Tempurpedic vs Innomax

I am interested in purchasing a memory foam bed, but am a little hesitant to purchase a bed sight unseen online. I live near the Innomax showroom in Clearwater, FL & tried out their Trinity bed. In your opinion, which do you think would be a better quality bed, the Innomax Trinity or Tempurpedic Simplicity? I’ve tried researching both beds online, but very little info (and hardly any reviews) exists.

I called Innomax in CO, as the FL showroom could not provide specifics. I was told that the Trinity has a 4.8 memory cell layer on top, followed by a 21 ILD, and then a 28 ILD layer. I am waiting for a call back at the moment for them to give me the density specifics for the second two layers. It does concern me a little that no one there seems to know the specifics about this bed.

From your posts, I know that you think there are better mattresses out there besides Tempurpedic (thankfully, your website helped me to steer clear of the iComfort). Overall, I am just hoping to find a comfortable bed that will last more than just a few years.


Hi aliste,

I would be hesitant as well and a local purchase where I can test the mattresses I am considering would always be my first priority. If local testing made it clear that there was not good quality or value available locally … then I would at least know the overall type of mattress that I preferred and then it may not be as risky (with some good guidance from a manufacturer) to make an online purchase. If someone is unsure of what they may need or prefer in terms of materials or the general type of layering that works best for them … then an online purchase can be quite risky.

I don’t have enough information about the materials in the new Tempurpedic Simplicity line to make any specific meaningful comments yet but I can say for sure that their business model and the profit margins that they operate with at both a corporate and retail level means that I would not consider them and that like the rest of their lineup (which uses good quality materials) … their value will be poor. The overall value of a manufacturer tends to be similar across their lineup and in the case of Temperpedic and other major brands … their value is just not good enough to consider when you compare the materials they use to higher quality and value alternatives. There is more about this and the types of traps and pitfalls to avoid in this article.

Innomax on the other hand is a different story. They are a smaller manufacturer which uses high quality materials (Aerus memory foam for example is one of my favorite memory foams) and are much more open about the materials they use. If you are near one of their factory direct outlets (like in Clearwater) then I would certainly consider them as a good option.

To make a meaningful comparison between two mattresses (or even to know the relative quality/value of any particular mattress) you would need a layer by layer spec sheet that included all the layers and the type and quality (density) of the materials in both. I can say for sure though that the value of the Innomax mattresses across their lineup (and as I mentioned most manufacturers have similar value across their entire lineup) would be better than Tempurpedic IMO (which I don’t consider to be a good value mattress regardless of the quality of their materials).

There is a list of some of the better outlets in the Tampa/Clearwater area in post #143 here.

Hope this helps.