convoluted Talalay on top of the L&C. It was ok for a week or so but then I sunk in at hips and shoulders and woke up sore. I moved over to the otehr side of the bed where it wasn’t compressed. I thought latex wasn’t supposed to do that but maybe its the convoluted. Its not a long term solution. I just took it off and back to the plain old bed. But it’s still too hard.

I’ll try a regular 2" 19" Talalay and see if that helps. If not, I’m sending it back to try the Medium Plush.

It’s not easy to switch out beds. When this one arrived in the box, i had to get help carrying up the stairs bc the box is sooo heavy. If I return it, I think they pick it up for donation, but I’m not sure if they do that the same time as the new one would be delivered. Since its through the mail and not direct delivery, I’m not so sure. I don’t want to be wtihout a bed for the transition.

The Dunlop is denser and more firm than the Talalay (many compare as Dunlop being pound cake and Talalay being sponge cake). Dunlop of the same ILD (19) should be about “one increment” firmer than the Talalay. 2" of 24-29 Talalay (over 6" 30-37 Dunlop) was too firm on the Plushbeds mattress and 2" of 19ILD Talalay too soft on this topper. I’m hoping that the slight increase in density and firmness of the Dunlop will be enough to keep hip bones and shoulders from “bottoming out”. At that point I will have to keep one or the other, whether or not they solve the problem, but I’d rather give that a try than put another $700 + into a mattress swap.

I hear you on the “bed in a box” dilemma. That’s been outlawed at our house due to logistics (and our age) :wink:

Well now I’m stuck with all this LATEX! I can’t get rid of it. I’ve sunk several thousand dollars into trying to get a good nights sleep and now trying to sell the mattress and all of the toppers I’ve accumulated.

The Talalay is less than a year old. I could kick myself for not returning within the allotted window.

I don’t have a lot of room to store it and realize its not ideal to store it long term. I can’t store it flat as it should be. It’s rolled, bound, covered, and standing on its end. I dont want it to get ruined like that but not sure what else to do, except keep trying to post it for sale.

I’m in Montreal btw. I paid about $1800 for the main mattress and then there are 4 different toppers. Hoping to get at least $800 for the mattress.

Any advice on storage, selling, price point?

Also, the Logan & Cove ain’t working out either. Too hard and causing pain. I can’t return it until I get make some space. I’ll have to store it upright until they pick it up and hoping to try a Ghost Luxe next.

Bedtime musical chairs. Fun times.

LU1968, I’m sorry you are still in such a battle with this :frowning:

I am happy to report that I am sleeping well on the 2" Dunlop ILD19 topper. It provides enough pressure relief for hip and shoulder when on my side, without “bottoming out” to the rock-hard innerspring mattress below. It is supportive enough for back-sleeping and I’m even comfortable when I find myself on my stomach. Of everything I have tried, this most closely replicates the hotel latex mattress that I loved. When the innerspring mattress no longer provides enough support, I will replace it with multiple latex layers that we find MUCH more manageable than an entire mattress.

I was very pleased with Latex Mattress Factory (Arizona). I found their products to be good quality, shipping was prompt, their staff is knowledgeable and customer service is excellent. I felt like they actually want to help you get it right. Being able to exchange a topper made all of the difference for me (most companies don’t allow). Another company I dealt with was fine…until you wanted to implement a return and then they didn’t even want to talk to you.

I wish you success - and soon!