Talalay topper for 8" Quad + 3" QuadMini - Looking for advice

Hi I’m in desperate need of a mattress soon and am looking to build my own. So far I think I’ve settled on the 8" Quad + 3" Quadmini from Texas Pocket Springs but I’m not yet sure what to top it with so some advice would be nice.

I’m a 220lb side sleeper with damaged rotator cuffs and both need and prefer a very plush feel. To complicate things though I also have a badly healed back fracture so I need good spinal support. Texas Pocket Springs recommends not going above 3" for the topper, but due to my needs for a plush feel I’m tempted to go with a 2" soft talalay with a 2" super soft talalay topper from Arizona Premium Mattress above the springs.

Is this too much latex, or would this possibly work for my needs? Would going with a 3" soft work better? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Also I live in Canada so making returns would be too complicated, so I’d really like to get this as close to perfect on the first try.


3" of soft is best, super soft you will just go right through. We do not ship to Canada however.