Stores in SE MI and Nature's Sleep Groupon deal

Hello and thank you for all the information on this site.

Two questions:

(1) Can you recommend any stores in the Royal Oak, MI area (or more generally Southeast Michigan)?

(2) I am somewhat tempted to try a current Groupon offer for discounts on Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattresses. Is this a company whose mattresses any of your member stores carry and that you would recommend? Financially, the deals look pretty good – for example, $399 for $1300 toward a queen mattress, which would be enough to pay for some of their mattresses at the online price. But I have read the cautions on the site not to be tempted by promotional discounts. So I would appreciate some comments on this one.

Thanks again.

Hi barrylyons,

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Detroit area are listed in post #2 here.

The only companies or manufacturers I “officially” recommend are in the membership list here. Of course there are many others across the country (many of which I have listed in the many lists throughout the forum) that also make great quality and value mattresses but I would need to know the specifics of the construction and materials of a mattress you are considering to make any meaningful comments about any mattress. A mattress is only as good as it’s construction and the materials inside it regardless of who makes it. Nature’s Sleep though does make some mattresses that use good quality materials and are CertiPur certified and for these their “value” would depend on how they compared to other similar mattresses.

When you are buying a mattress online though … you can’t test it first for what I call PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure rerlief, and Personal preferences) so then you are dependent on the knowledge, experience, and guidance of the retailer or manufacture you are buying from to choose a mattress that is suitable for you. If they have good knowledge and experience and are more concerned with your best interests than selling you anything they can … then they can tell you which of their mattresses may be most suitable “on average” for others that were similar to you in terms of body type and sleeping style or caution you against choices that they believe may be more risky for you (instead of jumping on a “sale”) which can help a lot as long as you are inside their “averages”.

So if you are purchasing a mattress online that you haven’t tested … then the knowledge and experience of the retailer or manufacturer to provide some guidance and/or your recourse and any costs involved if you make a mistake can be just as important as the mattress itself.

No matter how high the quality of a mattress or how good the value or what you paid for it … if it isn’t suitable for your needs and preferences and you have no way to return it or make changes to it after your purchase then it would have little value to you.