Texas Options

Hi Phoenix,

I came across this site today and became so enamored with all the information that I decided to create an account. I saw a thread about options in the Houston area, but what about Central Texas? I’m in the San Antonio/Austin area and am in desperate need of a new bed. I have an overpriced Stearns & Foster Cambridge right now that failed within the first 6 months but, in typical fashion, they determined the bed was still within the acceptable limit of 1.5 inches of indentation. The funny thing is I only weigh 120lbs and my fiance weighs 140lbs yet the bed sinks right down the middle each time we lay in it. If only they measured with us laying in the bed. Needless to say, the sink hole does nothing but exacerbate my back issues. My bed will be 1yr old in October. :dry:

I’ve since considered memory foam and latex, but find myself torn with all the available options. I’m already out of $1500, so I’m trying to redeem myslef with my next purchase. I’ve found many of the recommended online vedors viable, but have you ever heard of or dealt with SleepWorld in Austin? I admit I’m skeptical purchasing a mattress online without testing it first - any recommendations, tips?

Hi Tory82,

The better options I’m aware of in the San Antonio / Austin area are listed in post #2 here.

Unfortunately your experience is not unusual at all. This is the “norm” with lower density polyfoam that is typically used in the upper layers of most mainstream mattresses. Foam softening and the loss of comfort and support is the biggest reason that a mattress needs to be replaced and these “virtual impressions” don’t remain once you are off the mattress and aren’t covered by mattress warranties (see post #174 here). A large percentage of warranty claims are denied because the “unweighted” impressions in the mattress aren’t deep enough to qualify for warranty coverage even though the softening of the foam has resulted in the loss of comfort and support and the mattress is no longer suitable for you to sleep on.

Yes … I’ve spoken with Bob on several occasions and I think highly of his knowledge and experience as well as the quality and value of the mattresses he makes. He is what I call “mattress people” and would certainly be well worth a visit.