Stuck with a bad mattress!! Help!

Please help. We purchased a Simmons comforPedic Loft Discovery in September 2010.
We knew nothing about memory foam matresses and we liked it for about the first year.

Then it seem to be breaking down “internally”. We cannot flip it if course, but we would turn end for end firstly, even couple months, then every month.

The cover on top which was taunt is now loose. We have inquired to the Ashley Home Furnishing store and they sent me on a wild goose chase. Call: Talon Logistics, ‘we can’t do anything, call Ashley’. I go in to Ashley and they sent me to Talon again. Talon arranges to come and look at the mattress and with a guide string they claim the top is just fine.

The bed is collapsing where we lay. We are average sized people. In fact, my fiance sleeps on the couch now and I have lay in the middle or criss cross to get any comfort.

They have resigned to come out one more time, after I waited an eight week period. We have a 20 year warranty and we would be happy to exchange it for some more practical firmer bed. I need your expert opinion as to the quality of this bed.

Did we buy something that the low quality middle core collapsed and therefore not showing on top? I have pictures that show the edges of the bed are sagging and the top cover is loose, so something is not as firm and taunt as it was when we bought it. The box ‘spring’ also is a joke. Thin pieces a wire twisted and we sink so low that we can hear the wires go ‘twang’.

Please help!!!

Thanks, Jeanie and Donnie

Also the most recent visit by the Talon Logistics tech proved fruitless. They refuse to do anything about it. We owe 1/2 of this $2,000 bill!

Hi JeanieU2013,

I know you didn’t know this at the time you purchased your mattress but a mattress is only as good as the quality of the materials and construction that is used to make it and unfortunately … the major brands rely more on marketing to sell their mattresses rather than disclosing the quality of their materials. Unfortunately … even low quality materials can feel good in a showroom and for a little while after that but lower quality/density materials soften and degrade much more quickly which leads to the loss of comfort and/or support which is what is happening to you.

This foam softening is not usually covered by a warranty as you can read here because even though foam softening is the biggest reason people need to replace a mattress … it is not considered a manufacturing defect (which is the only thing warranties cover) unless the actual impressions are deeper than the warranty exclusion which rarely happens because the foam will still have enough resilience to “come back” weakly with no weight on the mattress even though they have lost much or their original properties. in almost all cases … the upper comfort layers of a mattress are its weak link because they are the most subject to repeated mechanical forces leading to softening and breakdown.

Post #2 here and post #12 here would also be well worth reading.

So what is most likely happening is that the lower quality foam that is in your mattress has softened too quickly but it still has enough resilience to come back so the impressions are less than the warranty exclusion.

When this happens … there isn’t much that can be done because to “fix” it would involve removing the foam and replacing it. Of course it’s also possible that over time your mattress may eventually develop unweighted impressions that are deep enough to qualify for warranty coverage.

There are a few possibilities that are worth investigating that may help though and they are listed in post #4 here.

If these suggestions don’t help enough to make your mattress sleepable for you … then unfortunately it may be time for a new mattress … and hopefully this time not a major brand or any mattress that doesn’t disclose the quality of the materials that are inside it.

I know that this may not be what you wanted to hear and hopefully the suggestions in the last link may help but you are in the same position as many thousands of others who have bought and continue to unknowingly buy mattresses that just don’t have the quality of materials that make them worth the price you pay.


everybody wants to make mattresses thicker to impress the customers in the showroom - and this is easy to do by simply lowering foam density - basically adding more air which doesn’t cost anything. so you end up paying for air and sleeping on the floor :slight_smile:

next time you’re shopping for a mattress find out how much it weighs, and compare to other ones. the mattress i’m building will weigh about 10 pounds per inch of thickenss in Queen size.