Tempurpedic Bellafina

Hi Phoenix,

Well, I learned something new today. Apparently, the Tempurpedic Bellafina is actually ~2.8" of memory foam over 3" of latex, over the ~4" core. Total mattress 10"- breakdown from their site below.

I had absolutely no idea that Tempurpedic made a mattress with a layer of latex in it. Very interesting. Do you know much about this model? Thoughts/opinions?

I sort of wish I’d known this prior to purchasing the Embody b/c perhaps this would have been a good balance for us. BUT- that said, I am currently very much enjoying the Embody. Sleeping very well, no back pain. First time in MONTHS.

But- since it’s an “S” brand, I am a little weary in the back of my mind about it’s longer term durability/sagging. Really just paranoid from previous experiences. We have one full year for a refund, so I’m hoping I’ll have a better idea in ~10 more months of the longer term performance of the Embody. That said, I do stay on the boards b/c sadly now I’ve become a mattress junkie and I am just interested in learning more.

In the event that the Embody doesn’t hold up well for whatever reason, or if it starts to sag, I will say that I do have slightly more faith in the quality of Tempurpedic in the long run, but that might be invalid.

Anyway- I just wondered if you were familiar with the Bellafina by TP with the layer of latex. I wonder if it’s slightly springier that other TPs? I just had no idea this bed existed and I was surprised and somewhat curious.


Profile 10" (high)

Comfort Layer 0.8" of TEMPUR material

Support Layer 2" of TEMPUR material + 3" TEMPUR-Flex™ Dynamic Support Layer

Base Layer 4.3" Airflow System™

Hi Sleepless,

The US Tempurpedic site only lists it as Tempur-Flex but the Canadian site describes it more accurately as latex. If I was going to buy a Tempurpedic it would be the BellaFina. Of course it would cost me about $1000 more than a SleepEZ 10000 or similar mattress from a custom manufacturer with just as high quality memory foam on top and 2 layers of higher quality latex that I could customize any way I wanted (instead of just 3 inches of probably synthetic in the BellaFina) … but it wouldn’t say TempurPedic on my mattress then :slight_smile:

If I was to buy a mattress with memory foam in it … my personal favorite layering on top would be similar to the Simmons NxG 575 which I really liked. It has latex over memory foam over latex and it was by far the nicest feeling memory foam comfort layer I’ve ever tried (at least for my taste). The NxG 575 was part of the reason I used quiltable latex in the mattress quilting of my mattress. Of course with a custom manufacturer … you could build this for a LOT less than the Simmons as well. The newer NxG 600 has a latex/memory foam combination as well but its memory foam over latex over memory foam and I haven’t tried it so I can’t compare how it feels.

Keep the faith … things are looking good so far. I still can’t believe you have a 1 year refund period though … that’s amazing!


VERY interesting Phoenix!

So- between the Sealy Embody and the Tempurpedic Bellafina- do you feel that either one is better quality OR better support?

We have one year full refund through Mattress Firm here in Dallas. As I understand it, this is the only market they offer that in b/c Sleep Experts offers a one year exchange and Mattress Firm wants to beat that. It’s a nice perk no question. I am in no way associated with Mattress Firm, but I do tell everyone I know to buy there if they are going to buy from a big chain locally, just because of the return policy.

And don’t worry- I’m not losing the faith yet :wink:

Hi Sleepless,

OK … “since you sort of asked”… I might as well do a comparative analysis and review between the Tempurpedic BellaFina and the Sealy Embody Introspection

In terms of comfort layer quality … The Tempurpedic has 2.8" of 5.3 lb memory foam. The Embody has 3" in total memory foam. .5" of 2.5 lb and 2.5" of 5 lb memory foam. I would give the edge here to Tempurpedic.

In Terms of the support layers. Tempurpedic has 3" of an unknown latex and then 4.3" of 2.2 lb polyfoam. The Embody has a laminated polyfoam core of unknown density (they just say high density which usually means anything from 1.8 lbs and up) It likely has one ILD laminated to a higher ILD below it. I’d have to give the edge here to Tempurpedic as well even with the “unknowns” because most latex is higher quality than even high quality polyfoam and because they use 2.2 lb polyfoam.

In terms of support … this means which one can provide the best spinal alignment for an individual … so this would depend on how each mattress fit the person. The Tempurpedic would likely have a wider range of supportive abilities because the latex would have a higher support factor (get firmer faster) than the poly.

In terms of durability. Both support layers would likely be quite durable and the “weak” link would be the comfort layer above them in both mattresses. I’d probably have to give an edge to Tempurpedic here as well in terms of durability because of the memory foam quality and the latex.

Both have a .75" warranty exclusion.

Tempurpedic has a “better memory foam” reputation.

In terms of value … pricing the Introspection at $1799 queen (current US mattress price) vs $2599 for the BellaFina (current Tempurpedic online price) … is the Tempurpedic worth another 44% more? This is hard to say as even though both can be called a quality mattress (The Tempurpedic more so than the Embody), neither has particularly good value IMO when compared to other even higher quality options. I would have to give the value edge to the Embody though.

Of course none of this takes into account how well each mattress provides pressure relief and/or support for a particular individual or the subjective factors of how each feels or any “discounts” someone may be able to get … all of which can also play a role in value.



You are the BEST! I truly enjoy reading your boards and learning all you have to share. I do wish I’d known about the Bellafina prior to purchasing the Embody- if nothing else just to compare the two prior to purchasing one. But- since we’re happy now- we’ll give it time and see how it holds up. But- in the event of problems with the Embody, I think I’ll definitely be checking out either the Bellafina or the other more specialty/custom memory foam mattress combos you’d suggested.

I truly appreciate your dedication to helping us mattress novices!!! So, THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :slight_smile: