Talalay Firm as Base Layer ??

Been down the rabbit hole with beds in general for about 4 months. Have a 10+ yr old Sealy Dynasty CSS Plush bed that we bought from the Kimpton hotel chain because we loved their beds so much back in the day. Returned 2 Helix beds earlier this year, just don’t like the sink in feeling of foam and need to be able to turn over easily. Finally settled on Latex. I was going to do a traditional Dunlop firm base/Dunlop Med/Dunlop Med soft split from latex Matress Factory/SleepEZ or Flexus. However I’ve read that the Dunlop med on Dunlop firm is a pretty hard bed. I am now considering a Talalay Firm base / Dunlop Med / Talalay soft/med split on top. Does anone else have experience with this combination? I’ve also considered the pocket coil base instead of the Talalay base and Dunlop middle.

I’m a side sleeper, 6’2" 230lb, and wife 5’2" 160lb side/back/toss turn sleeper.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi gldsleep,

Sorry to hear you are having issues finding a new mattress. As you likely know, any mattress is unique to the sleepers using it based on a number of factors, including personal stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s), and any underlying health issues as well as their PPP(which stands for posture and alignment, pressure relief, and personal preferences). It can be a frustrating experience shopping for a mattress after the one you have enjoyed for many years starts wearing out. If you have not already done so, you may want to take a look at theMattress Shopping Tutorial as well as theMattress Specifications You Need To Know and theMattress Durability Guidelines just to familiarize yourself with the different options available and their specifications.

Thanks for providing your stats…in general Dunlop is considered a heavier, denser latex and has more of a ‘cradling’ feel, while talalay is considered ‘springier (think angel food cake vs. pound cake). With higher BMIs, back and side sleepers need to have adequate support to prevent any muscle or joint pains or alignment issues, but it comes down to personal preference as to whether you and your wife will be comfortable with a particular configuration. Since you did not like the foam in Helix mattresses as you ‘don’t like the sink in feeling’ of foam, you are likely correct in going for a talalay comfort layer; the other layers would be left to you and your wife’s preferences, as far as density is concerned. Have you tried out any latex mattresses at a local showroom, just to see how they feel for you both?

As all the manufacturers you listed – Latex Mattress Factory, Arizona SleepEZ Factory, and Flexus Comfort Mattress Company are all Trusted Members of the site, I will say they all have a lot of experience matching consumers to mattresses which will fit their comfort preferences… by providing a bit of information they will be able to offer the options that will provide support as well as comfort. We also have a large number of DIY enthusiasts on the forum, they can perhaps chime in with their own experiences with similar builds.

I wish you success on your new mattress journey, please let us know what you finally decide on!

~ Basilio