Therapedic - Becca - help!


In market for king size mattress and wanted if possible to take advantage of the sale season.

Overwhelmed with options and looked at price range of $1k -$3.5 - would prefer to not go above $3k if possible.

Side/front sleeper -5 ft 4, 135 lbs. Prefer plush feel, not firm and need some support.

Surprisingly ended up considering the least expensive (didn’t see price when considered it) but cannot find any info on brand/range- feels very plush but concerned ref 10 year warranty and sagging.

Here’s info

Therapedic Becca
A foam encased open coil innerspring unit with layers of soy based foam combine to form a gentle yet supportive sleeping surface. The Becca is sure to please anyone looking for a plush mattress at a reasonable price.

Features to note: Innerspring Unit: open coil innerspring unit

Edge Support: foam encased border for extra edge support

Key Upholstery Layers: comfort soy based and swirl foams

One Sided/Two Sided: one-sided / no flip
Foundation: slatted foundation

Would really appreciate some help!

Hi Sarahhh0,

Happy New Year and welcome to TMU.

First I would like to introduce you to our mattress tutorials and guidance.
Comprehensive Tutorial and Condensed Tutorial and one more 5 Steps to your perfect mattress.

Deciding on a new mattress will depend on a multiple of factors. Body profile, PPP’s ( Posture and alignment, pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that lead to determining your
Stats, Style, Selection Preference

Thanks for providing much of that information. When it comes to a mattress system selection, one of the factors that reign paramount in the selection is knowing what is in that thing you plan on sleeping on 8 hours a day, 365, hopefully for a good long time, perhaps 10 years. If we can not or the manufacturer/retailer does not provide this vital information, comparison, understanding of the materials involved, make it nearly impossible to evaluate.

So, what do we know about Becca:


A foam encased open coil innerspring unit with layers of soy based foam combine to form a gentle yet supportive sleeping surface. The Becca is sure to please anyone looking for a plush mattress at a reasonable price.

Features to note

innerspring unit: open coil innerspring unit

edge support: foam encased border for extra edge support

key upholstery layers: comfort soy based and swirl foams

one sided/two sided: one-sided / no flip

foundation: slatted foundation.

Not a whole lot, unfortunately. But this is what we do know. It is single sided. It uses petroleum based forms, and the spring unit is surrounded by a dense foam border for, what they claim will be extra edge support. How do we know it is petroleum based foam? Soy based foam is not comprised of all soy, they add soy to the mix to give it that illusion that you are doing something great for the environment. There is no percentage of content given, which means there probably is not that much anyway. Pouring a splash of soy milk in your latte, does not make it and all soy latte. I am not suggesting in any way this is bad or harmful, just pointing our what most ordinary humanoids dont know about what goes into the manufacturing of foams in a mattress. The (unknown) swirl foams, are most likely a viscoelastic (tempur style slow response, plushy) memory foam, but without the benefit of knowing the density and origin of the product.

Therapedic has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products, that it is made in the USA like those you would see on their website, and this is probably a model either specifically designed or named for the store you viewed it and perhaps tested it, Long’s I suppose.

In so far as warranties go. Any manufacturer or retailer can offer you what any warranty that they want. Not too many get to honor them so quickly as there is always something. So, I would not be as concerned with the warranty as I would be with, what I call the 3 R’s, Refund, Restocking, Return and Reputation of the establishment/manufacturer where you made the purchase. Yeah, as I am writing this, I added one more R, so from now on, there will be 4 R’s

Jeff @MattressToGo is someone who might immediately know which Therapedic from the line it matches up to, if it even does. There are some that are intended for the overseas market, he is an expert on Therapedic, so will defer to him on that issue. Plus he ships anywhere in the country, so it would be prudent for you to compare the 4 R’s. Perhaps if it similar to the Berkeley Elite with their unique tub design perimeter edge support, it could be a choice with more features and you will not be breaking the bank at 3k.

In New York, if you want to go with a mattress that is more natural, with natural fibers and foams, @TheCleanBedroom would be able to assist with finding a nice plush, but supportive mattress to your liking. The Naturepedic EOS EOS Classic is at the top of your budget range, but offers customizable support and comfort layers with natural fibers and foams for long term selectivity.

Hopefully this is a new start for you,

All the best for a Healthy and Happy New Year.


I failed to mention that, the support layer is the 1st step in building a supportive and long lasting mattress system. Trusted members here at TMU are very open and transparent about the components they use, so you can literally rest assured you will be getting a product that will match your needs, when you work with any of our Trusted Members.

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thank you so much! this is very helpful! A few people on a different forum recommended the vendor (you were right)!

Really appreciate you looping in Jeff @MattressToGo to get his take as well.

I was told no chemicals/petroleum hence the vendor doesn’t carry any memory foam beds but perhaps i heard incorrectly.

In this instance (and yes it’s rare) - there is no return or replacement policy.

Given i know nothing ref the brand and given the price point etc i am a little concerned ref support though i liked the bed.

Currently i have an ikea and like it. We did look at Naturepedic but i felt i wasn’t fully ready to commit to that price point unless i was really impressed.

Thank you!

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Perfectly understandable regarding price point. And yes, a little confusing that they would say that there is no petroleum based products. Unless the perimeter edge foam is Latex, which I find doubtful. Just about any type of synthetic foam is going to be petroleum based. Soy Based Foam

Naturepedic is a beautiful mattress, but like everything in life, it has a time table. Fortunately, since layers are changeable, that time table may be extended.

What is more important, is you have to feel comfortable with the entire process. Then feel comfortable on the mattress, kind of a novel idea, lol (dont mind me, I get sarcastic with myself). And it has to fit into the budget. Everyone (except Elon) has one, and it is import to keep true to one to maintain financial success, security and sanity.

You just do you! Just as long as you know and understand the parameters.

Hopefully Jeff can chime in and give you a better understanding of the Therapedic Comparison. BTW, was their price in line with Mattress to Go? MTG is very nicely priced. Plus there could be a TMU 5% discount. I am not sure if that works when they are running a promo as they are now.

Good luck with it!


Norm thank you so so much! i’ll wait to hear from Jeff and take it from there!