Tempurpedic Contour Select Durability Opinion and Discount?

I’m considering switching to a springless mattress after purchasing a Simmons Beauty sleep that went to hell after breaking it in, and because I experience pressure points on on any spring mattress I’ve tried.

I tried out many of the foam beds in a couple stores, and I loved the Tempur Rhapsody, but the Contour Select (the firmest) had the right amount of support to take my lower back out of painful extension while back sleeping. None of the others I tried except for the firmest Boyd bed were able to do that, and that one was like sleeping on a carpeted sheet of ply wood.

The $2500 sticker price is a lot of scratch, however, and I have concerns about the durability of any foam mattress, especially the ones that are supposed to be firm!

Does anyone have have any experience with the durability of tempur’s firm mattresses?

And any suggestions on mitigating the price by finding a discount somewhere, or finding a more reasonable substitute?


Hi handorson,

While I haven’t owned this mattress … I can confirm that the memory foam (4" of 5.3 lb memory foam) is high quality and would be very durable. The only question mark I would have is that Tempurpedic has been lowering the quality of their base foam to 1.5 lbs (and it’s uncertain if this is on all of their mattress or just some of them) and while this wouldn’t have a significant effect on durability … it may have some smaller effect for people that were heavier and tended to “go through” the comfort layers and sink more deeply into the polyfoam support layers below. Unfortunately, they no longer disclose the specifics of the materials in their mattresses so it’s also possible that they could have changed the quality of the memory foam as well although this is less likely and the density of their memory foam is fairly well known.

Post #12 here has a list of online providers of memory foam mattresses and most of these would have equivalent or better quality memory foam mattresses at significantly lower prices. Most of them would also be able to provide you with some guidance about which of their mattresses are rough equivalents to the Contour Select in either “feel”, quality of materials, or design … or in some cases all three.

There may also be equivalent quality memory foam mattresses available locally and if you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know of any better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area.


I’m in the St. Louis, MO area if you can find anything.

And I noticed that tempurpedic no longer discloses the specifics of their materials, but I’m still curious where you find the information you have about the different layers. I can’t seem to find that information anywhere except sleep like the dead, and they don’t disclose their sources. I’m interested because I’ve considered making a DIY mattress, but the variation in foam manufacturing makes it an unappealing challenge.

Thanks for the info though!

Hi handorson,

Tempurpedic used to disclose the details of their materials and they are still available in some places around the web (such as here) if you can get past all the sites that don’t include them any more. Their Tempur ES is (or at least was) 4.1 lbs and their Tempur material is 5.34 lbs (and also has softer and firmer versions) and their Tempur HD is 7 lbs. Their newer mattresses that they released after they began to remove the specs on their site and from retailer sites around the web are a little more difficult to find and in some cases aren’t available at all. Sometimes foam specs are available if you search for the few retailers that include them (or some of them), find alternative sources, do some calculations based on shipping weight, ar sometimes it can take some “inside” knowledge from sources that aren’t publically available at all.

Some of the better options in the St Louis area I’m aware of are listed in post #6 here and this thread with some St Louis feedback may be helpful as well.